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Chapter 50.3

On the other side, after discussing with the Stone Solver, Qin Xin moved to rough stone No. 8.

This was the white sandpaper skin rough stone he had ‘snatched’ from Gu Yun. At that time, Gu Yun had glanced at this rough stone before leaving, probably considering it as an alternative, however he had chosen it first.

At first he had wondered if Gu Yun was setting a trap for him, so after placing the rough stone in his shopping cart, he had examined it several times but then found out that its performance was even better than he had expected!

The white sandpaper rough stone had a delicate skin crust, with two gray white python like stripes running from top to bottom of the rough stone and near the bottom, there were a few bands of intertwined ‘pine flowers’.

White python stripes and pine flowers indicated a high probability of a rough stone producing jadeite!

He guessed that it was because Gu Yun had incredibly high standards, what’s more the majority of the pine flower pattern on this rough stone was concentrated near the bottom, making Gu Yun think that the jadeite inside was small, so he wanted to wait and see.

However he also understood him. After all, having solved a high quality jadeite before, expectations would be sky high.

If he didn’t pick carefully now and the fans ended up disappointed, it would be a whole different story.

But he had no such worries.

He drew a line on the back half of the rough stone, following the distribution of the pine flowers and python belt patterns, then his hand tightening around the laser knife, he brought it down along the line.

This cut removed close to two-thirds of the waste, but the remaining one-third revealed a corner of jadeite!

A hint of sheen shimmered near the bottom of the cut surface. It was only the size of a fingernail but was spotted by sharp-eyed observers.

“Look, look, No. 8, No. 8 is showing green!”

The screen immediately zoomed in on this part and sure enough, the fingernail sized cut was showing a thick green color. The jadeite was brightly colored and its texture was as clear as ice, immediately attracting the viewer’s love.

“It’s of the ice variety, nearly sunny green!”

“Heavens, the quality of the jadeite that Qin Xin has solved is even higher than Gu Yun’s!”

“Let’s see what happens next.”

A touch of pride flashed across Qin Xin’s eyes. He even thought to himself that Gu Yun wasn’t all that. Otherwise why would he have passed up this piece of jadeite, making it so that he could pick it up?

He sprinkled some clear water around the opening in order to let everyone see more clearly, then replaced the laser knife with an abrasive grinding wheel to start rubbing the stone.

Because the remaining rough stone was small, the fingernail sized opening quickly expanded to the width of two fingers.

With the intention of showing off, Qin Xin brought out a bright light to illuminate it.

However the expected gasps of surprise didn’t come.

He stared, his pupils contracting, only to find that the inside of the jadeite was filled with locks and cracks. Locks and cracks which were small, but fatal.

Because the opening revealed earlier was too small, it hadn’t been obvious. However now, projected onto the big screen, it was all too clear!

“There are locks and cracks, I really didn’t expect that.”

“Ai, it’s ruined—”

“Thank God I didn’t bet much. I only lost five thousand starcoins.”

A look of disbelief appeared on Qin Xin’s face. How could there be locks and cracks?

He had checked it so many times.

At that moment, a rising cheer erupted from the crowd below.

“My God, am I seeing this right? The rough stone No. 2 is actually a Fortuna tricolor jadeite!”

“Tricolor jadeite of the water variety, that’s extremely rare.”

“I’ve got to say it, Gu Yun is truly impressive! I respect him!”

“Hahaha, I bet on the right one—”

Just when most people’s attention was on Qin Xin’s jadeite of the ice variety, Bai Jing had skillfully unraveled the rough stone with the pear skin crust, revealing most of what was hidden inside.

It wasn’t the jadeite of the grassy green water variety, but the yellow, green, and purple Fortuna tricolor jadeite!

It had to be known, that compared to green, other colors of jadeite were quite rare.

Just like the red jadeite of the glutinous variety that Zhuo Qin had unraveled last time, its color superiority making it fetch 1.5 times more than a green jadeite of similar quality.

And that was just a single color!

This time, Bai Jing had solved an even rarer tricolor!

Be it the efficiency in extracting energy fluid or its collectible value, it was top-notch.

Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity (Fortuna), as per ancient Earth’s traditions, represented the ancient C Country’s gods of fortune, prosperity, and longevity. This type of jadeite was called the Fortuna tricolor jadeite or the jadeite of Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity.

Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity were people’s highest expectations in life. Since ancient times in C Country, it was believed that good things were hard to come by in pairs, let alone the three blessings of fortune, prosperity, and longevity together, something which was considered the happiest and most fortunate thing in the world.

When Bai Jing had solved the rough stone completely, its true form was finally revealed.

About the size of a round plate, it was only two to three centimeters thick and flat.

And because it was of the water variety, it was full of luster, was clear and was transparent.

The far left was a vibrant orange-yellow color close to chicken fat yellow, the middle was a lustrous light green, and the latter half was a powdery purple, glowing with a crystal luster.

Both in terms of color and quality, it was top grade among the Fortuna tricolor jadeites!

This was the first time a lot of the people in the crowd were seeing this kind of jadeite. The vibrant colors seemed to blend into flowing water, fresh and dazzling, capturing everyone’s attention.

People were awed by it and equally awed by Gu Yun.

Who would have thought that after the imperial green glass jadeite, there would be such a surprise!

“God Yun is the strongest!”

A cheer suddenly erupted from the crowd.

The fans started shouting wildly—

Gu Yun was worthy of being their idol, the god in their hearts.

The imperial green glass was just one of their god’s masterpieces, not all of it!

Meanwhile, led by the fans, the live betting room was completely filled with comments of [God Yun is the strongest].

Even the bystanders who had placed their bets didn’t say anything, as they were also immersed in the shock of Gu Yun unraveling the ‘Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity Tricolor’.

Moreover, they had also bet on Gu Yun.

Qin Xin stared fixedly at the big screen, his previously dismissive expression now a huge slap in his face.

Even if his ice variety jadeite hadn’t been full of locks and cracks, even if it had been perfect, it would have still been no match for the beautiful and rare ‘Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity Tricolor’!

This kind of jadeite was valuable not just for the type of energy that could be extracted from it, but also for its symbolism and collectible value.

Many old family masters who were fond of ancient Earth culture had a strong preference for this kind of jadeite. If one could present it on their birthday, perhaps they could gain the protection of an aristocratic family. And who didn’t like Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity?

Qin Xin took a deep breath. The destroyed jadeite of the ice variety had given him a bad feeling, so he walked over to the first rough stone Gu Yun had picked out earlier.

It was a rough stone with a yellow salt sand skin and its surface extremely desiccated, the size of the rough stone was bigger than a basketball, with python bands and pine flowers intertwined at the top and ringworms at the bottom.

Based on his observations, the part with jadeite was at the top, because although the ringworms had a certain level of destructiveness, they were located at the very bottom, and so shouldn’t affect the jadeite at the top.

Hence he specifically asked the Stone Solver to cut it slowly so as not to damage the jadeite’s flesh.

At this point, the other three rough stones Qin Xin had chosen were all cut open. Besides one that was ruined jadeite of the bean variety, the other two were white stones.

This was his only chance!

Cold sweat appeared unconsciously on Qin Xin’s forehead.

The Stone Solver, following his request, first rubbed the rough stone No. 6 for a while, then only started cutting when no green was visible.

Finally, the cut surface revealed green.

The opening had an oily, delicate sheen that was somewhat deep— it was a spinach green jadeite of the luminous variety.

Qin Xin exhaled quietly. Though it wasn’t a high grade jadeite, the quality was good.

Perhaps he was thinking too much. The jadeite of the ice variety that was damaged was just an accident.

He subconsciously glanced at Bai Jing, only to see he was looking back at him. His teal colored eyes were really beautiful, yet they sent shivers down Qin Xin’s spine.

No, this rough stone would definitely be a rise in bet!

People were still engrossed in the Fortuna tricolor jadeite, and the big screen was also showing a 360 degree clear view of that jadeite, so it was only after a while that it switched to his side.

“Huh, No. 6 is showing green.”

“This time it should be a rise in bet, right?”

“If this one too is damaged, then Qin Xin is in big trouble.”

The opening the size of a baby’s fist was already revealed. Qin Xin washed away the debris on the cut surface with clean water and shone a strong light on it. Instantly, his face instantly turned pale.

The screen also zoomed in on his actions in a timely manner.

“Goodness, it’s ringworms!”

“Black spots ringworms!”

“It’s over, this piece of jadeite is ruined.”

Under the light, the inside of the jadeite was filled with densely packed black spots of ringworms, completely destroying the jadeite, except for the thin layer of green skin on top.

Qin Xin simply couldn’t believe it— all five pieces, completely ruined!

He thought back to the glance Gu Yun had given him earlier and felt a chill. Gu Yun must have done this intentionally!

It was terrifying, this person’s judgement of jadeite was too terrifying.

Qin Xin shivered hard. Gu Yun was using this method to warn him!

Just then, cheers came from the venue again.

“Everyone, look! Gu Yun’s rough stone No. 4 is showing green too–“

A few Stone Solvers deliberately slowed down their actions, waiting until Gu Yun finished before they started, as per the instructions of the director, Qiao An, before he took the stage.

They understood that all of this was just to create hype.

Moreover, Gu Yun was so quick at solving stones that it wouldn’t delay them by much.

So it was only at this point that the opening for rough stone No. 4 had just been rubbed open.

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