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Chapter 9.1

Min Qing Shi’s face turned blue and white instantly. How could a white fog come out?

White fog meant a clean base, and if there was jadeite underneath it, it had to be pure jadeite and prone to be a very high quality jadeite!

How could it, how could it be? There had clearly been tiny locks that went all the way in.

That’s right, this was just the surface. The jadeite inside definitely had cracks all over it… it definitely did!

Although he was thinking this way, Min Qing Shi’s face was still miserably white and his hands were shaking uncontrollably. If there was really jadeite inside, then his reputation….

Thinking like this, he glared at Xiao Ren fiercely. If this person hadn’t made such a big deal of things, how would so many people have known about it?!

When Xiao Ren saw the look in Min Qing Shi’s eyes, his heart pounded: Not good. With this Young Master Min’s character, he would definitely retaliate against him. Lowering his head, he sneaked away when the crowd wasn’t looking.

Over here, Master Stone Solver Wang was still deconstructing the stone and he had replaced the automatic stone cutter with a more accurate grinding wheel, slowly rubbing the stone along the surface of the fog.

“My goodness, it’s showing, it’s of the ice variety kind!”

“It’s not even the center yet, but I’m afraid the innermost part is a rare glass variety!”

“That’s hard to say. Even though that’s what is showing right now, you have to finish cutting it to see if -“

After rubbing out part of the jadeite, Master Wang observed it for a long time before manipulating the automatic stone-cutting machine to make a few cuts around the rough stone, cutting away all the excess and with that, the general outline of the jadeite began to be revealed.

At this point, everyone consciously kept their mouths shut and watched Master Wang’s movements intently, even their breaths became a little shallow.

With careful polishing, the complete jadeite was slowly revealed to the crowd.

The jadeite was only the size of an adult’s fist, irregularly oval in shape, and weighed around two to three kilograms.

The outer layer was of the lustrous, translucent, crisp ice kind, and the inner layer was of the extremely transparent, pure and clear glass kind!

Master Wang’s hands trembled as he held the jadeite. This was the first time he had solved a top quality ice jadeite of the glass variety.

He looked very closely at the jadeite, which was almost completely transparent on the inside, with a fine, clear and flawless texture, so pure that there wasn’t even a single impurity.

The pale green color seeped through to the interior, as green as a young shoot washed by rain, with a hint of yellow, a pure, bright, even color that was pleasing to the eye.

The rest of the crowd stared at the glassy green jadeite with eyes wide open and fascination in their eyes, no one speaking for a long time.

It was only when one of them couldn’t resist bidding that the silence was broken.

“Little brother, I bid four million starcoins for this ice glass jadeite, sell it to me!”

“I bid four and a half million starcoins!”

“Five million!”

“Six million starcoins!”


Such a high quality ice glass jadeite couldn’t be found easily, so even though it wasn’t huge, it drew the crowd into a bidding frenzy.

In the end, the 2.68 kilogram pale green ice glass jadeite fetched a high price of 7.6 million star coins.

Bai Jing sold the jadeite with alacrity, the corners of his lips hooking up at the rapidly increasing figure on his account.

After the transaction, he walked up to the ashen-faced Min Qing Shi and said in a cold tone, “You lost, as for the five million star coins you promised ……”

Before Bai Jing could finish his words, he was interrupted by Min Please Shi through gritted teeth, “I know. Just a mere five million starcoins, who cares about that measly amount.”

“Heavens, five million starcoins–” Certain people who didn’t know what the bet was about couldn’t help but exclaim in shock when they heard this.

While those in the know looked at Min Qing Shi with shocked and complicated eyes, with some of them even muttering in low voices, “Daring to place such a bet, isn’t it because he thought that since this kid is a novice he is easy to bully? Tsk, what genius stone gambler, this is all there is to him.”

The mocking and skeptical gazes of the crowd hit Min Qing Shi like a loud slap, causing his face to turn blue then white, no longer looking as high and mighty as he had at the beginning.

It was over, his reputation was all over now!

With so many onlookers today, he wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he had gambled on the finest jadeite and lost, and what he had done would be publicized along with it.

Thinking of the contemptuous looks he was sure to receive from his family, the other Stone Gamblers and even Young Master Gu, Min Qing Shi couldn’t wait to burrow into a crack in the ground.

Worst of all, he didn’t even have five million starcoins in his account!

“Wait for me.”

Feeling the stares of everyone around him, Min Qing Shi couldn’t go back on his word, so he could only call his father, Min Shang, with a stiff upper lip.

He didn’t dare tell his father that he had lost a bet, only that he had spotted a piece of Grade A rough stone that would do very well and that he needed starcoins urgently.

On the phone, Min Shang scolded Min Qing Shi for not knowing how to exercise restraint. But he only had this one son, so he transferred the starcoins to him anyway.

Having received what he had been waiting for, Min Qing Shi transferred the five million starcoins to Bai Jing quickly and fled from the Gu Group’s No.5 Rough Stones area.

When he reached the street, he suddenly felt at a loss: how was he going to tell his father that he might soon become the laughing stock of the gambling world and even bring shame to his family along with him.

‘It was all because of that slum rat, it was all his fault for insisting on buying that piece of material. If it wasn’t for him, how would he have ended up in this situation!’

A trace of ruthlessness flashing in his eyes, Min Qing Shi vowed to never let him go!

After solving the ice glass jadeite, there were two more pieces of rough stones in Bai Jing’s shopping cart.

The crowd of onlookers didn’t disperse as they waited for him to solve the remaining stones.

Master Wang also smiled and pressed a button beside him, only to see the indicator light in front of the door of Room 15 suddenly flash in an extraordinarily conspicuous manner, indicating that a huge jadeite had been solved in Room 15.

Gambling on rough stones couldn’t be separated from luck, so people who gambled on rough stones believed in it, hence as soon as the light came on, a large number of people who had planned to go to the other rooms to solve their rough stones gathered around.

As the crowd waited for Bai Jing to solve his rough stones, they explained with proud expressions to the people who had just come over.

After listening to the explanation of the bet between Young Master Min and this teenager, the sight of the solved ice glass jadeite that had been produced was so delicate and lustrous, clear and flawless that it aroused the excitement of the others as well.

Bai Jing took out the rough stone that he had picked out later at random.

The material didn’t look very good, with rough skin, pine flowers all joined together on the outside and grey-black ringworm underneath, which made one frown at the first glance.

Master Wang was still happy when he saw it. Being able to personally solve a piece of extremely fine ice glass jadeite of the highest quality today had given him extra satisfaction. What’s more the business that would come with this big win wouldn’t be bad either.

Picking up the rough stone, he placed it in front of the automatic stone cutting machine.

After a few glances, he knew that the odds were that there was no jadeite in it.

The rough stone itself was small and under-performing, so for a Master Stone Solver who had solved an unknown number of rough stones, there was little to no suspense.

Sure enough, after a few cuts, all that appeared was white stone and now that less than a third of the rough stone remained, it was safe to say that it would collapse completely.

“Ai, it seems he is still a novice. This selection of his is of poor quality.”

“Yeah, just one look at the material and you can tell that it won’t produce jadeite.”

“Right? It seems the ice glass jadeite just now was just a lucky choice.”

“Even so, that was a lot of luck against the odds–“

Seeing that this rough stone had collapsed, the crowd sighed repeatedly, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of doubt about Bai Jing.

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