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Chapter 46.4

The subsequent battles continued as usual.

Bai Jing’s matched opponents were stronger than before, but none were as strong as Thunder. Thus, the light blue mech defeated them easily, with each match lasting less than two minutes.

As it approached 6 p.m., the audience watching the mech battles began to grow.

Even the matches between the beginners at L1 attracted hundreds of spectators.

Yu Ze was a mech parts assembler. Although his income wasn’t as high as that of a mech builder, he produced mid-to-high-level parts, earning an annual salary of over a million!

However this job required absolute focus. After all, it involved precision machinery and the use of mental power. There could be no mistakes in any step, so he was always exhausted after work each day.

Watching online mech battles was his favorite pastime.

After logging in, Yu Ze checked the players he was following. As expected, L6 player ‘Morning Frost’ and L5 player ‘Feather’ weren’t online.

He wasn’t disappointed though. At their level, they would be more focused on real life combat and so would spend less time participating in virtual battles. Each time they were online, the audience would undoubtedly be packed.

After browsing the lobby interface, Yu Ze put on his sensory equipment then casually selected an L1 match to watch.

After all, these were all free matches and sometimes it was fun to watch the rookies fighting against each other.

He remembered a match from yesterday when both contestants, newbies had turned the mech match into a brawl. The two mechs had traded punches and kicks, sometimes even falling over due to poor balance control. It had been hilarious.

Such matches were great stress relievers, haha.

He wondered what surprises this match would bring him.

He bought a 100 starcoin betting ticket casually. If he could bet on the right player, he would be even happier.

When he entered the spectator area, he noticed that there were more people than he had anticipated. It seems today’s traffic was quite good.

A light blue mech entered the arena. Hmm, it didn’t seem particularly special.

On the other hand, the black mech opposite it looked fierce, looking as if it was wearing a thick layer of armor. Its weapon was a black scythe about twenty meters long, with a slender and sharp tip that appeared terrifying at first glance.

The level of this mech was definitely not low, especially its weapon.

He glanced at the display screen above, which read: [Alpha (left) VS Black Scythe (right)]

Based on Yu Ze’s experience from watching countless matches, he was confident that Black Scythe would win.

Without hesitation, he placed his bet on Black Scythe.

The match began.

As the countdown ended, the black mech charged forward quickly leaping high into the air as it raised its slender, cold-gleaming scythe. With a strike like this, his opponent would likely be cut in two!

Yu Ze stared at the stage intently, excited yet somewhat terrified. Some more timid spectators had already closed their eyes.

However, the expected scene didn’t happen as the figure of the light blue mech suddenly vanished!

Yu Ze couldn’t help but freeze.

“It’s the Z arc step!”

“Look, he’s behind Black Scythe!”

“Go, Alpha!”

The light blue mech’s titanium long sword almost sliced through the neck of the black mech. However, at the moment of impact, the latter’s armor suddenly rose up, blocking the powerful strike.

Black Scythe, in pain, fired the particle cannon mounted on its shoulder while simultaneously swinging the scythe backwards.

Bai Jing maneuvered his mech skillfully to dodge with a crouch and slide and as the cannonball approached, his figure vanished from its spot and reappeared at a distance from the black mech!

“Holy sh*t, it’s teleportation, it’s teleportation!”

“An A level highly difficult move for a mech!”

“Ah ah ah ah, Alpha is so cool—”

Next, they witnessed Alpha’s terrifying strength once more.

The particle cannon had an auto-tracking mode, but it couldn’t keep up with the light blue mech’s movements because Alpha’s speed was simply too fast!

As Bai Jing dodged, he fired laser beams simultaneously and as the red laser beams and cannonball collided in mid-air, it caused a massive explosion, the deafening blast nearly shattering the eardrums of the spectators!

At the same time, it completely ignited the atmosphere at the scene!

In the next instant, the unrelenting laser beam pierced through the black mech’s cockpit and through to its pilot’s chest, like a shot from a sniper rifle. Unable to avoid it, the black mech fell to the ground.

The overwhelming pain caused the black mech’s cockpit and energy system to lose functionality as the pilot fell unconscious from the pain.

“Alpha! Alpha!”


Everyone on the field was chanting Bai Jing’s name with passion and at the top of their lungs!

When Yu Ze finally came back to his senses from the shock, he realized that there was no one on the stage and the screen showed that the next match would start in 30 seconds.

Pressing his hand against his chest that was still pounding from excitement, he clicked the follow button next to Alpha’s name.

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  1. The word ‘Alpha’ has been ruined by children on the internet. I cant look at it and think ‘so cool!’ without instantly remembering Andrew Tate

    I hope Bai Jing can help me cure this disease

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