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Chapter 1.2

Jiao Gui hit his chest said sincerely with a deceptively loyal and honest face.

Bai Jing understood that the betting was similar to a ball game, and the two men on the platform were gambling on stones. He had heard of stone gambling when he travelled to Yunnan before the end of the world, but it was a game for the rich and nine out of ten bets are lost.

He laughed in his heart. How he could fall for such a clumsy trick?

But Bai Jing didn’t leave right away, because he had a special ability, a sensory ability, which allowed him to sense living things within 20 metres, including zombies.

This ability wasn’t an attack ability and it may seem like a weakness to others, but it had allowed him to avoid countless attacks, and if it wasn’t for his teammates selling him out, he wouldn’t have died at the hands of a level 5 zombie.

Just now, while Jiao Gui was talking, Bai Jing tried to use his senses to sense the No.1 material above him.

The reason why he could sense the zombies in the end times was because they had a crystal nucleus in their heads, a type of active substance, and maybe the jadeite as well.

His senses circled around the No. 1 rough and quickly penetrated deep inside. When he had finished, Bai Jing frowned. There was no response.

He sensed two more pieces in quick succession, both of which were equally dead. When he was probing the fourth piece, he finally found a small amount of activity in the lower part of the material, but it wasn’t strong. It was equivalent to the activity of a level 1 zombie’s crystal nucleus.

“Little brother, what do you think? Time is almost up, which one will you bet on?”

Jiao Gui saw Bai Jing keep staring at the pieces of material on the table and smiled in his heart. Even the most powerful instruments can’t see through it it so what can you, a novice, see?

Hey, this kid was really handsome. When he gambled a few more times and had no money to pay back, he would sign a lifetime agreement with him.

It’ll be worth it to have a good time in bed and then sell him to the casino for hard work.

“Number 4.” Bai Jing said indifferently, with his hands in his pockets.

He had just sensed all ten pieces, and only No. 4 had a weak response, so he could give it a try.

If he failed….. a cold light flashed in Bai Jing’s eyes. He would kidnap this man if he had to. They were standing so close that he could do it before the guards could react.

“Okay.” Jiao Gui suddenly felt a chill on the back of his neck for some reason and couldn’t help but shiver.

He took a deep breath, flicked on the light brain on his wrist, made a few operations on the floating panel, and asked Bai Jing to sign the electronic money; while he himself bet 10,000 stars on each of the best-performing pieces #6 and #8.

Jiao Gui didn’t explain just now to create the illusion that he could only choose one of the numbers 1-10.

Heh heh, who said only one of these ten pieces could produce jadeite? Two, three or even none at all.

It wasn’t that easy to bet on a stone as one had to get it all right to win!

“The countdown is one minute, so if you haven’t placed your bets yet, please do so as soon as possible.” The sweet voice of the host rang out and many undecided guests gritted their teeth and pressed the numbers on their computers, praying for God’s favour.

“Countdown, 10, 9, 8 ……2, 1 – time to bet!”

As the numbers on the big screen counted down, everyone turned off their light brains and waited for the odds to be revealed in two minutes.

A few people standing around spotted Jiao Gui and Bai Jing standing next to him and they couldn’t help but grimace: “Look, Jiao Gui is cheating the newcomers again. He is obviously a crooked merchant but has a loyal and honest face.”

“Yes, it’s disgusting how this guy keeps luring newcomers to place bets and then when they can’t afford it, squeezes them to do hard labor. Some people never get out of it.”

“Sigh, I guess this young man got trapped too.”

“It’s such a shame, he looks so young.”

Meanwhile, inside the most luxurious VIP box on the second floor.

A tall man in a tall black stiff uniform with a grade 8 gold badge on his shoulder was sitting on a leather couch lazily watching the screen.

His long legs in black military boots were slightly splayed out and accidentally stretched under the coffee table, and his neatly tailored uniform had three buttons undone, revealing a large chest and visible pectoral muscles. He was so seductive in his abstinence that he could make one’s mouth go dry.

His features were very handsome, with sharp lines and knife-like eyebrows and cold starry eyes. The bridge of his nose was high, his thin lips slightly pursed; although he was just sitting there casually, no one could ignore his presence, and a casual glance could send chills down one’s spine.

“Young master Gu, Jiao Gui is too arrogant, do you need your subordinate to deal with it?”

“No hurry.” Gu Yuanzhao took a look at the white scene on the screen and snorted softly, “Young man, if you want to dream, you have to pay the price. Just consider it a small lesson for him.”

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