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Chapter 33.3

“It’s of the luminous green variety!”

“A glutinous red jadeite and jadeite of the luminous green variety, Zhuo Qin is amazing!”

The people in the crowd sighed in succession as they exclaimed in awe, what special day was this that they were unexpectedly seeing so many high quality jadeites?

An imperial green glass jadeite, glutinous red jadeite and jadeite of the luminous green variety!

Wasn’t this previously an elementary level competition between Stone Gamblers?

Unexpectedly it was such a high rise in bet and the quality of the jadeite unraveled was so good. Many intermediate Stone Gamblers might not be able to reach this level!

Although Gu Yun’s imperial green glass jadeite was far superior to the other two, in a betting war, the value of the jadeite would only be judged if the rate of increase was the same.

Afraid Gu Yun was going to lose this time around, but the crowd didn’t care.

Being able to solve an imperial green glass jadeite, this kind of jadeite of the highest quality, what did losing count as?

But before they could take a second look at the jadeite of the luminous green variety, a scream sounded from the other side of the stage.

“Heavens, am I going blind? Gu Yun’s rough stone number 5 is also showing green–!”

As everyone looked to the other side of the screen, the man suddenly shouted this sentence so loudly that he even lost his voice.

The crowd looked up hurriedly, searching for the screen that was displaying rough stone number 5.

As three rough stones were being solved in quick succession, the images of the jadeites had been enlarged on the big screen to make it easier for the crowd to see.

But now that someone had made a sound, the screen immediately switched to four parts, showing each of the four jadeites.

As the crowd looked, they saw the light green color of rough stone number 5, with its translucent texture and the lightness of the waves.

“It’s of the a hibiscus variety!”

Rough stone number 5, larger than a basketball, had a lime skin crust that was the most common to rough stones and the Stone Solver had made three or four cuts along the python band without any green being seen.

And seeing that only the last quarter of the rough stone was left and that the cut surface was still white, the Stone Solver had been about to give up, planning to make one last cut before calling it quits.

However to his surprise, after cutting about two centimeters into the rough stone, a green color emerged immediately and was of the hibiscus variety, second only to jadeite of the ice variety!

The crowd below the stage were in a frenzy. Four of the ten rough stones had jadeite in them, and they were all of very high quality. There was jadeite of the glass variety, the glutinous variety as well as one of the hibiscus variety. For elementary level Stone Gamblers, this was simply a miracle!

The jadeites of the glass and glutinous varieties were definitely great gains. As for the other two, whether they were great gains or not, they were memorable memories for all betting wars!

Many people stopped focusing on the bets as they didn’t need to do so, because the most they had bet was two. Hardly anyone had made three or four bets!

They had placed bets on the wrong thing anyway, so they might as well just watch the rough stones. They would just consider the starcoins they had used as having paid for viewing tickets–

But f*ck, this viewing ticket was seriously worth it!

Hearing the deafening cheers mixed with frantic shouts, Zhuo Qin, who was always calm was also a bit overwhelmed and as she was already excited, her hands beaded with sweat and nearly slipped off the grinding wheel.

Pausing her actions, she set the grinding wheel aside, allowed the Stone Solver help with the last part, and then looked over at Gu Yun.

Gu Yun’s head was lowered in a focused manner, his long, thin eyelashes fluttering slightly as his pretty teal eyes stared intently at the dark ebony skin rough stone he was about to finish solving, his hands moving smoothly and naturally, unaffected in the slightest.

Zhuo Qin blushed slightly, her eyes unconsciously glued to his body.

Seeing the teenager who was so focused, the noise from below the stage seemed to fade away and as if time had slowed down, all she could hear was her ‘pounding heartbeat.’

[Zhuo Qin is blushing.]

[I’m standing for a second for the Zhuo Qin and Gu Yun CP.]

In the private room on the second floor, the expression of Gu Yuanzhao, who saw this scene was icy cold and it was as if there was a boulder-like anger on his chest, the aura he was releasing invisibly making cold sweat run down Qiao An’s body.

Qiao An: “……”

I’d better go out and hide.

On the high platform, the stone solving was nearing its end.

“Sigh, that crack still went in a little–” Someone sighed.

They only saw jadeite of the luminous green variety come out from rough stone number 10, but there were tiny cracks all over the lower half, which was cut away by the Stone Solver, leaving only half a fist-sized jadeite which they feared wouldn’t be a great gain.

Of the ten rough stones, four had jadeite in them, three of which were rises in bet:

Bai Jing’s imperial green glass jadeite, yellow sunny green jadeite of the hibiscus variety and Zhuo Qin’s glutinous red jadeite!

Three jadeites that were rise in bets, moreover they were all with great gains!

This was a scene that no one would forget for a long time!

The host Tan Shu: “The results of this betting war is in. Let’s congratulate the winner of this betting war– Level 2 Stone Gambler Gu Yun!”

“Gu Yun–! Gu Yun–!”

The crowd below the stage shouted Gu Yun’s name frantically almost at the top of their lungs, ignoring even the presence of the family heads.

The teenager on the platform never failed to bring them new excitement and new sensations. With his handsome face combined with his unrivalled ability, he was a god in their hearts!

The cold expressions on the faces of the family heads had disappeared as they looked at Bai Jing as if he were a treasure with a sense of certainty.

They absolutely had to have this teenager!

No matter whether it was luck or state of mind, Gu Yun was better than the average Stone Gambler.

If they didn’t act now, they would definitely regret it later!

In accordance with the rules of the Gu Conglomerate Gambling House, the jadeite would be auctioned on the spot after obtaining the approval of the Stone Gambler.

The first piece to be auctioned was the highly anticipated imperial green glass jadeite.

This jadeite weighed 3.0 kilograms, was almost completely transparent, as clear as glass, fine and flawless and pure with no inclusions.

The green color was even more stunning. It was bright and vivid but not overpowering, uniformly green, more luminous than emerald, more moist than a leaf after rain, and more appealing than fully green jadeite. It was such a thing of beauty that no words could describe it.

This jadeite would definitely fetch an incredible price.

The rough stone dealers, speculators, jadeite dealers, energy masters, families, etc., who came from Starnet, filled the entire hall of the gambling house to the brim. They had all come to see this superb piece of jadeite.

Of course, the wealthy were determined to get their hands on this piece of jadeite no matter what the cost was!

All eyes were on the host and Bai Jing and there was even a lot of prodding.

Several of the family heads looked at each other, also ready to bid.

This wasn’t just a matter of it being an extremely high quality jadeite. It was also a pitch for an invitation to Gu Yun who they absolutely had to have!

Just then, a tall figure appeared on the platform.

He had on a black military uniform which outlined his slender and straight body with broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs together with a vague muscularity that showed his strength, a perfect proportion that all men envied.

The gold rank eight badge on his shoulders indicated his identity as a Major General of the Empire.

His features were sharp and handsome, with an imposing presence that no one could ignore as he stood on the stage.

“Young Master Gu, it’s Young Master Gu…”

“Young Master Gu! Young Master Gu!”

The people below the stage went into a frenzy, the crowd on Starnet even more so, as the numbers in the live stream exploded, going straight through the roof.

[Young Master Gu ah ah ah ah–]

[What the h*ll kind of day is this?]

[Young Master Gu, the Min family, the Ning family, the Shen family…… cough, why do I smell a little bit of a battlefield?]

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