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Chapter 26.2

Sprinkled with water, the exposed cut was clear as ice and seemed to have a hint of blue with a full head of water.

“It’s jadeite!”

“This, this appears to be of the ice variety!!”

“A great gain–“

The crowd got excited, but there were many complaints that they hadn’t even bet on number 1.

Who knew this Level 1 Stone Gambler would be so lucky?

Bai Jing was just bored. He had watched these rough stones many times while waiting for his bet, so he conferred with a Stone Solver and chose the first rough stone to solve, which was also the one he had picked for a rise in bet.

He was now so skilled at operating the automatic stone cutter, that he didn’t need to use the infra-red system to find the scribe. Instead, he held the handle of the laser knife directly so he could have a better feel for it.

The abrasive wheel was set aside and his slender fingers held the black handle firmly in place, the extreme impact of the color accentuating the whiteness of those fingertips, making it so white that they seemed to glow.

The people below the stage couldn’t help but hold their breath, watching the youth’s movements intently.

Not only because cutting up was the only way to get a rise, but also because the youth’s movements had an extreme beauty that made them simply unable to take their eyes off of him.

Bai Jing pressed the button of the laser knife and a blue beam of light shone out, emitting an eerie blanket of light like the sharp blade of a sword.

And without a pause, the hand holding the ‘sword’ didn’t hesitate to cut along two centimeters closer to the crust. The blow was fast, fierce and precise, a slice to the end.

There was a flash of blue light, and then the rough stone split cleanly in half, revealing the jadeite on the cut side.

“It’s a rise from the cut–“

“He just cut it and it’s a rise. Awesome!”

Bai Jing made a few more quick cuts and in a few minutes, the outline of the jadeite was unraveled completely. Next, it was just a matter of removing the surrounding debris with a grinding wheel.

The crowd was fascinated, and only then did they come back to their senses.

It was over. Rough stone number 1 had produced a jadeite, which meant that–

“Holy sh*t, another loss this time!”

“This teenager is actually a level 1 Stone Gambler? It’s a lie, right?”

“Forget it, forget it. I admit defeat.”

Jiang Ke also snapped back to his senses. Fuk, what the hll was he doing!

What was he doing being fascinated as he watching his opponent solve the rough stone??

But judging from the reaction of the audience, no one was paying any attention to him at all. Their eyes were all on the young man called Gu Yun.

Jiang Ke bit his lower lip. How could he let someone else steal his thunder? He absolutely couldn’t allow that to happen!

“Hiss– it hurts!”

He suddenly shouted loudly and the crowd turned back to him, only to find that his finger had been hurt by the grinding wheel.

Originally, Jiang Ke was trying to gain pity and along with that, gain a handful of fans, but he didn’t expect it to backfire.

Against the backdrop of Bai Jing’s clean moves, this move of his was as if he was exposing his ‘incompetence’. Even his fans were a bit speechless.

[Er, treasure Ke is too careless, right?]

[This has to be said. Getting his hand rubbed by the equipment in the stone solving phase, as a Stone Gambler, he’s really a bit unprofessional.]

[I hope treasure Ke won’t make such a mistake next time, ugh.]

Most of the people in the audience gave him mocking glances before quickly averting their gaze.

On the other side, ‘Gu Yun”s jadeite was about to be solved!

“Oh my, it’s a rare icy blue water jadeite!”

“Of the ice seed variety, it’s an absolutely great gain–“

“I got it right. 9.3 odds, ha ha ha, I’m going to be rich!”

The jadeite solved by Bai Jing was bigger than an adult’s fist, was very transparent and was as clear as ice and light blue all over.

Like sparkling sea water and like a clear blue crystal, of fine jade, clean and clear, without a trace of impurity, as clear and elegant as the heart of the ocean, with a vague touch of noble luxury, it was worthy of being the rare icy blue water jadeite of the ice variety. It was simply stunning!

Everyone was mesmerized by this icy blue water jadeite and couldn’t take their eyes off it for a long time. To be able to see a piece of jadeite with such a beautiful texture and color come out of nowhere, was an absolute pleasure of beauty.

At the same time, the other Stone Solvers began to work on the other rough stone.

As Jiang Ke’s hand was injured, a staff of the Gu Conglomerate quickly stepped onto the stage and treated his wound with a therapeutic device.

The minor injury was quickly healed by the high tech treatment technology.

But as the ‘manipulation’ had backfired, he didn’t dare insist on solving the rough stone himself, leaving it all to the Stone Solver.

There was a lot of interest in the No. 7 rough stone and with it being such a large rough stone, if only a portion of the jadeite could be solved, it would be a sure bet.

A lot of people had bet on this rough stone, especially those who had already bet on No.1 and were concerned about whether there was any jadeite in No.7.

No.1 rough stone would pay 9.3 and No.7 would pay 5.5. If they both won, then that was 15 times the odds!

A Stone Solver rubbed the stone quickly along the part of the python band with the pine flowers and it took five or six minutes before he saw the green.

“Number 7 rubbed up!”

“I can see the start, it’s likely a great gain.”

Jiang Ke’s fans were also relieved, grateful that their idol hadn’t disgraced himself after all.

It was enough that he couldn’t match Gu Yun’s face, but if he couldn’t match his stone solving skills either, then he had made a fool of himself.

If he lost even the betting war, then their faces as fans would be really unpleasant to look at.

The Stone Solver looked back and forth at the pine and python banding going on the skin of the rough stone and then made a cut along the bottom third part.

Jiang Ke’s excitement showed. If this cut came out green, it would be a great gain!

“Ai, it’s white cotton.”

“This cut has collapsed.”

The sight of the cut on the big screen elicited heavy sighs.

White cotton referred to the filmy, patchy, corrugated, striped, translucent, slightly transparent white mineral inside jadeite which was an impurity within it that seriously affected the quality and beauty of the jadeite, its presence greatly affecting the price of the jadeite as well. [Note]

There was some disappointment in Jiang Ke’s eyes, but he was confident. Such a large piece of rough stone wouldn’t be all white cotton, right?

The Stone Solver made another cut at the part of the rough stone that had shown green. This cut almost split the rough stone in two, but the result was still white flocculent crystals, which was white cotton.

The smile on Jiang Ke’s face almost collapsed when the Stone Solver made a third cut.

This time the green finally emerged, but the rough stone was less than a sixth of what was left, and the previous opening had gone in three or four centimetres, which showed that the jadeite inside would be very small.

Unless the seed water was relatively good, otherwise–

By the time the Stone Solver had solved the bean seed jadeite which was only the size of a fist, the corners of Jiang Ke’s mouth dropped had unexpectedly and his face was grim, a far cry from his earlier cute countenance.

Such a big piece of rough stone, had collapsed!

It was over. Was he going to lose?

At the same time, the other rough stones were also solved. Apart from the rare icy blue water jadeite that Bai Jing solved, he also solved a cyanine blue jadeite.

However, due to the low grade of the cyanine blue jadeite, it wasn’t considered an increase in bet.

At this point in the betting war, there was no more suspense, hence the sweet-looking host appeared on the screen and said with a smile: “The results of this betting war is in, and the winner is– Gu Yun, the level 1 Stone Gambler!”

The dazzling spotlights fell on Bai Jing at the same time, and the handsome and exquisite face of the youth was projected onto the big screen, bringing the audience below the stage to the peak in the charged atmosphere.

“Gu Yun! Gu Yun!”

Countless spectators shouted his name frantically. Although they hadn’t heard of him before, today both the youth’s divine face and that rare icy blue water jadeite had left a deep impression on them.

They believed that soon, people who saw this betting war on Starnet would have more people become fans of Gu Yun.

He was like a luminary, shining brightly as he dazzled, capturing everyone’s attention and making them go crazy!

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