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Chapter 39.3

As soon as they left the shop, Bai Jing used his light brain to send an anonymous message to the Gambling Street’s management office.

Just after he finished solving the rough stone, he had placed the collapsed thin layer of green skin in a hidden location when people weren’t looking and now that the shop was in such a mess, Liao Guang and the others probably wouldn’t be able to find it right away.

He hoped the management would arrive sooner, as he had told them the location as well.

Then, Bai Jing picked out another good-sized jadeite of the egg white variety from the shop at the back.

The further back the shops were, the worse the quality of the rough stones, so they didn’t continue after looking at a few.

After all, what mattered more after they were promoted to being a full Stone Gambler was the rate of betting increase, so they couldn’t just pick and choose like they used to before.

However when Bai Jing passed by the penultimate shop, his footsteps stopped and his sense perception ability suddenly stirred.

As far as he could remember, this was the first time his sense perception ability had been this excited.

The shop was small, with only twenty or so rough stones at the entrance.

At a glance, Bai Jing saw the black stone that was only the size of his fist, similar to the dark ebony skin rough stone, yet not.

After his sense perception ability entered it, an extremely strong active reaction surrounded him, stronger than the crystal core of a level five zombie!

Even that imperial green glass jadeite was only as strong as the crystal core of a level four zombie!

A trace of surprise flashed across Bai Jing’s eyes. What exactly was this?

He could only see that the color of the ‘jadeite’ inside was pitch black and dense, completely devoid of luster and transparency.

‘It’s not one of the very finest jadeite, the ink jadeite.’ Bai Jing denied in his mind.

Although the extremely fine ink jadeite was black, it was still of a glassy texture, clear and transparent, completely different from the one he was holding.

In any case, it was better to take it back to study it first.

He didn’t make a counter-offer and just purchased the rough stone directly for 10,000 starcoins.

The stall owner smiled toothlessly. Such a little offcut that was worth less than a thousand starcoins. This was a great profit.

Before leaving, the little fatty looked sincerely at Bai Jing: “Jing Ge, thank you.”

Bai Jing: “You’re welcome.”

After returning home, Bai Jing placed all five pieces of rough stones he had brought back from the Gambling Street on the stone table in the operation room.

Of these five pieces, one was a jadeite of the icy glass variety that could produce jadeite weighing over ten kilograms when solved;

One was of the hibiscus variety weighing about seven or eight kilograms, another was a jadeite of the glutinous variety of about the same weight and another was jadeite of the egg white variety weighing about five kilograms.

Together with the unknown jadeite, the total price was over thirty million starcoins, while the cost was just under seven hundred thousand starcoins.

The two pieces in the middle were even ‘great returns using small effort’. Not a single starcoin was spent for them.

With a ‘di’ sound, a message appeared on his light brain.

[Thank you for your anonymous report on the No. 3 shop on the Gambling Street. Now that the evidence of the counterfeit rough stones has been verified, the persons concerned will be punished with ten years in the interstellar prison and exiled to a deserted planet; the proceeds from the shop will be confiscated…..]

Aside from being a tool for people to gamble on and entertain themselves, jadeite from raw rough stones were also the only source of energy in the Empire, hence the Empire would never allow anyone to counterfeit them, therefore the punishment would be very severe.

Bai Jing smiled gently. He was now a qualified interstellar citizen too right?

Without delay, Bai Jing first unraveled the piece of rough stone that had the jadeite of the egg white variety inside and prepared to extract energy fluid.

This was a piece of rough stone with a bamboo shoot leaf crust, belonging to the half mountainous, half water stone, yellowish white with a thin crust.

As he was in his own home, there was no need for Bai Jing to conceal it.

The precise 3D image was fully displayed in Bai Jing’s mind as he unraveled the rough stone as quickly as he could, the laser knife falling cleanly along the edges of the jadeite, causing the outline of the jadeite to be revealed in a few cuts.

Then switching to the abrasive grinding wheel, he wiped away the excess debris in two minutes, revealing the jadeite inside.

It was a spherical jadeite, about the size of a bowl in diameter, with a texture as pale and soft as an egg white with a light green color coming through the jadeite that wasn’t too intense.

Although it wasn’t as clear and as transparent as glass, it had a warm and delicate texture to it that was very pleasing.

This pale green jadeite of the egg white variety weighed 5.4 kg and had a slightly uneven color distribution, which was of average quality for a grade 4 jadeite. Just right for extracting and refining a grade 4 energy fluid.

Bai Jing inserted his mental power and sense perception ability into it at the same time, the thin golden threads bright and dazzling as they extracted energy from the jadeite while separating the impurities and soon, the light-colored, clear-textured fluid filled the silver box and continued to fill the second.

After extracting and filling four boxes however, Bai Jing was exhausted.

Seeing this, the thin golden thread at the front unceremoniously penetrated deep into one of the energy boxes, absorbed all the fluid inside and then wrapped itself ingratiatingly around its master’s fair fingertips, lazily giving a ‘full’ burp.

Then, after extracting another five boxes of energy fluid in a row, the mental power wilted a little but then had another full meal again with Bai Jing’s permission.

After absorbing the energy fluid this time, the thin golden thread rubbed itself happily against Bai Jing’s fingertips then automatically retracted into its master’s body, falling into a deep sleep.

Hu hu~~

When it woke up, it would become stronger and would be able to help its master better remove those d*mn impurities.

Bai Jing looked at the seven energy boxes full of energy fluid in front of him and put them into the detector to test them one by one.

The first three showed a purity of: 49.05% and the last four showed a purity of: 49.67%, all of which were of the highest quality in the grade 4 level.

However, from the data, he was able to see that his mental power and his sense perception ability were really able to increase the purity of the fluids after absorbing energy fluid.

It seemed the absorbed energy really did work.

Bai Jing thought to himself then unraveled the jadeite of the glutinous variety and the jadeite of the hibiscus variety as well.

The color of both pieces of jadeite were very good, reaching apple green and parrot green, and the distribution was also very even, close to a grade 5 jadeite.

After the extraction of that jadeite of the egg white variety, the transition upwards was gradual and gentle, and the mental power increased gradually.

As for the unknown jadeite, it would be better for him to wait until his mental power reached a higher level before dealing with it.

After solving the issue of him having enough raw materials for almost two months, Bai Jing looked at the balance in his account and went to the online mall.

He could finally purchase the mech he had been longing for!

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