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Chapter 62.1

After getting the message from Gu Yuanzhao, Bai Jing immediately used his light brain to look up relevant information.

The Jadeite Summit, held once every ten years, was the Empire’s grandest stone gambling event. At that time, almost all the noble families, auctioneers, and Energy Masters would gather together, and rough stones dealers from various places, raw rough stone miners, and noble families would also bring out their treasured raw materials for auction on the spot.

Because hoping to leverage the high traffic, their goal was to auction off their stored jadeite raw rough stones at a good price.

This stone gambling event was similar to ancient Earth’s Myanmar public fair, but this time it was being held at ‘Sotho Star Planet’, also known as Sotho Emporium.

Sotho Star Planet, a satellite moon of Capital Star Planet and the empire’s second-largest jadeite raw rough stone mining base, had a strategic location, making it so that eight times out of ten, it was chosen as the event venue.

And besides the Imperial Family and the five major families, others who sought entry to Sotho‘s Emporium needed to submit their recent proof of assets at least a week in advance to the organizer’s email.

Here, proof of assets referred to liquid assets and immediately usable assets, with the exclusion of fixed assets.

What’s more only those with liquid assets over fifty million had the right to participate; otherwise, it would be a wasted trip.

Qualified guests could bring two companions each but had to pay a security deposit of one million starcoins.

Because of the limited number of places, invited guests chose the best Stone Gambler they could hire within their means to join them at the Sotho Emporium.

After all, many rich merchants didn’t and couldn’t gamble on rough stones themselves and so needed professional advice.

Making it so that all of a sudden, the asking price of Stone Gamblers skyrocketed as they became highly sought after, significantly reducing the numbers participating in the betting wars.

Many aristocratic families also wanted to invite ‘Gu Yun’, however it was well-known that Young Master Gu would definitely hire him as his exclusive Stone Gambler, hence they could only give up regretfully.

This Sotho Emporium was obviously very important to Bai Jing.

Because if he was lucky, his rate of betting increase might jump directly to making him a Level Seven Stone Gambler.

After the recent three Stone Gambling betting wars, his rate of betting increase had risen to 41.10%, successfully promoting him to being a Level Five Stone Gambler!

However with the approach of the Sotho Emporium, fewer Stone Gamblers were participating in the betting wars.

Especially for a mid-level Stone Gambler like him. He hadn’t been able to be matched with an opponent for a whole week as everyone was preparing for this once-in-a-decade stone gambling event.

He took stock of his assets.

He had about five billion starcoins in his light brain account, half of which came from the recent auction of the top quality Peach Blossom Spring Jadeite, with most of the rest coming from the auctioning of the energy fluids.

It seems extracting energy fluids was much more profitable.

He currently had twenty-five boxes of grade six and above high quality energy fluids as well as the box of grade eight energy fluid that he had just extracted, and after deducting the handling fee, he should be able to come up with about 1.5 billion starcoins.

These funds should be enough, as long as he didn’t bid on raw materials like those record-setters who started their biddings at hundreds of millions.

Just as he was thinking this, a ‘ding’ sound came from his light brain. He tapped open the message:
[Gu Yuanzhao has transferred 600 million starcoins to your account, please check it.]

His beautiful teal eyes widened slightly, however before he could ask, Gu Yuanzhao’s video call came through.

And answering it, a handsome, mature face appeared on the light screen opposite him, a hint of a smile in his dark eyes as he looked at the teenager with a gentle and loving gaze: “Ah Jing, do you still remember your Stone Gambling Points Battle with Ying Wenfeng?”

Bai Jing made an ‘En’ sound. It had been less than a month since that Stone Gambling Points Battle, so of course he remembered.

Gu Yuanzhao: “There was a bet at that time on who, between you and Ying Wenfeng would win, and I bet 10 billion starcoins that you would win. And in the end, you indeed won, and I earned 6 billion starcoins from it.”

Bai Jing marveled, “You’re really good at doing business.” He had been participating continuously in betting wars and extracting energy fluids every day, yet only earned 5 billion starcoins in total, while he earned 6 billion just by placing one bet!

It turns out this was the financial accumulation of a capitalist?

Simply terrifying!

However the requisite was that one had to have 10 billion in capital, as well as the willingness to invest it all at once.

Gu Yuanzhao’s magnetic voice sounded from the screen: “Because I believe in Ah Jing.”

Which was why he made his decision without hesitation.

Bai Jing thought for a moment, “In any case, you are the one who earned these starcoins, so I can’t just take them.

How about this, consider it as you investing. Based on the capital… um, you hold 50% of the shares, how about it?”

Gu Yuanzhao laughed, “Thank you, Ah Jing, I’m honored.”

Looking at the teenager who was calculating their ‘shareholding’ process seriously, the man’s heart softened, wanting to touch his little boyfriend’s head.

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