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Chapter 52.1

A level six Stone Gambler?

A trace of surprise flashed across Bai Jing’s eyes. Could a betting war really happen with a four level difference between them?

He started to look into the details of the Stone Gambling Points Battle.

And as he read through the rules, his gaze lingered on the part that read, ‘The winner will receive all the points earned by his/her opponent as well as 50 bonus points rewarded by the Gambling Guild’. His lips curved in a smile.

What perfect timing. This was really a case of someone sending a pillow just as one wanted to sleep.

For the current Bai Jing, it was easy to boost his rate of betting increase, but what he lacked the most was points.

And now someone was offering points on a platter. How could he refuse?

He looked down at the latest data displayed on his light brain:

ID: 1053166247

Name: Bai Jing

Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Identity: Citizen of the Galactic Empire

Genetic Rank: C

Physical Rank: A

Mental Power Level: S

[Skill Designation: Second-level Stone Gambler]

[Accumulated points: 19]

[Rate of Betting Increase: 29.17%]

His rate of betting increase was almost at the level of a level four Stone Gambler, but his points were still stuck at that of a level two Stone Gambler.

‘The points of a level six Stone Gambler should be a lot, right?’

Bai Jing thought to himself, delighted.

The requirements in order for one to be a level six Stone Gambler were: to have at least 100 points, with a rate of betting increase above 50%.

Ying Wenfeng had been a level six Stone Gambler for five to six years, hence his accumulated points definitely wouldn’t be below this number.

Perhaps he had about 150, or even 200 points?

And with the 50 points gifted by the Gambling Guild, he could advance to being an Advanced Stone Gambler very soon!

It could save him several months’ time.

This was simply fantastic!

As for the fact that the other party would be completely ruined if they lost, well, that wasn’t his problem.

The Stone Gambling Points Battle had been proposed by Ying Wenfeng. Was it because some people were afraid of his growth, hence couldn’t wait to make a move?

Then it meant that these people were most likely competitors of the Gu Conglomerate.

Bai Jing’s beautiful teal eyes narrowed slightly. If that was the case, then he would just let their hopes fall flat.

In doing so, he could also repay Gu Yuanzhao’s favor.

He quickly logged on to the Gambling Guild’s official website and without any hesitation, his fair fingertips pressed the confirm button on the pop-up window.

System message:

Confirmation successful. Ying Wenfeng VS Gu Yun, ‘Stone Gambling Points Battle’ is set.

Seeing the name Gu Yun, Bai Jing suddenly remembered something.

He had registered using his real name, but it seems someone had covered this up for him.

He was grateful to whoever it was.

As the Stone Gambling Points Battle was confirmed, Bai Jing and Ying Wenfeng’s light brains received messages simultaneously:

[From the Gambling Guild: Ying Wenfeng VS Gu Yun, Stone Gambling Points Battle is set.

The Stone Gambling Points Battle will begin one week later (August 19) at the Desolate Rock Planet (the exact location will be announced a day in advance).

Please plan your time accordingly; once confirmed, the Stone Gambling Points Battle can’t be changed.]

One minute later, an announcement was posted on the Gambling Guild’s official website.

[Level six Stone Gambler Ying Wenfeng has requested a Stone Gambling Points Battle with level two Stone Gambler Gu Yun, who has accepted.

The betting war will start on August 19 and will be broadcast live.]

Once the announcement was made, it was also posted on the Gambling Guild’s Starnet account.

The Gambling Guild had always been the center of attention, with the live broadcast following their last announcement about the Stone Gambling Apprentice Exam taking the internet by storm.

Now, two months later, after this new announcement was made, it was shared quickly like crazy.

However after reading the content of the announcement, everyone was confused.

A level six Stone Gambler versus a level two Stone Gambler?

This, this was a mistake right?

Wasn’t a Stone Gambling Points Battle only supposed to span a maximum of one level?

Soon, they found the rules of the ‘Stone Gambling Points Battle’ on the Gambling Guild’s official website.

And the moment they finished reading the rules, they all exploded.

What did this mean?

If you lose, you have to exit the Gambling World permanently!

This was equivalent to ‘suicide’ for a Stone Gambler!

Gu Yun’s fans were furious. Wasn’t this just an attempt to strangle their God Yun in the cradle?

Too despicable!

Even if Ying Wenfeng was a revered level six Stone Gambler, he couldn’t do this!

Gu Yun’s fans flocked to his comment section, demanding an explanation, however Ying Wenfeng also had a significant number of fans, so soon, both sides started to fight.

Gu Yun’s fans were active fans, and although in terms of numbers, they weren’t as many as the amount of fans Ying Wenfeng had accumulated over the years, their combat power was definitely strong, because they quickly tore his fans apart.

It was clearly written in the Gambling Guild’s announcement that Ying Wenfeng was the first to propose this!

What the h*ll had their God Yun done wrong to be so jealously suppressed and stifled!

Even passersby could see that this was obviously a conspiracy against Gu Yun with the goal of wanting to destroy this genius of the Gambling World!

What a vicious mind!

Suddenly, public opinion shifted completely in Gu Yun’s favor.

In a few hours after the announcement was issued, Ying Wenfeng’s reputation was in ruins, and the prestige of the Advanced Stone Gambler was no more.

Unable to refute the facts, his fans started to unfollow him then went offline.

Level Six Stone Gambler Ying Wenfeng Challenges Gu Yun

Stone Gambling Points Battle, A Battle of Life and Death!

Ying Wenfeng Is Unworthy of Being an Advanced Stone Gambler

These three hashtags quickly shot to the top of the hot search. This battle hadn’t started yet, but it had already captured the attention of a large number of people.

Looking at countless abusive comments, Ying Wenfeng closed the comment section expressionlessly.

And slumping to the ground, lit a cigarette.

In the swirling smoke, his expression slowly became firm and cold.

At this point, he could only win, not lose!

If he won, Gu Yun would disappear from everyone’s sight and no matter how outstanding he was, people would forget him gradually.

But he would still be the distinguished level six Stone Gambler and he wouldn’t be punished by the patriarch.

If he lost—

The cigarette ash fell on his hand, making him shudder involuntarily.

Not only would he be disgraced, the patriarch would probably not spare him either.

What 100 million starcoins, take good care of his family? He didn’t believe it!

That person was a madman!

Ying Wenfeng extinguished the cigarette fiercely with his fingers, the pain slightly offsetting the fear rising in his heart.

Using his light brain, he sent a message to the patriarch, explaining that the battle request had been approved, and also sent the time and place of the battle.

He remembered that the patriarch had said he would prepare in advance.

No matter what method he used, be it cheating or even….. killing Gu Yun, he definitely couldn’t lose!

As soon as Liang Heng logged into his Star Realm account, he was flooded with a deluge of messages and private messages.

[God Yun, please don’t agree to that Stone Gambling Points Battle! @Stone Gambler Gu Yun]

[God Yun, is it possible for you to still withdraw at this time? @Stone Gambler Gu Yun]

[Please, don’t agree, don’t agree, don’t agree…..]

After scanning the contents roughly, Liang Heng was completely dumbfounded.

He hadn’t expected their opponents to make a move against the Gu Conglomerate so quickly. He had to report this to Young Master Gu quickly!

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