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Chapter 73.4

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However, what Zhu Liang never expected was that the first rough stone would be a collapse in bet, and that the second one would also be a collapse in bet!

Narrowing his narrow eyes, he gritted his teeth in hatred: he didn’t expect this Gu Yun, despite being so young, to be so good at setting up a facade.

However, no matter how good he was, he couldn’t escape his eyes.

The last rough stone, rough stone no. 4055 would definitely yield high quality jadeite!

And sure enough, after the thin crust around the pine blossoms of the rough stone was rubbed away from the python belt in the middle, the transparent and clean texture inside was revealed. It was as clear as ice, as pure as a spring, with a green color similar to boxwood leaves emanating from the inside.

It was yellow sunny green jadeite of the ice variety!

And seeing the envious and jealous eyes of the people around him, Zhu Liang was very proud.

It was not only the pride of getting a rise in bet jadeite, but also that his guess on human nature had never failed!

This dual pleasure of having both money and wit made him quite pleased, and his expression couldn’t help but become somewhat smug and conceited, which made it so that when he found out that the gray ringworms had penetrated deep into the jadeite, he was especially devastated—

Collapsed, all had collapsed. All his 15 million starcoins had gone down the drain, and what he had been proud of for the most half of his life, his skill in judging people’s hearts, had also failed!

One cut sent one to heaven, and the other sent one to hell.

Sometimes gaining and then losing it was much more painful than having never gained it at all.

“Impossible, impossible! This is the rough stone Gu Yun had his eye on, it’s the one he chose!”

Zhu Liang shouted as he broke down.

That’s right, that’s right, it was Gu Yun who picked the wrong rough stone, it wasn’t him who made the error in judgement.

It was the rough stone chosen by Gu Yun that collapsed in bet, not a deviation in his ability to read people!

For a ‘successful person’ like Zhu Liang, this mental blow was much more severe than him losing a few rough stones.

That ability was something he had honed for over half a lifetime in the business world. It was his ace in the hole, something that had always been unbeatable.

How could he fail because of a little kid!

He couldn’t admit it, because admitting it would represent the failure of the first half of his life. He couldn’t admit it!

So when people went over, what they saw was the rough stone on the stone-cutting machine that had collapsed in bet, as well as a middle-aged man with a devastated look and bloodshot eyes.

And the live broadcast sphere flying around him only magnified his expression.

[Hiss, this person’s expression is too scary.]

[Could it be that he’s just babbling nonsense because he had a collapse in bet?]

[Regardless of whether it’s nonsense or not, he shouldn’t drag God Yun into it!]

[That’s right, God Yun’s reputation can’t be tarnished!]

“Hey, why did you say this rough stone was chosen by God Yun?” Someone asked.

Seeing the many people crowding around him, Zhu Liang’s heart trembled, then he quickly restrained his expression: “It’s nothing, it’s just because I’ve seen that God Yun has very good luck and so want to borrow some of his luck.”

It was just a moment of collapse that made him shout that sentence out, but now he couldn’t show any flaws.

Although he wished everyone knew that it was Gu Yun who had had this collapse in bet rough stone, not him.

[Master of face change.]

[There’s definitely something fishy going on!]

[That’s right, we suggest that the organizers check the surveillance.]

[We can’t let this go just like that!]

Unfortunately, among the group that came over, someone recognized Zhu Liang: “No, that’s not right! I’ve seen you before, you kept on tracking God Yun as he looked at rough stones, trying to note down the numbers of the rough stones he chose!”

The person who just spoke was also a stone gambler and detested such behavior, so he immediately stood up to refute the words Zhu Liang had just said.

[Fuck, shameless!!]

[Even this type of person can attend Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium??]

[If he’s allowed to get his hands on God Yun’s rough stone numbers, then won’t God Yun be at a huge disadvantage!!]

[@Organizers, we need an explanation.]

[@Organizers, check the surveillance!!]

[Sisters, I found out, this Zhu Liang has a criminal record. Image.jpg]

[Zhu Liang, get out of Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium!]

Now was the time when the live streaming platform had the highest traffic, and Gu Yun was their ‘top streamer’, one who contributed to over 90% of the platform’s traffic.

Making it so that in just two days, his fans had increased by tens of millions, especially after he just solved the top grade yellow jadeite!

So for a while, the crowd was stirred up, everyone indignant for Gu Yun, especially when they saw Zhu Liang’s misdeeds that had been uncovered by others, wishing they could tear this villain apart!

The situation escalated quickly, with hashtags like #Zhu Liang trying to get God Yun’s rough stone numbers#, #Zhu Liang scoundrel#, #Zhu Liang get out of Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium#, etc., all trending, attracting more attention.

The leader of the event organizers, after reviewing the surveillance footage, also had a gloomy expression. Gu Yun was his lucky star!

He still needed him for the viewership!

However it was just that behavior like this that didn’t violate the rules was difficult to deal with, the same as what had happened in previous Jadeite Emporiums, so the leader of the event organizers had also acquiesced to it silently.

What’s more he also didn’t have the right to deprive Zhu Liang of his qualifications, after all, everyone here was a millionaire with assets of over fifty million, so he couldn’t just offend anyone easily.

However the agitated crowd had to be appeased, then just as he was in a panic, the Empire’s Royal Family unexpectedly approved his request.

[Reply: Cancel Zhu Liang’s qualification for participating in Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium and include him in the permanent blacklist, effective immediately!]


The leader of the event organizers froze when he received this news. He didn’t expect that his request would be approved.

It had to be known, that this was the first time in the history of the Jadeite Emporiums that such behavior had been dealt with seriously. This situation could be said to be unique.

Gu Yun’s capabilities were simply too great!!

Even the Empire’s Royal Family cared so much about him. No wonder he was God Yun!

The leader of the event organizers immediately dispatched personnel to rush over.

When Zhu Liang saw a group of tall soldiers coming towards him, he went back a few steps hurriedly, then his legs softening, he fell to the floor.

“What are you doing?!”

“I have an invitation letter to Sotho Star Planet’s Emporium!”

Impossible, impossible!

He didn’t receive any punishment even though he had been so blatant about what he was doing at the last jadeite emporium, so why would it be like this this time!!

He was clearly the one who had just had a collapse in bet. He didn’t gain any advantage and had even lost 15 million for nothing!!

So, Zhu Liang was expelled woefully from the stone-solving area in full view of everyone, and from then on, he was no longer qualified to participate in the jadeite emporium.

As he was dragged away by the soldiers forcefully, his incredulous and desperate expression was turned into an emoji by the Starnet people, becoming synonymous with the word ‘villain’.

And his reputation on Starnet became extremely bad, with everyone calling for his downfall.

Even the circles in which he moved around in real life ostracized him, refusing to associate with him.

After this incident, many stone gamblers were also very grateful to Gu Yun, as they had more or less experienced such prying and plundering, but were powerless.

They believed that after this incident, other people who would want to peep and take advantage of them would definitely be restrained.

And all this, was because of Gu Yun!

At this moment, they had no doubt that with Gu Yun around, the atmosphere in the Stone Gambling World would be cleaned up thoroughly!!

This was what soaring fame brought. It would protect Bai Jing, and even if his secrets were revealed and his identity was exposed, it would still be his greatest protection.

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