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Chapter 15.2

The golden pentagram flag fluttered at the top of the tower, and the entire structure was distinct and instantly recognizable even to those who were unfamiliar with the Gambling Guild.

The interior of the Gambling Guild was completely different from the exterior, which was done in the typical European style and looked very similar to the Branch building on Proxima Star.

Dozens of white pillars supported the high semi-circular dome, which had an interwoven blue and silvery-white color scheme, and a long carpet stretching all the way inside, embroidered with a golden pentagram symbol, which had a kind of restrained grandeur.

Bai Jing and the others stood in the doorway, looking up at the magnificent building with awe.

Gao Ling, as the leader of the group, went up to meet with the person in charge of the headquarters to inform him that all the candidates from Proxima Star had arrived.

The person in charge, a level 5 Master Stone Gambler, treated Gao Ling with less enthusiasm and even a little contempt.

For last year’s ranking, this Proxima Star hadn’t had a student in the top ten. If it remained the same this year, they would have to give up their position as the third largest Branch.

Shortly afterwards, Gao Ling came out with a grim look on his face, showing that he hadn’t enjoyed his stay at the headquarters.

As it was now late, Gao Ling led the students to Star Hotel, which had been booked in advance.

Even if one had already booked a room, they had to pay for it as soon as possible, as rooms were particularly tight during the Stone Gambling Apprentice exams.

The cost of a night’s stay at Star Hotel was 2,000 starcoins.

Including the two days of exams and the rest of the night, they would have to pay 6,000 starcoins per person for accommodation.

This amount of money was nothing for a student coming from a rich family but it was a considerable amount for An Ge. The Shen family only subsidized his expenses for travelling to and from Proxima Star. His daily expenses were his own to bear.

After seeing the price list of the hotel, An Ge’s face went white and he stood somewhat stiffly in place.

He quickly clicked on his light brain and swiped from top to bottom, then he looked up all the surrounding hotels nearby and found that the cheapest one cost 1,500 starcoins, and was at least thirty minutes away from here.

“Bai Jing, can I, can I share a room with you? I’ll pay half of the room cost…..” An Ge bit his lower lip, having no other choice but to ask Bai Jing for help.

He didn’t know when he started to trust Bai Jing more than usual. Although Bai Jing looked cold and wasn’t so tall, he made him feel extraordinarily safe.

“I’ll share a room with you too, and I’ll pay for it!”

Before Bai Jing could answer, little fatty Jin Mao interjected with great enthusiasm; he had never slept with his idol before.

“You forget it.”

The hotel only had king-size beds at the moment, and with his size there was no room for three people to share, and although he wasn’t used to sharing a room with anyone else, –

After a month of spending time together in these strange times, these two men could be said to be the only friends he had.

Friends ……? Bai Jing froze. He hadn’t thought of this word in a long time.

“Let’s go.” Bai Jing returned to his senses, swiped his light brain and walked towards the room with the guide robot leading the way.

‘He’s agreed?’ An Ge stood stunned in place for a moment then immediately chased after him in ecstasy.

Bai Jing took a hot shower as soon as he entered, and when he came out, An Ge looked up just as he was packing his things and lost his voice the moment he saw him.

The young man’s body was slender and perfectly proportioned, his skin tinged with a light color under the steam of the heat, his brown-black hair fluffy and soft, scattered messily between his eyebrows; further down, a pair of foggy teal eyes, moist and translucent as if they contained a clear spring of water, were mesmerizingly beautiful.

When those seductive eyes looked over, An Ge couldn’t help but hold his breath.

“Bai, Bai Jing, you, you you ……”

His face swished red as his heart pounded violently, his throat dry for a moment, a little out of breath.

He had never expected such a good-looking face to be hidden under those black frames. He could say with conviction that if Bai Jing became a Master Stone Gambler in the future, he would attract countless fans with just that face alone.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Jing asked, puzzled.

His perception sensed that he seemed agitated, and his body’s active response kept spiking, but he hadn’t done anything to him.

People in the end times had always been concerned only with survival; the strong were respected, and they could do anything to survive, everything else was secondary.

So he didn’t know the kill**g power that beauty had in this era.

‘Forget it.’

Bai Jing didn’t ask any questions when he saw An Ge entering the bathroom with his head bowed and his steps hurried. He took one of the beddings on the bed off and laid it on the carpet a few meters away from the bed.

“You’re going to sleep on the floor? Ah, it’s better if I do that.”

An Ge had heaved a sigh of relief when he came out and saw that Bai Jing had no intention of sleeping with him, but how could he let Bai Jing sleep on the floor? It was clearly him who had asked for help.

“There’s no need, sleep.”

Bai Jing had no intention of arguing about such a trivial matter as he switched off his light brain, the voice-activated lights going out at his command, causing the room to immediately plunge into darkness.

An Ge tossed and turned in his bed for a while before his pounding heart calmed down.

Bai Jing must have his own concerns if he didn’t want others to see his face. He would definitely help keep this secret so that Bai Jing wouldn’t be coveted by others!

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