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Chapter 55.2

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Seeing Ying Wenfeng unravel a high quality ice variety with scallion green heart, many people who bet on Gu Yun’s victory were filled with regret.

They had placed their bets on him because of his reputation for unraveling rare jadeite like imperial green glass, but now it seemed that the reputation was merely hollow.

When their own interests were at stake, a lot of offensive comments were mixed in the live comments. However, they were all automatically recognized and muted by the system, and appropriate penalties were given.

Yet, despite this, public opinion still overwhelmingly favored Ying Wenfeng, and it was clear to anyone that Gu Yun was at a disadvantage.

About ten minutes later, Bai Jing solved a 16 kilogram piece of full green bean variety jadeite from the yellow salt sand skin rough stone.

Lu Yuan estimated its value to be 650,000 starcoins.

Two minutes later, Ying Wenfeng also solved a piece of ice variety scallion green jadeite that was larger than a human fist, weighing 2.25 kilograms.

The dead ringworms at the bottom had taken away a bit of the jadeite flesh, but it didn’t affect the overall quality.

Yan Ji’s estimated value for it was 2.9 million starcoins.

The bean variety jadeite that Bai Jing solved couldn’t even reach a fraction of the latter’s value.

In the first round of the Points Battle, Ying Wenfeng won with an absolute advantage!

Lu Yuan looked at Gu Yun, only to see that the handsome teenager’s expression was as calm as ever, completely undisturbed by the results of the first round.

His heart also settled down. Just from this unflappable demeanor, he believed that Gu Yun could definitely win!

The second rough stone that Bai Jing took out was a black stone the size of a fist.

The skin was as black as ink, covered with a thick layer of wax, very smooth, and there were no loose flowers, python bands, or ringworms on the surface.

It looked a bit like dark ebony skin, but it wasn’t. It was very unremarkable with its blackness.

When the audience in the live broadcast saw this rough stone, the room became chaotic.

[Fuck, what the hell is that?]

[I can pick up a better stone on the street!]

[Does Gu Yun really know how to gamble on rough stones?!]

[I bet 100,000 starcoins on him. It’s all going to waste, damn it.]

[As the saying goes, “high green comes out of the shittiest land.” so let’s wait and see.]

Everyone had doubts about this unremarkable black stone, questioning Gu Yun’s judgment in selecting rough stones.

Some even suspected that Gu Yun, as a side branch of the Gu family, had managed to unravel so many rare jadeites in the Gu Conglomerate’s Stone Gambling House because the Gu Conglomerate had opened a back door for him.

There was no shortage of people with such thoughts, but no one dared to voice them in public.

After all, the Gu Conglomerate was the Empire’s number one plutocrat, so only those tired of living would dare to make reckless conjectures.

Fortunately, there was this Stone Gambling Points Battle, so everything was under the scrutiny of the public.

Without the protection of the Gu Conglomerate, wouldn’t Gu Yun’s true form be revealed soon?! They knew it, no one could be so extraordinary as to consecutively unravel rare jadeites in just a month, including the rarely seen top tier jadeite, the imperial green glass jadeite.

A level two Stone Gambler actually had a 60% rate of betting increase. It turns out it was all a sham!

They had been fooled for so long, today it was finally going to be exposed!

A secret sense of pleasure suddenly welled up in their hearts, a pleasure of stepping on the previously admired genius Stone Gambler.

Considering themselves as the messengers of justice, they were eager to uphold justice and expose Gu Yun’s true face.

For a moment, various popups were flying chaotically. Gu Yun’s fans and these ‘haters’ were in a fierce argument.

Although many comments were suppressed, the fans still felt very wronged in their hearts.

They all held their breath, waiting for the final results to come out, ready to throw it in the face of these doubters.

The black stone in Bai Jing’s hand was even smaller than the previous one, with a surface as hard as iron. It was unclear when he would finish with the abrasive grinding wheel.

He fixed the black stone on the stone-cutting machine, made a diagonal cut 0.5 cm into the skin, and with one stroke, he unraveled a thin outline of black jadeite, the precision of the angle was to the extreme!

This stone was no bigger than a fist, smooth and round, without any distinctive features, there was no place to start.

Yet Bai Jing was able to completely cut off the skin on such a stone without harming the flesh of the jadeite inside. Just looking at this skill was already breathtaking!

After the first cut, he made several more cuts around the skin, each one quick, decisive, and precise, with an error of no more than 0.01 millimeters, completely revealing the outline of the jadeite!

[God Yun’s stone cutting movements are so cool!]

[What kind of jadeite is this black one? It’s so black, you can only see the outline.]

[Could it be ink jadeite?]

[It’s definitely not ink jadeite, I’ve seen one before and it’s very transparent.]

[What is it then? I’m really curious.]

Since Ying Wenfeng’s second rough stone showed no signs of jadeite after several cuts and was likely to be a collapse in bet, many people shifted their attention to Gu Yun.

Regardless of the jadeite, just watching his handsome face and casual movements was pleasing enough.

After finishing the cutting, Bai Jing placed the outlined jadeite aside.

If he continued to use the abrasive grinding wheel to grind away the surrounding debris, it would take at least forty minutes to clean up everything. It would be a waste of time, so it would be better to take it back and finish the process.

Lu Yuan, looking a bit regretful, glanced at the nonchalant teenager and judged the value of this jadeite to be zero.

When this type of black jadeite was first discovered, it caused a stir in the empire. The reason was that the testing equipment showed that it contained terrifying amounts of energy and mental power substances, surpassing all known energy sources!

Unfortunately, numerous energy masters, including several grandmaster level ones, had tried but failed to extract the energy inside.

It was like an energy black hole with enormous suction power. Not only could they not extract energy liquid from it, it also absorbed a lot of mental power. Since then, no energy masters dared to touch this kind of rough stone.

Being unable to extract energy liquid also meant that this type of jadeite was worthless.

Hearing this result, Gu Yun’s fans felt both disappointed and extremely anxious.

This was the second one, and there was still a gap of two million starcoins between the two. They hoped fervently that God Yun would not fail!

Fortunately, Ying Wenfeng’s second rough stone was also a collapse in bet, which prevented the gap from widening further. Otherwise, the public opinion would have been overwhelmingly against Gu Yun.

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