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Chapter 63 Total Assets

Meng Chao admitted it, “I transferred the money.”

Lin Qin quickly opened his mobile banking app to transfer the money back to him. “I was just joking.” He was just playing, why did Meng Chao take it seriously?

Meng Chao stopped him, “This is all of my liquid assets. I still have…” And following that, Meng Chao rattled all of his assets under his name to Lin Qin in detail.

After that, he looked at Lin Qin solemnly and said, “I can transfer all of these to your name now. I have nothing left, so please, Lin Qin, take care of me for the rest of my life.”

Lin Qin froze for a moment before he realized belatedly, “Meng Chao Ge, are you proposing?”

Meng Chao said immediately, “Do you need me to kneel down?”

Lin Qin waved his hands hurriedly, “There’s no need, there’s no need!”

“Then does that mean you agree?” Meng Chao seized the opportunity.

Lin Qin nodded, his face red, “Actually, even if you don’t transfer your assets to me, Meng Chao Ge, I still want to take care of you for the rest of my life.”

Meng Chao excitedly kissed Lin Qin’s lips directly.

As Lin Qin was pushed down by Meng Chao, he pushed back gently, “Meng Chao Ge, didn’t you say we were coming back to rehearse our lines?”

Meng Chao removed the last bit of Lin Qin’s clothes, “Did you really think I brought you home just to rehearse lines? Little Rabbit Lin, you’ve entered the wolf’s den.”

Lin Qin wanted to argue but was silenced by Meng Chao’s lips.

Rehearsing lines or whatever wasn’t important. What was important was devouring and savoring Little Rabbit Lin.

The two of them spent the entire morning **, only getting up from their ** around noon, and when they finally picked up the script, they had changed completely.

Lin Qin had received the script a long time ago and, during the filming of ‘We Are Together’, he had already written a thick character profile about his role, really immersing himself and understanding it thoroughly.

Meng Chao was no less talented either. Compared to Lin Qin, he was more of a gifted actor, someone who had been born for this. He could quickly grasp a character’s personality and emotions and immerse himself in the role, becoming the character from the script in an instant.

What’s more, he had a sense of artistic intuition in his acting, often having flashes of inspiration that caused him to add details and gestures during filming which fleshed out his characters,

Resulting in memorable famous scenes in his works.

For the following half month, Meng Chao and Lin Qin devoted themselves wholeheartedly to their work. Both of them were highly dedicated people, what’s more ‘Dark War’ was their first true collaboration, hence they put in 200% effort to prepare for the film’s shooting.

When the director heard that they were rehearsing together, unable to contain his curiosity, he traveled all the way to Meng Chao’s house to witness firsthand a scene of the two actors acting together.

And after watching, even though he was already an internationally renowned director, he couldn’t help but be amazed at their acting, clapping enthusiastically.

Were Lin Qin and Meng Chao talented actors? Absolutely!

But were there people with even better acting skills than the two of them? Definitely!

However, when Lin Qin and Meng Chao collided, the sparks they created were absolutely outstanding, something that no one, no matter how skilled, could replace.

And after seeing Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s acting, the director was filled with anticipation for the upcoming filming and had high expectations for the final product of ‘Dark War’.

After spending a day at the local hospital, Fang Ming Hui was transferred back to a hospital in the capital.

Meng Chao’s kick was really ruthless, because if Fang Ming Hui wanted to use that part of his body again in the future, he would have to abstain for a year and a half to recover, or risk permanent damage.

And feeling deep hatred towards Meng Chao, Fang Ming Hui was originally planning to get revenge. However, a series of problems plagued the company one after the other that not only the company, even the entire Fang family’s businesses were severely affected.

Hence he had no choice but to leave the hospital and, along with his father, lower their heads to beg for help. However even those who had been courteous to them before now avoided them, with the polite ones saying sorry, they didn’t have time while others just hung up on them directly when they called or simply shut the door in their faces.

After half a month of facing constant rejections, Fang Ming Hui finally gathered some information.

Someone was indeed targeting the Fang family, and they weren’t the only ones.

The Lin family, the Meng family, and even the Chu family had made threats within the industry, and with the combined influence of these three families, they dominated various sectors, making it extremely challenging for the vast Fang family to make any headway.

At this point, Fang Ming Hui had a vague suspicion that these events were somehow directed at him. He could understand Meng Chao’s family taking action because of him, but why were the Lin and Chu families involved? He didn’t believe that the Lin and Chu families were people Meng Chao could sway.

However with the way things had evolved, Fang Ming Hui didn’t have the time to think about it. And as he was busy every day, he was completely oblivious to what was happening online, and so was naturally unaware that Lin Qin was Lin Cheng Du’s son.

In reality, Fang Ming Hui had long assumed that Lin Qin came from an ordinary family. Otherwise, during high school when he was being bullied so severely, his parents would have definitely intervened. If Lin Qin’s family had any influence, even if they didn’t seek revenge, they would have transferred him to a different school to remove him from that hostile environment.

However his parents didn’t do anything, so in Fang Ming Hui’s eyes, Lin Qin was just an unconnected, ordinary person. Even if he was bullied to death, his family could use money to resolve it.

To put it simply, from start to finish, Fang Ming Hui had only regarded Lin Qin as a plaything. However this ‘plaything’ had resisted and rejected him repeatedly that he had felt the need to put him in his place.

That was Fang Ming Hui’s original intention when he started bullying Lin Qin in high school. However as time passed and Lin Qin never compromised, his intentions changed. He wanted to see Lin Qin put down his pride and self-esteem in front of him and wag his tail, begging him for mercy. However unfortunately, even after they graduated from that high school, Lin Qin still remained proud and aloof.

Fang Ming Hui was lost in thought when the door to the study opened and his father walked in.

“Get ready, we’re going to visit the Chu family in person tomorrow.” The source of this unexpected trouble was still unclear, however after much effort, Father Fang managed to establish a connection with the Chu family, so tomorrow they would visit the Chu family in person to see if they could understand the situation.

Because if the Chu family was really set on confronting them, then their Fang family might not be able to withstand it for long.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Fang Ming Hui nodded, “Alright.” He wanted to know why the Chu family was suddenly targeting them.

The next day, Father Fang and Fang Ming Hui arrived with a substantial gift, and when they reached the Chu family’s entrance, they were welcomed into the living room by a butler.

To their surprise, they found not only the patriarch of the Chu family but also the eldest son, who was always busy with politics and about to take a prominent position.

This lineup didn’t put Father Fang and Fang Ming Hui at ease. Instead, it made their hearts thump, because the situation looked to be much more serious than they had imagined.

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