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Chapter 35.2

Bai Jing looked outside at the sky that was just darkening and was silent for a long time.

Never mind, he could stay if he wanted to, there were still rooms available anyway, as long as he didn’t disturb him.

If Gu Yuanzhao had wanted to live here when he had first moved in, Bai Jing would have moved out without hesitation.

But now, perhaps because Gu Yuanzhao was so good to him, or perhaps because the two of them shared so many similarities, Bai Jing had already recognized him as a friend in his heart, and thus his tolerance level decreased each time, even beyond the bottom line that ordinary friends weren’t supposed to cross.

However what made Bai Jing happy was that Gu Yuanzhao seemed to be very busy every day and came back very few times a week.

And even when he did return, he would only have dinner with him and make small talk, never interfering with his personal affairs.

This kind of sense of proportion between adults made Bai Jing trust and feel more comfortable with him.

The operating room adjoining the master bedroom.

Bai Jing looked at the crystal-clear, emerald-green glass jadeite on the table then took a deep breath, intending to try it once and then stop in time if it didn’t work.

His mental power condensed into a thin line that emerged from his body while his sense perception ability also emerged then the two merged into each other, the white line slowly tinged with gold.

Now the thin thread of mental power wasn’t as thin as a strand of hair that it had been at the beginning. As the mental power increased, the thin white thread became much thicker, as thick as ordinary wool and the sense perception ability also became much stronger.

The moment the long golden thread penetrated deep into the jadeite, Bai Jing’s mind throbbed with pain, and his forehead was instantly covered with fine dense cold sweat.

The interior of this glass jadeite seemed to have turned into a deep black hole that was frantically extracting the mental power from his body!

Clenching his lower lip, Bai Jing threw all his mental power into it, the original thin thread-like mental power turning into a line that had the thickness of chopsticks, trying to extract the energy fluid from the ‘black hole’.

One drop, two drops…..

In less than a minute, Bai Jing withdrew his mental power violently, which was followed by the pain of pins and needles in his head.

It was like taking a needle and stabbing it in his nerves. It only got better when he reflexively inserted his mental power into a grade 3 energy box.

After absorbing four boxes of grade 3 energy fluids in a row, Bai Jing’s ghastly pale face recovered and he slowly sat up straighter in his seat.

The silver box next to him contained only a small amount of extracted energy fluid, so little that it didn’t even cover the bottom of the box completely.

However the fluid inside was clear, pure, bright and a luminous green, like endless greenery infused into a clear spring, so clean that it left one enchanted.

Taking the tester that was nearby, Bai Jing tested it and it showed the purity level: 82.43%.

This was a purity unparalleled in the whole of interstellar history.

Since the founding of the Empire, no one had ever been able to achieve such a high level of purity!

The ordinary colored glass variety or the pure colored high ice variety belonged to grade 6 jadeite category, and energy fluids extracted from grade 6 jadeites usually had a purity between 60 and 70%, but mostly below 65%.

Sunny green jadeites and emerald glass jadeites, which were capable of producing energy fluids of higher level, didn’t reach the level of energy fluids extracted from jadeites from the grade 7 category, but were at most the very best among the grade 6 jadeites, again with a purity of no more than 70%.

The higher the grade of the jadeite, the greater the mental power required.

At the sixth grade level of energy fluid, every 1% increase was extremely difficult to achieve, taking into account circumstances, fortune, timing, the age and condition of the energy master, whether the mental power was kept at an optimal level, and so on.

The ranking of Master Energy Masters varied from high to low, which depended on the purity difference of 1 or even 0.5 %.

The top jadeites, such as imperial green glass, superb blood jadeite and supreme yellow, were so rare that they were able to raise the purity level even higher.

The highest purity energy fluid available today was the Grade 7 energy fluid extracted from the finest red jadeite by Master Gu Hang a hundred years ago, with a purity of 79.42%, which caused a sensation and which had since not been broken.

But now Bai Jing had extracted an energy fluid with a purity level of 82.43%, surpassing all previous records. This was totally an absolute miracle!

Fortunately, this tester was of the highest quality and had been encrypted to ensure that no data was transmitted. This, combined with the constant operation of the Gu Conglomerate’s anti-surveillance system, prevented this data from causing an absolute sensation throughout the energy world and indeed throughout the entire Empire!

Bai Jing rubbed the corner of his forehead gently. Right now his mental power level wasn’t enough to extract the energy in this piece of top grade jadeite. He needed to move up step by step in order to do so.

He had to first extract energy fluid at the level of grade 4 or 5, then gradually progress to level 6, and then when his mental power had accumulated to a certain level, he could try to extract the energy in this piece of top-grade glass jadeite again.

But where would the raw materials come from?

Bai Jing, who had already received the imperial green glass, didn’t want to trouble Gu Yuanzhao for the time being.

‘If I had known, I wouldn’t have auctioned that hibiscus jadeite.’ Bai Jing thought with some regret.

Just then, a video call from little fatty Jin Mao appeared.

They had kept in touch all this time.

But because Bai Jing had become an official Stone Gambler and Jin Mao and An Ge were still apprentices, they didn’t invite Bai Jing to the Gambling Street on their subsequent visits for the sake of his rate of betting increase.

But now Jin Mao was just one point away from advancing, as was An Ge.

So the two of them decided to ask Bai Jing to join them in their quest to win the Level 1 Stone Gambler badge today.

Jin Mao: “Jing Ge, we’re one point away from advancing, do you have time to go to the Gambling Street this afternoon together?”

Bai Jing: “Sure.”

It was now over a month since he had last been to the Gambling Street.

So much time had passed that he was certain that everyone had forgotten his previous accomplishments, so it was time to go buy some rough stones and bring back to solve.

Bai Jing brushed back his hair with a special spray then flicked it with his pale fingertips, the thin strands falling naturally across his forehead, just enough to fall between his brows, soft and fluffy.

The thin lines drawn at the ends of his eyes had also been erased, reducing the maturity and harshness that appeared when he was on stage and giving him a fresh and natural look, restoring his youthfulness.

Thick black-rimmed glasses rested on his high nose, blocking his beautiful teal eyes and making them ordinary.

Before leaving, he hung the space button which contained more than eighty cubic meters of space –enough to hold dozens of rough stones– that Gu Yuanzhao had given him around his neck.

Bai Jing drove his white hover car to the hover area of the Gambling Street where Jin Mao would bring An Ge along to rendezvous.

Because of the heavy traffic on the Gambling Street, the hover area had many levels, and Bai Jing and Jin Mao had agreed to park in Section A on the 10th floor.

The white hover car dropped from an opening in the air then came to a steady, well-balanced stop near the ground.

As soon as Bai Jing stepped out of the car, he saw the little fatty staring straight at the hover car, his eyes glowing.

Then when he saw him get out of the car, his eyes widened in disbelief.

“Holy, holy sh*t. Jing Ge, you’re actually the owner of this car!!”

“Jing Ge, be honest with me. Have you made a fortune from gambling on rough stones recently that you can actually afford an ‘S’ grade White Eagle!!”

“Huh? No, that’s not right…. White Eagle is a limited edition, you can’t buy it anymore.”

Jin Mao muttered under his breath as he looked at the hover car, hating that he couldn’t glue his eyes to the smooth car.

Ah ah ah, this was the top of the line sports car that all men yearned for, and there weren’t more than ten of them in the whole empire!

Bai Jing was silent for a moment, “When you say ‘S-class’, are you referring to this hover car?”

Jin Mao: “Of course! Jing Ge, doesn’t this car belong to you?”

Bai Jing: “…… it’s not mine, it belongs to a friend.”

Jin Mao sighed, “Goodness, your friend must be very high up! And he must be very close to you that he can even lend you a White Eagle to drive!”

Seeing that Bai Jing wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation, he wisely changed the subject, “Heh heh, let’s go to the Gambling Street.”

An Ge and Bai Jing naturally had no objections.

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