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Chapter 62.2

In the evening, when Gu Yuanzhao returned, he immediately saw two rows of energy boxes in the living room.

Besides the five high quality grade six energy boxes that Bai Jing kept for himself, the other twenty or so had all been placed on the table.

And among them, were two boxes that contained grade eight energy fluids that had been extracted and purified from the imperial green glass jadeite which he was holding separately in his hands.

A flash of surprise flickered through Gu Yuanzhao’s eyes as he pursed his lips gently.

The speed at which Bai Jing extracted energy fluids had increased significantly, reaching an almost terrifying level.

However less than a week had passed since the last auction, making it unsuitable for another auction so soon.

Bai Jing’s clear teal eyes looked at him, “Gu Yuanzhao, I have a gift for you.” He had decided not to auction the grade eight energy fluid, because Gu Yuanzhao’s ‘Silver Light’, as an S-class mecha, also needed energy.

When the testing device showed an 80.32% purity level, even the widely knowledgeable Imperial Major General showed a shocked expression.

“This…. this is grade eight energy fluid!”

A grade eight energy fluid that had never appeared or been seen before in the entire Empire!

Just the extremely rare grade 7 energy fluid alone contained more than five times the energy that was in a grade 6 energy fluid, not to mention the even higher grade 8 energy fluid!

Once it was released, it would definitely cause a sensation in the entire empire.

Gu Yuanzhao hugged Bai Jing fiercely, his strong arms wrapping tightly around his slender waist, “Thank you, Ah Jing, I really like this gift.”

He was amazed at the teenager’s talent and was happy to receive a gift from the person he loved.

However besides these emotions, there was also a faint panic.

The teenager’s talent was too outstanding, so much so that it could make a lot of people envious and make them want to possess it, causing him to even be afraid that he might not be able to protect him.

Unexpectedly, even the mighty Imperial Major General would have a day when he was plagued with worries.

After a long while, Gu Yuanzhao let go of the teenager in his arm, “Ah Jing, has your mental power level increased?”

Bai Jing had no intention of hiding it: “Yes, it has advanced from the A level to the S level.”

‘Was it only S level?’ Gu Yuanzhao’s expression turned grave.

There were about 300 people in the empire with mental power above the S level, but he had never heard of any Energy Master with such a strong talent.

“Ah Jing, I want to take you to my friend’s place for a full body check-up. Are you….. willing to go? I guarantee that he won’t leak a single bit of information to the outside world.”

Gu Yuanzhao’s tone was somewhat cautious, unsure if he might offend the young man’s privacy.

Bai Jing thought about it: “Okay.”

Since being cured of his genetic decay, he hadn’t had a body check-up, what’s more he also wanted to see the extent to which his mental power had grown.

Fu Yan’s private clinic.

When Gu Yuanzhao knocked then entered, surprise filled Fu Yan’s eyes that were behind his glasses.

Tsk, Young Master Gu had really changed, he was so polite now. Little Beauty’s charm was seriously formidable.

Bai Jing, after undergoing over two hours of thorough examinations, concluded that: his body was in good condition and very healthy.

His mental power value: 18600, on the verge of breaking through to the 2S level.

The value of the S level was 10000, while the value of the 2S was 20000, and he was only 1400 points away from advancing to the 2S level.

Fu Yan adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose: “Little beauty’s case is an exception, similar to a mental power mutation, yet with significant differences. But rest assured, this kind of enhancement has no risks. However….. make sure no one else discovers it.”

Although the Research Institute had terminated experiments related to mental power mutations, they hadn’t stopped researching mental power.

So that if there were breakthroughs in mental power, the empire wouldn’t have to fear the unique mental attacks of alien beasts.

Gu Yuanzhao said solemnly, “I understand.”

However before leaving with Bai Jing, he told Fu Yan, “Remember to destroy all the data as soon as possible.”

Fu Yan’s hands flew over the light screen quickly, and immediately, the data was erased. He pushed his glasses back up with a smile, “Don’t worry.”

Then watching the black hovercar soar into the sky, the doctor with enchanting features smiled: The world was about to change.

With the way things were going, the empire might soon witness the emergence of a mental power expert that surpassed the 3S level, and he didn’t have the intention of opposing someone like this.

In some ways, Little Beauty was far more terrifying than Young Master Gu.

Bai Jing held a small measuring device in his hand which could, reportedly measure mental power values at any time.

His light brain had already been taken by Gu Yuanzhao and encrypted with the highest level of protection, and Gu Yuanzhao had even erased all of his data from everywhere except the imperial data center.

However they both knew that as Bai Jing’s mental power increased, the purity level of the energy fluids he extracted would become higher and higher, hence it was only a matter of time before it was discovered.

Even now, many were searching tirelessly for the identity of the mysterious Energy Master that the Gu Conglomerate had hired.

And the same was true in the Stone Gambling world.

The moment Bai Jing advanced successfully to being an Advanced Level Stone Gambler, he would become the youngest Advanced Level Stone Gambler in the entire empire!

At that time, countless eyes would be focused on the teenager.

Sometimes, such attention was both a nuisance and a protection.

However as long as Bai Jing’s name became well-known and he became an idol in the hearts of many, no one would be able to harm him easily.

Gu Yuanzhao looked at the teenager seriously: “Ah Jing, are you ready?”

Bai Jing looked at the device, and seeing that the mental power value had risen by a few hundred, he replied, “I’m ready.”

Ever since he decided to be with Gu Yuanzhao, he had prepared for his true identity to be revealed.

After all, his boyfriend was a celebrity with over a hundred million fans, known as the ‘dream man of all the empire’s young women’. How could he not make an effort?

This time, this Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium would be the best way to attract attention.

The moment he became an Advanced Level Stone Gambler, he would be able to be with his partner openly.

And he too, was looking forward to that day.

Gu Yuanzhao bought all the grade six energy boxes then put them in his spatial button, and because they were of high and top quality, he bought them outright at a price of fifteen million each.

To be honest, this price wasn’t high given the rarity of top quality grade six energy boxes on the market.

However Bai Jing thought it was too much and accounted the excess as part of the investment, leaving him somewhat helpless.

As for the two grade eight energy boxes, he used them to replace the grade six energy boxes that were originally in ‘Silver Light’, and then during training, targeted the energy light panel with the launchers mounted on his shoulders and fired twenty-four particle cannons at the same time.

Large explosion sounds followed, the power stronger than before, what’s more he didn’t feel any strain.

He looked at the remaining energy percentage: 99.20%.

If he had used grade six energy boxes, it would have consumed over 10% of the energy.

With such low consumption, it seemed that in future battles, he could go all out without any concerns.

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