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Chapter 29.2

Lu Meng was quite surprised when he received the energy boxes from the Master in the mail.

Extracting and purifying a large amount of energy fluid in such a short time, the Master’s mental power had to be very strong!

Now, he was almost sure that Bai Jing was an high level energy master.

Other than an high level energy master, no one else’s mental power could recover so quickly!

Putting the rest of the miscellaneous items aside, he opened the thirteen energy boxes one by one with extremely careful movements, then put the fluids inside them in the detector for testing.

The purity of the first five energy fluids was: 26.65%, a high level among second grade energy fluids.

Purity of energy fluids 6-10: 29.24%, the highest level of energy fluids among second grade energy fluids!

Purity of the last 3 energy fluids: 37.18%, a high grade among third grade energy fluids!

Although there was no grade 4 energy fluid this time, Lu Meng was already very satisfied.

These thirteen energy fluids were all high and very high quality of the same grade, not a single low quality one, which would surely attract a lot of attention!

He had secretly investigated the energy fluids auctioned by the top three online auction houses. Although the grades were grade 3 or grade 4, they were all basically medium quality, even the high quality was rare, so it seemed that the master was still powerful!

And Master Bai was very nice to talk to, making it clear that there was no need to raise the price because of the quality of the energy fluid, and that the auction would simply follow the reference price he had marked.

Lu Meng really liked this master too much. He wasn’t at all like those high level energy masters. He didn’t ask for anything too much and except for being a bit aloof, he was simply perfect.

As far as he knew, when the other auction houses which ranked ahead of them hired those mid-level energy masters, they paid a lot of money.

Hee hee, he was really lucky to have met Master Bai.

Lu Meng hummed as he placed the second grade energy boxes in groups of five, setting the individual reserve price at 2,000 starcoins and setting a starting bid of 10,000 starcoins per group.

The reference price for the group with high purity was set at 50,000 starcoins, while the group with extreme purity was set at 60,000 starcoins, which was 20% over the standard price.

The three high quality third grade energy boxes were then placed one by one, with a reference price of 60,000 starcoins each, again exceeding the standard price by 20%.

After Lu Meng had set the price, he was a little apprehensive.

After all, no one knew if it was a coincidence that the energy box last time was sold, and this time he had set a reference price that wasn’t low, with the last eight energy boxes all being 20% more than the standard price. He didn’t know if they would be sold successfully.

It had to be known that if the final auction price was more than 20% below the reference price, the batch of energy fluid would have to be withdrawn and re-auctioned in a week.

But his worries were obviously superfluous, because at 10 o’clock, just as all the items hit the shelves, the man who had thrown 100,000 starcoins the day before arrived, and although one could blur one’s appearance on the virtual net, Lu Meng knew it had to be him, because this man carried a very distinctly aristocratic air about him.

He just took a few glances at the purity mark and without the slightest bit of hesitation, swept up the three grade three energy boxes, the whole process taking no more than a minute.

That’s right, it was a minute into the countdown.

When Lu Meng saw the price he had bid, his eyes almost fell out. He had actually raised the price of a single energy box to 100,000, a full 40,000 starcoins higher than the reference price!

This was seriously a rich tyrant.

Ning Yuchen had replaced the energy box immediately the moment he got the 48.75% pure energy fluid yesterday.

An advanced mech had two recesses, one for primary use and one for backup.

This was in case there wasn’t enough energy fluid in the battlefield and the situation was very critical.

Normally he would put a grade 5 energy box in both slots and if he was lucky enough to get a grade 6 energy box, he wouldn’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to get it.

There was very little energy fluid left in the main box, but he did have a spare grade 5 energy box left.

He put the spare grade 5 energy box into the main compartment and the highly purified grade 4 energy box, which was only a third of the size casually into the spare compartment then started training.

But perhaps because he was distracted, he accidentally pressed the spare switch button during operation and the mech’s main energy source became the energy box in the spare compartment instead.

At that moment, the mech was just in the process of doing a 720-degree flip over teleportation, a very difficult move.

This was the move that Young Master Gu used to kill the advanced zergs when he fought them.

Using his extreme speed and total mastery of the mecha, he would flip 720 degrees in the air in a second that his opponent could hardly see and before his opponent could react, hit him with a super-powered particle cannon!

Later, this move was rated as a ‘Super S’ level difficulty by the Imperial Ministry of Military Affairs and not many people in the Empire were able to do it.

Ning Yuchen had been practicing this move for two years and on a normal day, even with his full concentration, he might not be able to pull it off, what’s more now that the time was running out. It was definitely too late to switch the energy boxes back!

But two years of practice helped him continue the move.

His hands flew over the console, so fast that only an afterimage could be seen, but he knew in his heart that he wouldn’t be able to complete the maneuver!

Apart from the extremely high requirements for the person controlling the mecha, the ‘720-degree flip over teleportation’ also had extremely high requirements for the mecha’s energy.

The purity of the energy fluid was crucial to the fluency and explosive power of the mech’s movements. Even the slightest impurity or momentary shortage of energy supply would be infinitely magnified at such times, causing the mech’s movements to pause or shift by 0.1 millisecond, resulting in a failed move.

However, to Ning Yuchen’s surprise, his mech completed this Super S level difficulty maneuver in the air at an unrecognizable speed, and then landed firmly on the ground.

The whole maneuver was as smooth as a flowing river, clean and perfect!

Ning Yuchen froze for a moment, then quickly took the energy box out of the spare recess and swapped it with the one in the main control compartment.

He smiled a little as he jumped out of the mech. Perhaps he should thank his father for allowing him to find a treasure that had yet to be discovered.

The next day, he arrived early at the Star Ocean Online Auction House, waiting for the items to hit the shelves.

Unfortunately, however, this time there was no grade 4 energy box as sold yesterday, only grade 3 energy boxes and that to him wasn’t the very best.

But after scanning the unadulterated, clear liquids in the silver boxes, he immediately recognized them as coming from the hand of one man.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ning Yuchen swept up the three grade 3 energy boxes at a high price, hoping that these energy fluids would also surprise him this time.

The three grade 3 energy fluids were auctioned off in less than a minute after they hit the shelves, attracting the attention of many people who gathered around curiously.

When they saw the final auction price, many people were taken aback. These grade 3 energy boxes went for a whopping 100,000 starcoins, twice the standard price!

So the next ten level 2 energy boxes were purchased by people who were either curious or really in need of energy boxes, which was almost the first of all the items to sell out.

At the end of the day, Lu Meng and the person in charge, Huang Jiu, took stock of the day’s revenue. The hundred or so items had generated a total of one million three hundred thousand starcoins, with the Master’s energy fluid generating four hundred and eleven thousand starcoins, nearly a third of the total!

The two of them looked at each other. No wonder the shops ranked in the top three had to pay a lot of money to have mid-level energy masters join them; this was indeed a big boost to the revenue, and it could attract a lot of popularity!

Meanwhile, Liu Guang, head of ‘Carter’ Auction House, which was ranked third in the online Auction Houses, was continuously monitoring the data of his competitors.

He had discovered that there was a spate of grade 3+ energy fluids being auctioned at Star Ocean Auction House in the past two days, especially at unimaginably high prices, which wasn’t a good thing for him.

Could it be that Star Ocean Auction House had hired a high level energy master?

No, it wasn’t possible!

High-ranking energy masters were all of high status and were often only hired at large offline auction houses, so why would they come to a place like this?

But could an mid-level energy master have such a high level of mental power?

Today, he had sent someone to observe the situation and found 13 energy boxes at once, and all of them were of high quality or above!

This was definitely not something that an ordinary mid-level energy master could do.

Thinking about the two mid-level energy masters he had hired who could only provide a dozen grade 3 energy boxes or five grade 4 energy boxes every month, with him still having to provide for and treat them gently, he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous in his heart.

Who was this energy master anyway, and why couldn’t he come to his Carter Auction House?

He could give him a better deal!

The other two shops in the top three online also thought the same thing and then began looking for information on this mysterious energy master.

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