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Chapter 55.3

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Bai Jing took out the third rough stone from his shopping cart.

This was a water-turned sand crusted rough stone, with a yellow-grey skin, flat oval shaped, and even sand rotation.

Its crust wasn’t as thick as other sand crusts, but rather thin and under the light, the internal aspects could be faintly seen, although not clearly.

Most startling was that its bottom was covered with a large area of dark green ringworms, and it was active ringworms, which significantly reduced the potential of being a rise in bet of this rough stone.

Meanwhile, Ying Wenfeng, with the help of Yan Ji, carried out his third rough stone.

This rough stone was as tall as half a person and weighed over a hundred kilograms. It was an iron rusted skin rough stone.

The surface of the rough stone had streaks of rust color and many cracks.

However, those experienced in stone gambling could tell that these cracks were not the greatly damaging bad cracks, but skin cracks. If lucky, they might not harm the flesh of the jadeite inside.

Judging from the appearances of the two rough stones, Ying Wenfeng’s was clearly superior.

The rough stone solving began.

Bai Jing flipped the rough stone over and started to rub the part covered with active ringworms using the abrasive grinding wheel. The dark green ringworms and fragments of the crust fell off together. Soon, he had rubbed an opening about two fingers wide.

Lu Yuan rinsed off the surrounding fragments with clear water and seeing the cut surface, he couldn’t help but sigh— as expected, the ringworms had infiltrated the interior of the rough stone.

Only a small amount of black spot ringworms could be seen on the cut surface. Although there wasn’t much, it had clearly damaged the flesh of the jadeite.

However, Bai Jing’s hand remained steady. He wasn’t affected by the ringworms on the cut surface at all and changed his direction to continue rubbing the rough stone.

Seeing his actions, Lu Yuan was momentarily taken aback, then after carefully observing for a moment, he chuckled lightly.

Addressing the viewers in the livestream, he explained, “As expected from the miraculous Gu Yun— his discernment is extraordinary.

At first glance, this rough stone appears average and even has active ringworms. However, if you all look closely, there are quite a few pine flowers shaped like cypress branches scattered around the ringworms.”

With Lu Yuan’s voice command, the livestream focused on the tiny white pine flowers scattered near the deep green active ringworms. The colors of these pine flowers were so faint that they almost blended with the skin.

Only after the image was enlarged many times could the viewers just make out the details. They couldn’t help but tsk tsk in astonishment.

Lu Yuan continued, “This kind of pine flower is called a cypress branch pine flower. It’s hard to distinguish, but where there is this kind of pine flower, there is usually green, indicating that this rough stone has a high potential of being a rise in bet.”

Just as he predicted, about five minutes later, about a quarter of this rough stone was rubbed open along the middle part. Apart from the layer of jadeite near the ringworms which was ‘eaten’ by the ringworms, the rest of the flesh of the jadeite was intact!

Moreover, judging from the jadeite that was unraveled, its texture was as clear and translucent as cooked rice, delicate and lustrous. It was of the glutinous variety!

[Powerful, powerful! His discernment is incredible.]

[Wow, it’s jadeite of the glutinous variety—]

[To unravel a mid-high grade jadeite of the glutinous variety from offcuts, worthy of being called God Yun!]

[God Yun is the strongest!]

Gu Yun’s fans had been displeased with the previous comments favoring Ying Wenfeng— now they finally had a chance to vent.

The livestream was dominated by [God Yun is the strongest], leaving no room for anyone else’s comments!

As for Ying Wenfeng next to him, he wasn’t as lucky.

The iron rust skin rough stone he chose had too many cracks— most were harmless— but two or three cracks had directly penetrated the interior, fragmenting the jadeite inside.

Ying Wenfeng made four to five cuts with a laser knife— all that came out were fragments of jade, and his face looked very unpleasant.

A rough stone weighing over a hundred kilograms was eventually cut down to only a fifth of its size— at this point, the cut surface finally revealed the intact flesh of the jadeite.

It was also the fairly common variety of coarse bean jadeite— but the color was far inferior to the full green. It was a rather dull grey-green and unevenly distributed.

Seeing this, Ying Wenfeng switched from the laser knife to the abrasive grinding wheel with a gloomy expression.

If it were usual times, he would never gamble on this low grade jadeite— it would simply be a waste of time!

On Bai Jing’s side, as the abrasive grinding wheel wiped away the thin skin, people were surprised to find that the initial green color was just a hint of emerald green in the middle of the jadeite— and the base color of the jadeite was actually white!

The entire jadeite was shaped like a disc— with a luminous white color resembling mutton-fat jade serving as the base color of the whole jadeite— pure and flawless, delicate and warm. In the middle was a vibrant touch of green, creating a finishing touch, the jadeite was full of emerald color!

[My God, it’s so beautiful!!]

[I’m slain by the color of this jadeite— I want it.]

[It’s a jadeite of the glutinous variety with a white base and green!]

[Ah ah ah, I’m so excited—]

Lu Yuan also looked somewhat excited, explaining to the live broadcast: “The characteristic of jadeite with a white base and green color is that the base is as white as snow, the green color appears very bright on the white base, with a clear distinction between white and green.

However, this kind of jadeite is generally of lower quality, lacks luster, and is mostly of dry green or bean varieties, it’s rare to see such a beautiful jadeite of the glutinous variety with a white base and green color!”

He took the jadeite from Bai Jing, carefully feeling the warm touch, his eyes filled with fascination: “Look, the base of this white based green jadeite is delicate and smooth, with almost no flaws in the white color.

The green in the middle is bright and distinct, only distributed in a long strip in the middle, without mixing with the white, it’s simply a treasure!”

Lu Yuan admired it for a while before saying, “My estimate for this jadeite of the glutinous variety with a white base and green is— four million starcoins!”

Ying Wenfeng had also finished unraveling his rough stone, ultimately yielding ten kilograms of coarse bean variety gray-green jadeite, with an estimated value of 200,000 starcoins.

At present, the total value of the jadeite Gu Yun had solved was: 4.65 million starcoins.

Ying Wenfeng’s total was: 3.1 million starcoins.

The difference between the two was 1.5 million starcoins.

[Haha, 4 million starcoins! It surpassed Ying Wenfeng by more than 1 million all at once!]

[The person who just said that God Yun didn’t know how to gamble on rough stones, does your face hurt?]

[Heehee, I just like watching God Yun slap faces, pa pa pa, it sounds so good~]

[Our God Yun is the strongest!]

[God Yun will win!]

The fans of Gu Yun were all smiling, looking at those who had been jumping around before, who now didn’t dare to make a peep, it was both funny and pitiful.

Hmph— didn’t these people bet on Ying Wenfeng?

Just wait for their heavy loss.

Those who had bet on Ying Wenfeng’s victory all turned pale.

When they saw Ying Wenfeng’s momentum was obviously better, they even specially spent a high price to buy some chips from middlemen halfway through. But who would have known that Gu Yun could turn the tables? They were done for!

But after their anxiety, they hurriedly comforted themselves: Huh, they wouldn’t panic, weren’t there still two rough stones? What was there to be afraid of?!

As long as Ying Wenfeng could solve another jadeite of the ice variety, he could still turn things around!

However, Ying Wenfeng, who had previously appeared relaxed and triumphant, had lost his composure. His face was slightly pale, and cold sweat oozed from his forehead.

He never expected that Gu Yun could unravel jadeite of the glutinous variety with a white base and green from a rough stone with its entire bottom filled with active ringworms. And it was such a beautifully colored jadeite of the glutinous variety with a white base and green!

This surpassed the jadeite of the ice variety with green onion heart that he had cut from the white salt skin!

He initially thought he was extremely lucky this time, finding the best base, the white salt skin, from a pile of rubbish offcuts, and cutting out the rarely seen jadeite of the ice variety— something that even other high level stone gamblers found hard to achieve!

As for the jadeite of the coarse bean variety he solved later, while the water and color were indeed average, its size wasn’t small, and it was already considered very good among the offcuts.

What he didn’t expect was that Gu Yun was even stronger!

A jadeite of the glutinous variety with a white base and green, and its color reached the best quality of the same level!

That was the top quality!

He couldn’t find a piece among so many good materials, but he unraveled it out from the offcuts!

Even the jadeite of the coarse bean variety he had unraveled was the rare full green!

What the f*ck kind of luck was this?!

Looking at Gu Yun’s delicate yet calm face, a shadow fell over Ying Wenfeng’s heart, but it made his expression even more ruthless.

He couldn’t lose! He absolutely couldn’t lose!

Next was a rough stone with a prunus-skin crust, which he regarded highly. It was very likely it would produce a high quality jadeite!

He gripped the handle of the abrasive grinding wheel tightly, switched it to the maximum gear, and grinded the prunus crust harshly.

As the crushed stone fell, he impatiently sprinkled water on it, and a somewhat mad smile appeared on his face: “Hahaha, it’s of the hibiscus variety!”

It was only a difference of 1.5 million starcoins, he was about to catch up soon!

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  1. I read ahead with MTL and this series is legitimately very good. I’m hesitant to spoil things because we’re actually getting closer to the interesting part of this series, but there’s an as-yet unnamed big bad who will be causing trouble and traumatizing our lovely little MC, but not to worry, because he and the ML aren’t pushovers. In terms of overall chapters, this chapter is only about half-way through the series. Also, the extra is really unexpectedly sweet and involves time travel, saving the world, and then correcting timelines.

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