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Chapter 63.1

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The black jadeite the size of an egg was smooth and round; one could only see a layer that marked the boundary, its insides pitch black with no trace of transparency.

However the moment the thin white thread of Bai Jing’s mental power pierced through that boundary, a dense black fog surged out instantly!

This black mist was dark and rich, like surging lake water as it climbed up along the white tip swiftly, enveloping the mental power and pulling it inward fiercely.

Bai Jing felt a tremendous suction force attacking along the direction of his mental power, his head throbbing in pain, forcing him to grit his teeth and endure.

The thin white thread of his mental power kept extending from his body, spreading numerous branches that intertwined closely with each other as they entangled with the black fog inseparably.

As time ticked by, the glowing white tip was pulled inch by inch into the black fog, however it also gripped the black fog tightly, pulling it outwards, causing the black and white at the edge of the jadeite to be intertwined as they each struggled for domination.

Bai Jing’s pale lips were bitten to the point where they had started to bleed, his forehead immediately covered in dense cold sweat.

He could feel the dark, dense black fog devouring his mental power, like a terrifying beast that had been hidden in hell finally breaking free from its cage, biting its prey viciously as it dragged it down into its territory.

The agony of being devoured made his mental power become agitated, causing several of its thin threads to transform into the shape of a large mouth as it bit in the direction of the black fog, revealing sharp tiny white teeth within.

Unfortunately, the black fog was too formidable, hence the mental power was eventually overwhelmed. The glowing thin white thread, frustrated, flailed wildly in the air but was still unable to escape the entanglement of the black fog.

Amidst this struggle, it suddenly had an idea and sent one of its threads plunging into the grade eight energy fluid.

‘Gulp, gulp’, the grade eight energy fluid in the silver box reduced by more than half at a rate visible to the naked eye, and the white thread of Bai Jing’s mental power immediately became much thicker as it bit viciously into the mass of black fog with its sharp little fangs.

Gradually, as the black fog was devoured, the thin white threads grew thicker and thicker, with countless of its branches almost filling the entire room.

‘Stop now!’

Bai Jing felt a powerful energy rush into his body, something which caused a head splitting pain.

His mental power had reached the limit his body could contain, however the moment the thin white thread retracted, the black fog bounced back even more aggressively as it wrapped itself around the tip and pulled it inside, its strength impossible to shake off.

Bai Jing’s mental power was thoroughly enraged. It had never met such an unreasonable guy before, so of course it had to take care of it!

Hence it opened its mouth wide to devour the black fog, and this time it was even faster than before, which caused the black jadeite to visibly turn translucent.

At this moment, Bai Jing’s entire body was glowing with an abnormal shade of red, the swelling energy making it almost impossible for him to breathe. There was too much energy that he felt that he was about to burst!

And having endured to his limit, his slender pale fingers deformed the table he was gripping when suddenly, an invisible current of air rippled out from his body in waves and with a ‘boom’, everything in the room was reduced to dust.

Fortunately, they were in Sotho Star Planet’s top-tier hotel which had strong defensive capabilities, otherwise the entire hotel would have collapsed!

Wave after wave of invisible mental power flowed out from his body, and not only was havoc wrecked in the bedroom he was in, the living room was also wrecked.

Meanwhile, the values on the mental power measuring device next to him kept on soaring rapidly: 22500, 23600, 24800….. 31400, 33000, it wasn’t until it nearly reached 40000 that it stopped!

The grade eight energy fluid had been drained completely, revealing the box’s original color at the bottom.

The energy in the black jadeite was devoured completely, and the thickened thread of his mental power had become so white that it was as if it was glowing, and its tip, reminiscent of mutton-fat white jade, retracted its mouth and sharp teeth, transformed back into a long strip, then belched several times from being overfilled.

Then it made a ‘thumbs-up’ gesture with a few of its branches. This time it had defeated that bad thing, and so wanted its master’s praise.

However even after waiting for a long time, it didn’t hear any praise from its master.

Its pearly white tip tried poking Bai Jing who was lying on the floor, having fainted.

There was no response!

The branches which were dancing in the air suddenly froze mid-air.

Woo woo woo, what to do?

However just at that moment, it sensed an extremely powerful presence and shrank back violently into Bai Jing’s body.

Gu Yuanzhao was rushing back desperately.

The device Fu Yan had given Bai Jing for measuring mental power was a pair, and he carried one with him so that the two could sense each other.

And five minutes ago, a sharp alarm had sounded from the device, and taking it out, he saw the values rocketing up, increasing by thousands every two seconds!

Could it be that there was a risk to the mental power mutation? The expression on his face changed, and quickly giving a few instructions, he rushed to the hotel in his mecha at top speed.

The soldiers who were watching the light disappearing in the distance were shocked in their hearts: this was the first time they had seen the Major General so panicked. It had to be known that even when facing high-level beasts, the expression on his face had never changed.

Gu Yuanzhao’s forehead and tresses were covered with sweat, and seeing the mess in the room, his expression turned even colder. However if one looked closely, they would notice an inexplicable panic in his eyes.

“Ah Jing–!!”

He rushed into the room, his face turning frighteningly ugly when he saw the teenager who had fainted on the floor.

He went on one knee, then his long, strong arms scooped him up and placed him on the large bed in his own room.

“Ah Jing, Ah Jing!”

Hearing the noise, Bai Jing rolled over, his pale fingers pushing his strong and sturdy chest away, signalling for him to be quiet.

Gu Yuanzhao who was holding the treatment device froze, then after examining Bai Jing’s body, he found that–

He was actually just sleeping?

The stone in his heart falling, he called the hotel service staff to replace the furniture and compensated for the corresponding damages.

It was only then that the cleaning robots that had been scared into hiding because of the rioting mental power, not daring to come out began to clean up the mess on the floor.

Gu Yuanzhao washed the sweat covering him off, held the teenager in his arms, kissed his hair gently, then fell asleep holding him.

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