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Chapter 38.2

Here, little fatty Jin Mao was already examining the other pear crust rough stone eagerly.

He shone a strong light along the crust, his face growing more and more excited as the green color came through from underneath.

This symmetrical green pine blossoms, banded distribution, bright color, crust as well as the no ringworm and locks, etc., plus the green, made Jin Mao almost certain that there was jadeite inside!

He caressed the rough stone lovingly and looked to the side at the price tag, “Uh, 13.4 kilos, forty thousand starcoins right? I’ll take it.”

“Wait a minute.”

Just as he was about to pay with his light brain, Bai Jing called out to him, pretending to look closely.

“Jing Ge, what’s wrong?”

Jin Mao, who was a great admirer of Bai Jing, not only didn’t get angry at being interrupted, he obediently put his light brain back in.

Liao Guang’s eyelids jumped as he watched, practically unable to keep the collapse in expression look off his face.

He was so close to his goal, so why was this little young master coming up to mess things up again? Did he have something against him?!

Bai Jing said to Jin Mao, “Do you remember the intuition we mentioned last time?

Just now, when I touched this pear crust rough stone, I had an intuition that went straight to my head— this rough stone shouldn’t be bet on. There is a good chance that there is a thin layer of green skin inside.”

Intuition had always been a mysterious thing, as uncertain as luck.

Not only Bai Jing and An Ge, many people who gambled on rough stones also had intuitions, but as to whether they were accurate or not was another story.

Liao Guang’s heart thudded at his words and cold sweat sprang up from his forehead.

Could it be that this little young master had seen something?

No, it couldn’t be!

The technique they used was a state-of-the-art polymer inlay technique, and the two rough stones that had been spliced were all from the same field opening and were very similar both in terms of growth environment and cortical behavior, for which they had done a lot of screening.

In addition to this, the polymer inlay technique allowed the two rough stones to be joined without the slightest trace of splicing, which was absolutely impossible to detect unless specifically tested with the most advanced instruments.

Thinking about this, he suddenly reacted.

No, that’s not right, this rough stone hadn’t been solved yet, so all the techniques were concealed inside the skin.

What the h*ll was he worried about?

Liao Guang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. The succession of accidents today had stretched his spirits uncomfortably taut that he was even nervous at the slightest breeze.

This was just a case of him scaring himself.

He had deceived a few dozen people in the past month, when had he ever been caught?

Heh heh, intuition.

D*mn, this little young master’s instincts were horribly accurate!

But he didn’t believe Young Master Jin, who had seen the rough stone’s performance would believe in something as faulty and evanescent as intuition.

But to his surprise, Jin Mao only hesitated slightly then nodded immediately, “Okay, Jing Ge, I’ll listen to you.”

He was actually very reluctant to part with it in his heart, but compared to a rise in bet piece of jadeite and Bai Jing, he cared more about their friendship. He didn’t want an occurrence of disconnection between the two of them to happen because of this matter.

An Ge also put the rough stone he was looking at in hand down. He was absolutely convinced of Bai Jing’s strength because he knew that he was ‘Gu Yun’.

An Ge had seen Bai Jing’s true appearance when they were at Capital Star Planet, plus with their identical cool aura and genius gambling ability, it was easy for him to associate the two together.

Of course, he wasn’t going to say anything and would keep it a secret.

Holy sh*t!!!

Both ‘fat sheep’ had backtracked. Irritated, Liao Guang wanted to curse. Were these two thoughtless? Giving up after just hearing a sentence!

He had wasted such a long time on the two only for them to suddenly not buy it at this time. He simply wanted to vomit blood!!

Taking a deep breath, Liao Guang glared at Bai Jing with an unpleasant expression.

“What intuition? Things like intuition are always inaccurate!

Young Master Jin, you can’t give up on this rough stone which can easily produce a rise in bet just because a friend says so…”

At this point, the shopkeeper Wu Xing also came forward and said with a righteous expression on his face, “This little young master, it’s fine if you yourself don’t buy it, but the quality of our rough stones can’t be denigrated.

You have repeatedly interrupted my business and have denigrated the quality of this as being only a thin layer of green skin inside this piece. If you do that again, please leave my shop immediately.”

The crowd around him echoed the sentiment.

“Yes, this pear crust rough stone is performing so well, why are you stopping it from being purchased?”

“Could it be that other shops are here specifically to stir up business?”

“If you don’t want to buy it, just hurry up and leave. It’s really bad luck to keep saying that it is a collapse in bet.”

‘Boss Huang’ also mocked in a sinister manner, “Yo, it can’t be that you’re jealous because your friend can buy such good material but you can’t afford it, right?

Tsk, tsk, your friendship is really cheap.”

Jin Mao shivered with anger: “Jing Ge is not!

It’s just a few tens of thousands starcoins for damaged rough stones, how can Jing Ge not afford it?”

It was only then that the people around looked at Bai Jing with a look of dawning realization, looking at Bai Jing with a bit of scrutiny.

Some of them recognized Bai Jing as the one that had just had a rise in bet jadeite of the luminous green variety, which made it even more likely that he was afraid that his friend would steal his thunder.

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