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Chapter 57.1

Editor: Jodi

When Bai Jing and Gu Yuanzhao left on the spaceship, it was already nighttime, and going by calculations, they could reach Proxima Star the next morning.

After choosing raw materials for a full six hours, plus over an hour of solving rough stones, Bai Jing was tired. Yet, he found himself intrigued by Ying Wenfeng’s actions before he died.

Being close, Bai Jing had noticed that when Ying Wenfeng had aimed the blade at his own throat, there had been fear in his eyes, suggesting even Ying Wenfeng himself was surprised by his own move. This indicated he didn’t want to commit sucde.

His intention had really been to k*ll him.

Furthermore, when Ying Wenfeng’s alloy dagger went from targeting him to turning on himself, his arm had been stiff, showing no bend, which wasn’t logical.

With experience from the apocalypse, Bai Jing was extra sensitive to human movements and combat. It seemed as if something had manipulated Ying Wenfeng into stabbing himself.

He frowned slightly. His sense perception ability hadn’t detected anyone nearby.

Could it have been from a distance?

What could manipulate a living person?

Gu Yuanzhao walked over to him and whispered, “Ah Jing, don’t think about it, I’ll investigate, so go rest in the sleep cabin for a while.”

Bai Jing nodded, “Okay.”

He was indeed a bit worn out.

Watching Bai Jing enter the sleep cabin to rest, Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes suddenly turned cold. He immediately initiated a video call.

His voice was as cold as ice: “How is Ying Wenfeng’s investigation going?”

Qiao An, on the other side, had a serious expression: “Young Master Gu, based on the investigation, Ying Wenfeng’s relations with the major aristocratic families is quite complicated.”

Because of his S-level mental power talent, he had once been sponsored by the Du family and was personally instructed by Du Feng, the level seven Master Stone Gambler, for about half a year.

After advancing to being a level six Stone Gambler, he had successively been hired by the Yuan and Lei families, to perform the categorization of rough stones, and was taken by the Lei family to auction houses and public places, providing ideas and strategies.

The capital star’s five major aristocratic families, or rather, the empire’s five major aristocratic families, were the Gu family, the Du family, the Tang family, the Yuan family, and the Lei family.

Except for the Tang family, which focused on mecha building and rarely dealt with rough stones, the other four major families each had their own rough stone mines and related industries.

After all, the cost of mining rough stones wasn’t high, but the profits were extremely high. From mining areas to gambling on rough stones, and then extracting energy fluid, genetic fluid, and holding auctions, a complete chain of interests was formed.

No one didn’t want a piece of the pie, especially the influential aristocratic families of the imperial capital.

Ying Wenfeng, as one of the empire’s rare Senior Stone Gambler, having connections with the three major families wasn’t that surprising.

However, these three big families had competitive relations with the Gu family, hence it was necessary to investigate further to find out who was behind it.

Gu Yuanzhao frowned, “Then what about his light brain? Who has he been in close contact with in the past week?”

Qiao An replied, “I have already asked the information center to retrieve Ying Wenfeng’s light brain data.

However, his light brain has been modified with an advanced system for immediate data cleaning and anti-detection, so any messages sent will be destroyed instantly.

We’re doing our best to recover, but time is a concern—”

Gu Yuanzhao interrupted him, “I understand.”

Data destruction was different from purging. Once data was destroyed, it was difficult to recover, and it might take more than a year or two.

Qiao An continued, “Young Master Gu, could it be the Du family? After all, they supported Ying Wenfeng financially, and Du Feng mentored him personally for a long time, so they had a very close relationship. Plus, you’ve been avoiding an alliance with the Du family, so they might have malicious intentions.”

Gu Yuanzhao thought about it, “We can’t rule out that possibility.”

However based on his interactions with Du Feng, these villainous actions didn’t match his style.

“What about Ying Wenfeng’s family? Where are they?”

Qiao An stayed silent for a moment before saying, “His family members had an accident today while riding a spaceship to Desolate Rock Planet. The entire spaceship exploded halfway through the journey, and over a hundred passengers didn’t make it.

The people we sent to keep track also lost their lives, they couldn’t send any messages before they died.”

Gu Yuanzhao’s lips pursed lightly, “Comfort their families and provide more compensation.”

The methods of the family backing Ying Wenfeng were extremely cruel, because at this point, nearly all the clues had been destroyed.

Clearly defined fingers wrote on the table- the Du Group, the Lei Group, the Yuan Group….. who exactly could it be?

Gu Yuanzhao thought about the moment when Ying Wenfeng had died. His eyes had been filled with shock and disbelief.

Someone had been controlling him.

Could it have been through drugs?

The situation had been chaotic back then, and the only person who had had contact with Ying Wenfeng had been Vice President Xi Bin, the interaction happening when Xi Bin had taken the silver badge from his chest.

Drug control.

Gu Yuanzhao’s fingers tapped the table lightly as he replayed the scene in his mind.

He could be sure that when Ying Wenfeng had moved to stab Bai Jing, he had been conscious. It was only when he had stabbed himself that he became terrified.

If it had been the drugs taking effect, then when he had been under its control, his expression shouldn’t have been that of fear, but of numbness and confusion.

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