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Chapter 56.1

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Seeing Ying Wenfeng’s ecstatic expression because he had solved jadeite of the hibiscus variety, Bai Jing raised an eyebrow slightly.

What a pity, his wish was bound to be in vain.

Now, only two rough stones remained in his cart. One was the elephant skin rough stone with a crack, and the other was a randomly selected red rough stone, which was the one destined to be a collapse in bet.

Bai Jing thought for a moment, took out the elephant skin rough stone, and placed it on the stone-cutting machine.

Let this Stone Gambling Points Battle end here.

This elephant skin crusted rock wasn’t big. It was a bit smaller than a soccer ball, round and of a grey-white color.

The surface seemed rough, but it felt smooth to the touch. The crust resembled an elephant’s skin with its patterns.

There was a grey-white python band winding around the middle of the rough stone, surrounded by a few green clusters, which was quite good for it being an offcut.

However, there was a cross crack about 6-7 centimeters long below the python band, effectively cutting off the green, leading to a disjointed appearance.

Furthermore, this kind of crack belonged to a category of large cracks which, unless they were formed later on, could easily damage the flesh of the jadeite.

Seeing the cracked rough stone in Bai Jing’s hands and the hibiscus variety that had been unraveled, the fans felt their hearts tighten.

A difference of more than a million starcoins wasn’t enough for a sure win.

If that piece of jadeite of the hibiscus variety was large, he might be overtaken!

Those who had bet on Ying Wenfeng sighed in relief, thinking that with the jadeite of the hibiscus variety, they still had a big chance of winning.

Bai Jing once again used his sense perception ability to detect the distribution of jadeite within before preparing to work on it with the abrasive grinding wheel along the intersection of the cross crack.

He was more meticulous this time, his teal colored eyes focused intently on the cracked section, adjusting angles from time to time to avoid damaging the flesh of the jadeite.

[God Yun is being so meticulous with this stone.]

[Yes, it doesn’t seem like his usual style.]

[Sisters, I have a bold idea—]

[What, is Gu Yun going to solve another imperial green glass jadeite?]

[Maybe he’s just afraid of losing after seeing the jadeite of the hibiscus variety and is buying time.]

[Haha, hasn’t the person above been slapped in the face yet?]

[Buying time? Bet you’ll be calling me daddy soon.]

Because Ying Wenfeng was working frantically on his rough stone, a window the size of a baby’s fist was quickly unraveled.

After sprinkling some water, the green color with a slight yellowish tint looked like the tender leaves of a tree in early spring. It was soaked in a texture as soft and moist as a hibiscus flower, making it exceptionally bright and pleasing to the eye.

[It’s vibrant yellowish-green jadeite of the hibiscus variety!]

[Ying Wenfeng has had three collapse in bets now, maybe this time he can recover his losses.]

[With 1.5 million starcoins, as long as there’s more than two kilograms of quality jadeite, it’s enough.]

[Judging by the size of this rough stone, the jadeite shouldn’t be small.]

The prunus-skin crusted rock chosen by Ying Wenfeng was about the size of two basketballs lying side by side, weighing around 40-50 kilograms.

The surface was dotted with sand grains, dark red like a prune, and evenly distributed yet the outer skin seems slightly coarse.

The pine flower pattern near the top wasn’t the usual python bandd or dotted pattern but resembled a large plaster.

As the name suggested, the green of the pine flower pattern covered one side of the rough stone, spanning a considerable area.

This was a rough stone that had a high rate of being a rise in bet, but the most important thing was to observe the depth of the brush pine blossoms.[Note]

If it was just a superficial crack, then it meant that the green hadn’t seeped in.

It was very difficult to select a perfect rough stone from piles of offcuts.

Like how there was only one piece of white salt skin rough stone that did well.

Although Bai Jing selected the water-turned sand crusted rough stone, and after cutting it, unraveled white based green jadeite of the glutinous variety, its base had a large active ringworm.

The elephant skin rough stone he was solving had a large cross crack on the surface that interrupted the python band, and its appearance wasn’t considered good, it was even considered poor.

The same was true for Ying Wenfeng.

This prunus-skin crusted rock was of a decent size, had a good base, and on top, there was a high rate of it being a rise in bet from the brush pine blossoms, it could be described as an excellent rough stone.

But if they were all good rough stones, why would Mine No. 5 have been abandoned?

The downside was that the color of the brush pine blossoms on this rough stone was very light, as if they were spread on the surface, making people doubt whether the green had penetrated into the jadeite or not.

When Ying Wenfeng had shone a strong light along the skin of the rough stone, and faintly saw a green color shining from the inside, he had been overjoyed and didn’t hesitate to place it in the shopping cart.

Compared to other trashy rough stones, this piece of rough stone was almost as good as the white sandpaper skin rough stone!

As the opening grew larger, Ying Wenfeng’s confidence gradually returned. It was just over a million starcoins. This gap was too easy to catch up to!

After he almost finished rubbing the stone, he switched to a laser knife. When he turned it on, the blue flame burned brightly, reflecting his excited and twisted expression.

He first conservatively made a cut in the last quarter of the rough stone. Without a doubt, it was a pure white stone.

It was normal for such a large rough stone to show this. Ying Wenfeng didn’t mind. After carefully examining the patterns of the rough stone, he moved another four to five centimeters in. This time, the cut surface was full of cotton-like impurities.

These cotton-like impurities in jadeite greatly affected the quality and appearance of the jadeite.

But it also meant that the cut was no longer just white stone, but was getting close to the layer of jadeite.

Ying Wenfeng’s confidence almost soared. Judging by the remaining rough stone, it weighed at least twenty to thirty kilograms.

Even if the cotton-like impurities occupied most of it, there was still at least ten kilograms of chartreuse green jadeite of the ice variety left.

No, it wasn’t necessarily of the hibiscus variety. On the outside, it seemed like hibiscus, but inside, it might be of an even higher grade – jadeite of the ice variety!

He eagerly wielded the laser, making another cut, but it was still white cotton!

It didn’t matter; this aligned perfectly with his expectations.

After a few consecutive cuts, only the portion covered with brush pine blossoms remained on the rough stone. The cut still showed fluffy white cotton, with no hint of green emerging.

Ying Wenfeng’s expression wasn’t too good, and those who had bet on him were uneasy as well.

On one hand, he wanted to cut through the middle for clarity immediately, but on the other, he was afraid that if it failed completely, all hope would be lost. He was really facing a dilemma.

His gaze turned to Gu Yun, and the moment he saw the misted surface Gu Yun unraveled, his spirits plunged.

It was honey mist!

The color of honey mist resembled that of actual honey. When encountering such mist, it often indicated that the jadeite underneath had a fine and transparent texture.

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