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Chapter 57.2

Editor: Jodi

However judging from Ying Wenfeng’s expression, it looked as if he had been conscious the whole time, just unable to control his own body.

It probably wasn’t drug control.

Gu Yuanzhao crossed out this option in his mind.

As for what had controlled him, perhaps his body held the answers.

Ying Wenfeng’s body had been taken away by people from the Gambling Guild.

So Gu Yuanzhao initiated a video call with the President of the Gambling Guild.

The President of the Gambling Guild seemed to know about Ying Wenfeng’s sucde, his expression on the screen serious.

Gu Yuanzhao said in a straightforward manner, “President, it’s very likely that someone controlled Ying Wenfeng before he committed sucde. I think drug control is less likely. Do you think there are other possibilities?”

The President of the Gambling Guild’s face turned grave, “Perhaps it was mental power control.”

People who were extremely skilled in using mental power could briefly control those with lower mental power through higher mental power.

Ying Wenfeng’s mental power level was S level, hence only those with higher levels than him could potentially control him, or two or more people with S level levels could work together to control him.

Regardless, among the three advanced Stone Gamblers he had sent, at least one of them was a mole.

To ensure that the Stone Gambling Points Battle was absolutely fair, the people he had sent this time were all trusted individuals he had trained himself. Unexpectedly, even these people were infiltrated by the aristocratic families.

If this was happening, then could the Gambling Guild stay independent from these families and really be a stand-alone organization?

Thinking about this, the President’s face suddenly aged by a lot.

Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes turned cold, “Since you’ve guessed it’s mental power control, you probably already have an idea in mind, right?”

The President of the Gambling Guild shook his head gently, “I’m not sure yet. Vice President Xi Bin and Level 6 Stone Gambler Lu Yuan both have 2S level mental powers, and Yan Ji has an S level.”

“But mental power control can’t be judged just by level, there’s also precision and proficiency in using mental power.”

He sighed softly, “Once Ying Wenfeng’s body is back, I’ll examine it myself and hopefully find some clues.”

Gu Yuanzhao’s voice was cold and solemn, “That would be appreciated, please inform me of any news as soon as possible.”

The eyes of the President of the Gambling Guild flashed with determination, “I also want to see who betrayed the Gambling Guild.”

After ending the call, Gu Yuanzhao sent a message to Qiao An.

[Investigate the connections between Xi Bin, Lu Yuan, Yan Ji, and the various aristocratic families, focusing on Xi Bin.]

After all, he was the one who had the most contact with Ying Wenfeng and had a 2S level mental power.

[Qiao An: Yes, Young Master Gu!]

When Bai Jing woke up from the hibernation chamber, the spaceship had already docked at Proxima Star’s space station.

After riding the hover car back home, a beep from the light brain signaled the update of his basic data:

ID: 1053166247

Name: Bai Jing

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years

Status: Citizen of the Galactic Empire

Genetic Rank: C level

Physical Rank: A level

Mental Power Level: S level

[Skill Designation: Level 4 Stone Gambler]

[Total Points: 242]

[Betting Rate: 34.48%]

Going from a Level 2 to a Level 4 Stone Gambler, Bai Jing had directly advanced two levels!

Ying Wenfeng had a total of 170 points, so adding to the 50 points awarded by the Gambling Guild and his own accumulated points, he had a total of 242 points.

The requirement for a Level 7 Stone Gambler was more than 200 points.

In other words, once his betting rate reached 60%, he would be able to advance to being a Level 7 Stone Gambler!

A trace of a smile crossed Bai Jing’s teal colored eyes. Increasing his betting rate wasn’t difficult for him.

After registering for a betting war as usual, he entered his room and took out the unfinished piece of black jadeite.

Because Ying Wenfeng had proposed the Stone Gambling Points Battle, according to the rules, he had to pay a deposit of 5 million starcoins in advance as the competition fee.

So, the rough stones they selected, including the solved jadeites, would be shared by both sides participating in the gambling war.

Except for the piece of crumbled red sand skin rough stone, the rest of the jadeites were stored in Bai Jing’s spatial button.

A top tier quality jadeite worth 170 million starcoins was really tempting.

However when people saw the Imperial Major General beside Gu Yun, no one dared to have any ulterior motives.

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