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Chapter 29.3

Bai Jing, unaware of all this, went to the Gu Conglomerate early in the morning to pick up his rough stones in advance for the betting wars tomorrow or the day after.

There were already dozens of Stone Gamblers who had also come to pick out their rough stones and as Bai Jing walked in, he could feel their incomparably hot gaze on him. He couldn’t help but frown slightly: what was wrong with these people?

Little did he know that after the last betting war, ‘Gu Yun”s fan base had rocketed to 5 million, which was comparable to that of some well-known level 2 Stone Gamblers.

What’s more, the way he caught that jadeite was so dashing and graceful and paired with his exquisite features that literally articulated the meaning of being beautiful and handsome to the extreme, he was so captivating that even passers-by couldn’t help but pay attention.

After a tedious inspection, Bai Jing looked at the crowd of onlookers behind him and walked straight into the Zone C rough stone area.

The price tag for a single rough stone in Zone C was between 60,000 and 100,000. Usually, Stone Gamblers who didn’t have much confidence in themselves would avoid such a high price and instead opt for the relatively less expensive Zone D.

Sure enough, the Zone C rough stone area was much less crowded than Zone D, with only about a dozen people and half of them were level 3 Stone Gamblers with the word ‘three’ on their chests.

Bai Jing was slightly relieved by this scene. He was still not used to being surrounded by so many people eagerly.

The Zone C rough stone area also had three grades of 6W, 8W and 10W rough stones, and Bai Jing chose the ones with the 6W price tag.

These rough stones showed that they would do well, so the probability of them having jadeite in them should be higher.

So this time he was going to choose a rough stone that would be a bet up, two rough stones that just had jadeite in them, and two rough stones that would completely collapse.

The best rough stone for the collapse in bet would be one of the oily green variety that was small in size.

Bai Jing thought of the last ‘thin layer of green skin’ glutinous seed that he had extracted the energy fluid from which fetched 100,000 starcoins for only a third of the rough stone and felt that it would be better to have a rough stone of this quality this time to facilitate his extraction of intermediate energy fluid.

After looking at several rough stones along the table in succession, Bai Jing found a white sandpaper rough stone that showed that it would do well.

This rough stone had a fine crust, was about the size of a football and had two pine blossoms shaped like brush strokes on its surface which were called brush pine blossoms. It looked to be one that could be bet on.

Just as he planned to probe the inside of the rough stone with his sense perception ability, he found that his sense perception ability had split into two strands like mental power. One strand probed into the white sandpaper rough stone and the other strand curled around him, poking his finger fawningly from time to time.

Bai Jing: ……

Could sense perception ability also be enhanced with the help of energy fluid? What’s more, humanize it?

Bai Jing planned to test it out.

He poked another surge of sense perception ability into the yellow sand skin rough stone next to him and could indeed feel the faint activity inside and at the same time, could also sense the reaction in the white sandpaper rough stone!

Moreover, he could now sense it much faster than before. Almost as soon as his sense perception ability entered the shell, he immediately knew the level of activity and the distribution of jadeite inside. In this way, he could save time considerably.

In the next while, Bai Jing focused all of his energy on selecting the rough stones, looking at nearly two hundred rough stones in a little over two hours and that was almost a third of the rough stones with the 6W starcoins price tag.

Then selecting the top twenty rough stones out of the nearly two hundred rough stones, used his sense perception ability to detect them.

This time he didn’t choose just a few more rough stones to add up to fifteen that had caused him to reach the limit of his ability the last time, but picked a few more in preparation to see if his upgraded sense perception ability had had any boost in regards to the increase in number of rough stones.

The two strands of sense perception ability finished detecting the fifteen pieces of rough stones with great speed and adding the white sandpaper rough stone and yellow sand skin rough stone just now, it was a total of seventeen pieces that were probed. Two more than the previous limit.

The other rough stones didn’t need to be explored further, as his sense perception ability was ‘wrapped’ tightly around his arm and poking him in the finger with its tip.

Bai Jing: ……

Could sense perception ability still turn out like this?

But it was better this way as it prevented him from being dizzy.

Of the seventeen rough stones he had just probed, there were five with jadeite and the most active of them was the white sandpaper rough stone, however the jadeite inside wasn’t of the ice variety. At most, it was of the watery or glutinous variety.

However, of the other four pieces, two had a fair amount of activity.

One of these pieces was probably of the luminous green variety, the other about the grade of fine bean, both the size of a baby’s fist and just the right material for extracting energy fluid.

Bai Jing put the three selected rough stones into his shopping cart, picked two more at random that were sure to collapse, paid 300,000 starcoins for them and left the Gu Conglomerate’s Gambling House.

Arriving home, he had just logged on to the Starnet Mall when he received a message from Lu Meng.

[Lu Meng: Master, all your energy fluids have been sold! And the grade 3 energy fluids sold at a high price!]

[Bai: Okay, got it.]

[Lu Meng: Do you have any more energy fluid to be put on consignment tomorrow? (Cat rubbing its paws together in excitement as it clears the bag.jpg)]

[Bai: …… It will be mailed in the evening.]

[Lu Meng: Yes, Master!]

Bai Jing received the starcoins from yesterday’s auction of thirteen energy boxes. After the deduction of the commission, he was credited with 390,000 starcoins.

And apart from the 20,000 starcoins used for the purchase of the bean seed jadeite, he’d had almost no cost.

Ten grade 2 energy boxes sold for a total of 110,000 starcoins and three grade 3 energy boxes sold for 300,000 starcoins.

It seemed grade 3 energy boxes were more profitable, what’s more with relatively few impurities in them, it was easier for him to extract energy fluid.

Bai Jing didn’t have any jadeite in his possession at the moment, then remembering the discount that had been mentioned previously, browsed through the Star Ocean Auction House.

There were all sorts of items in the auction house, half of which had already been auctioned off, making it clear that Appraiser Lu Meng had a keen eye.

In the middle of the hundred or so items lay nearly twenty pieces of jadeite, all small in size, the better ones of the luminous green variety and the poorer ones mostly of the white-bottom green, dry green, etc. variety.

Bai Jing selected two pieces of jadeite of uniform color, one weighing 1.4 kg and the other weighing 2.0 kg for a total of 250,000 starcoins after a 10% discount.

Based on the extraction of four energy fluid per kilogram of jadeite, he could extract fourteen energy fluids from the two pieces of jadeite, enough to keep him busy for the next few days.

He ordered a hundred silver boxes online at the same time then lined them up on the table. It was quite a sight.

After Bai Jing had made dinner, he went to the second bedroom, intending to extract energy fluids.

The thin threads of mental power and sense perception ability were each divided into two intertwined strands, one extracting and one weeding out the impurities, a clear division of labor.

After two hours, Bai Jing, who had extracted four boxes of energy fluid, was exhausted.

This time, he didn’t need to stick his fingertips into the energy box. Two thin threads, seeing that he didn’t object, automatically stretched along the edge of one energy box.

A minute later, all the liquid in the energy box was sucked up, leaving only a layer of grey impurities.

Then the thin golden thread came out of the box, wiped itself on the tissue next to him, wrapped itself affectionately around his finger, rubbed it fawningly and gave a ‘hiccup’ with a very contented look.

By the time he had finished extracting energy fluids from the piece of rough stone which weighed 1.4 kg, it was very late.

There were six silver boxes full of energy fluid on the table, one of which he had absorbed and so was empty.

Bai Jing spent 200,000 starcoins to buy a detector at the mall for convenience.

Then he put the five boxes containing energy fluid into the detector which showed a purity of 39.65%, reaching the top grade of all grade 3 energy fluids.

After sending a message to Lu Meng, Bai Jing sent the five energy boxes out quickly.

However just as he was about to take a break, he suddenly received several messages from Starnet.

[Carter Auction House: Esteemed Energy Master, I am the head of the third ranked auction house, Carter Auction House. I wonder if you are willing to cooperate with us?]

[Eaves Ray Auction House: Hello, I am the head of the second ranked auction house, Eaves Ray Auction House. If you work with us, we will waive the commission and give you other benefits, I wonder if you are willing to work with us?]

[Skybound Auction House: Hello, I am the head of the number one ranked auction house, Skybound Auction House. Whatever your offer is, we can accept it. I wonder if you are interested in working with us?]

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