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Chapter 56.2

Editor: Jodi

Honey mist, like white mist, was a favorable sign in the world of jadeite gambling and was highly sought after by stone gamblers.

Obviously, the audience on Starnet also saw the honey mist and were all very excited.

[Look, it’s honey mist!]

[I can’t wait to see the jadeite below the mist.]

[With honey mist, the water variety definitely isn’t bad—]

[This is offcuts, God Yun is so powerful!]

[Ah ah ah, it’s another day to shout crazily for God Yun!]

Ying Wenfeng looked at the rough stone in Gu Yun’s hand in disbelief. Clearly there was a large crack in the middle of the python belt, so why didn’t it go deep into it?

Not to mention the jadeite below, even the mist surface had no cracks. How was that possible?!

Unless, unless it was a crack that had been formed later, but such situations were rare—

What kind of luck did Gu Yun have?!

Ying Wenfeng took a deep breath, and under this extreme stimulation, his mind unexpectedly cleared up a lot.

Honey mist didn’t necessarily mean that the jadeite’s quality surpassed the hibiscus variety; he still had a chance.

Besides, there was a rough stone left uncut. Until the very last moment, who knew the outcome?

Thinking this way, Ying Wenfeng’s hand, gripping the laser knife, trembled slightly. In the end, he mustered the courage and made a cut across the rough stone along the brush pine blossoms!

Green appeared!

Though only a tiny bit of green, the size of a fingernail, showed at the bottom, it eased his mind.

[Ying Wenfeng has had a great gain!]

[It’s still uncertain who will win or lose in this round.]

[I believe in the expertise of a Level 6 Stone Gambler.]

Gu Yun’s fans scoffed, too lazy to even refute. Just let them deceive themselves, their time of bragging won’t last long.

The thickness of the honey mist wasn’t substantial. After Bai Jing scrubbed it with the abrasive grinding wheel for a couple of minutes, the misty layer got removed, revealing an opening about two fingers wide.

He sprinkled some water on it, and through the opening, one could see an extremely clear and pure texture. It was so pure that it was nearly completely transparent. There were no impurities inside; it was clear and flawless, as transparent and clean as glass, shining with a subtle sheen, looking very watery.

[Dmn, dmn! It’s jadeite of the glass variety, ah ah ah!]

[The best glass variety emerged from the offcuts, my goodness!]

[God Yun really is God Yun, so impressive!]

[D*mn, compared to jadeite of the glass variety, what’s the jadeite of the hibiscus variety even worth?]

[Who dares to challenge now? Stand up! I’ll slap you on behalf of God Yun. Pa pa pa, does it feel good?]

[Sisters, look at that color!]

[To the one who just mentioned the imperial green glass jadeite, congrats, this color is even rarer.]

[Ssss, I’m going crazy, it’s violet! It’s violet!]

Through the opening, the radiant colors that shone were captivatingly violet, mixed with a touch of red.

However, because the opening was too small, one couldn’t fully determine the exact color.

But this color clearly was—the rarely seen violet!

The matters about Ying Wenfeng, his rise in bets, were irrelevant now. This was violet jadeite of the glass variety!

If the hue was even, it would be more precious than the imperial green glass jadeite!

No wonder God Yun was so careful, afraid to harm the flesh of the jadeite underneath. It turns out this was the reason.

What judgment! He was incredible!

The live chat in the stream suddenly decreased a lot as they all held their breath and focused on witnessing the birth of this top-quality jadeite. No one paid attention to the wasteful comments anymore.

Many even put their sensitivity devices on, just so they could observe this piece of jadeite from a closer distance.

Ying Wenfeng stared blankly at the rough stone in Gu Yun’s hands. When he snapped back to reality, despair overwhelmed him, crushing his mental power and body, almost suffocating him.

From that moment on, he knew he had completely lost hope.

As for those who had bet on Ying Wenfeng to win, seeing the violet color from the opening, even their last sliver of luck shattered, and their faces turned ashen.

Violet jadeite of the glass variety, a jadeite even rarer than imperial green glass jadeite!

With such top-tier jadeite appearing, what could they use to win!

Ai, their faces were slapped loudly, a memory they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Even when working with such precious jadeite, Bai Jing’s hands were still very steady.

After using the abrasive grinding wheel to clear all the debris near the crack, the opening expanded from the width of two fingers to the size of an adult’s fist.

All the live broadcast spheres flew to one side of the opening, capturing this piece of top-tier jadeite from all angles without blind spots.

Without wasting time, Bai Jing directly switched to the laser knife.

When his slender fingers touched the vibrant violet jadeite surface, the pale fingertips, under the light’s influence, took on a faint violet hue. Those fingers looked even more delicate and beautiful, as radiant as jade, not inferior to the violet jadeite of the glass variety!

[Woo woo, God Yun’s hands are so beautiful.]

[I wish I can take that beautiful fingertip into my mouth and nibble on it gently with the tip of my teeth.]

[Upstairs, you’re very naughty, shy~]

[Cough, cough, be careful, otherwise Young Master Gu will k*ll you!]

Gu Yuanzhao was standing not far from Bai Jing, and the advantage of a 3S level made his senses much sharper than ordinary people, so naturally, he clearly saw the scene, causing him to gulp unconsciously as his eyes darkened.

As everyone’s adrenaline soared, Bai Jing gripped the handle of the laser knife and swiftly made a cut about three centimeters from the bottom with a ‘swish’ sound.

Between the flickering blue lights, the gray-white skin fell off, revealing a precisely and perfectly cut surface.

[F*ck, this is really too exciting!]

[Sss, every time I watch God Yun unravel a rough stone, it gives me goosebumps!]

[Only God Yun dares to cut top-quality jadeite.]

[This shows that God Yun’s judgment of rough stones is really extraordinary!]

After making a few cuts around the spherical rough stone, changing angles, the jadeite’s rough shape slowly emerged.

Bai Jing used an abrasive grinding wheel to finely grind the edges and corners. Clear water washed away the remaining stone debris, revealing the top-tier jadeite in all its glory.

The shape was roughly spherical, about fifteen centimeters in diameter, round and plump, just enough to fit in the palm of two hands.

Bright violet interspersed with specks of red, the color was vivid without being overly intense. Just right in saturation, neither too much nor too little.

Its noble and elegant hue shimmered with a faint glow in the jadeite of the glass variety’s clarity and luster, reminiscent of gentle ripples in water. Romantic and mysterious, it was like an intelligent and elegant lady, full of charm in every move.

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