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Chapter 45.2

That night, Bai Jing studied the rules of online virtual battles.

Due to the popularity of mechas, online mecha battles were widespread, with many participants, making it a kind of national sport.

Of course, as with stone gambling betting wars, the majority of those involved were spectators who watched the mecha battles.

Mecha fighters were divided into nine levels, from L1 to L9. Newbies started at L1, with an initial score of 100 points gifted by the system.

At Level 1, each win earned 100 points, while 100 points was deducted for each loss and upon reaching 5,000 points, one could advance to Level 2.

After advancing, if one’s score dropped below 5,000, they would be demoted back to Level 1.

At Level 2, each win earned 1,000 points, while 1000 points was deducted for each loss and upon reaching 50,000 points, one could advance to Level 3 and so on.

If one’s score became negative after losing several matches, then one had to spend starcoins immediately to make up the difference otherwise they wouldn’t be able to continue participating.

These were the rules for the matching battles. In addition to these, there were also challenge battles.

Matching battles were mecha battles between fighters of the same level, while challenge battles were cross-level competitions, allowing for a difference of up to three levels.

The minimum level requirement for challenge battles was L3.

Taking a quick glance, Bai Jing realized that it was too early for him to participate in challenge battles, as his initial level was only L1.

All battles were conducted openly, similar to a live streaming room format, where interested spectators could enter and watch.

Levels L1 to L3 were free to watch, while battles at Level 4 and above required payment to enter. The higher the level, the more starcoins were needed.

For levels L7 and above, the entrance ticket for each battle cost over a hundred starcoins, and the number of viewers were always enormous, with each battle attracting over 100,000 people.

Compared to points, such massive traffic made the organizers a fortune. In addition to this, there were bets on both sides of the battle, which were also money-making methods.

It was said that the major families of Capital Star Planet and even the Empire’s Royal Family were behind the organizers, giving them immense power. As a result, no one could break the rules.

This was also something the empire was happy to see, as it provided excellent training during this period when alien beasts rampaged about.

At 2 pm, Bai Jing entered the virtual lobby and reported his name and number at the reception desk.

The receptionist glanced at him: “Alpha, right? Recommended by Ling Yun Club, tsk.”

Others who had come to participate in the mecha competition scoffed as well, with some even looking surprised: Ling Yun Club….. that club hadn’t closed down yet?

The receptionist told him, “The rules are displayed on the big screen and your opponent will be matched in ten minutes. Logging off or leaving is considered forfeiting, and the corresponding points will be deducted.

Right, here’s a reminder- your initial points are 100. If your points become negative, you will need to spend starcoins, otherwise you won’t be able to continue participating.”

Bai Jing took the bracelet representing his identity: “I know.”

A redhead guy closest to him laughed loudly, saying to the receptionist, “Haha, you guys really know how to do business. I bet this pretty white face will contribute a lot of starcoins today!”

He looked back at his friends, “What do you guys think?”

“At least a thousand starcoins.”

“Thousand starcoins? That’s just enough for 1,000 points. He’ll lose them all in 10 matches!”

“That’s right, that’s right, it has to be at least two thousand—”

His friends chimed in one after another. They were all senior members of the second largest online club, ‘Shooting Stars Club’ and so naturally looked down on a struggling club like Ling Yun.

Bai Jing glanced at him coldly then noted his name from the receptionist’s words— Red Wolf.

“In that case, see you in the competition.”

Leaving these words behind, Bai Jing walked away, leaving Red Wolf fuming.

“F*ck, what sort of attitude is that!”

“Calm down. Just wait until you’re matched to teach him a good lesson.”

“Not many people register at this time in the afternoon, so there’s a good chance of being matched.”

Ten minutes later, the bracelet on Bai Jing’s left wrist began to vibrate and emit a blue light. At the same time, the matching results were displayed on the large screen, accompanied by a sweet voice:

Beginner category, match 608: Alpha vs. A Rookie, venue 91.

Beginner category, match 609: Red Wolf vs. I Can Win, venue 92.


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