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Chapter 61.3

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This time, his opponent was obviously not as strong as Assassin, so he won without even having to use the nanostrings, although it took a bit longer.

Later that night, Bai Jing sat on the couch, watching videos while waiting for Gu Yuanzhao to return.

And around 1 a.m., when Gu Yuanzhao returned, he was slightly surprised to see the lights still on in the living room.

“Ah Jing, why are you still up?”

“Gu Yuanzhao, are you Aurora from L8?”

The two voices sounded at the same time.

Gu Yuanzhao was the first to answer the question, “Yes, I am.”

Then seeing the teenager’s adoring gaze, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but hook up, Yes, Ah Jing, just keep looking at me like that, focus only on me.”

This way, he wouldn’t have to worry about the teenager being enticed by other powerful opponents.

It couldn’t be helped. His Ah Jing was too eye-catching, so he had to take precautions in advance.

Bai Jing thought for a moment then asked, “You gave me special access?”

Gu Yuanzhao: “Yes. The Gu Conglomerate is also one of the backers of the mech battles, so I have certain privileges.

However the biggest shareholder is the military, and they are always on the lookout for talents that can join the military, basing their assessments on players’ performances.”

Walking over, he ruffled the teenager’s hair gently then said with a smile, “I didn’t expect my Ah Jing to be so powerful. Several military officers have already reported to me, saying that they’ve found a rare talent and that I should act quickly, otherwise someone else might snatch you away.”

Kneeling on the couch with just a knee, he approached Bai Jing slowly, his magnetic voice both sensual and seductive: “Ah Jing, will you be snatched away by others?”

The teenager’s ears turned slightly red even as he tugged on the man’s collar ‘viciously’, “What do you think?”

Gu Yuanzhao’s scorching kiss pressed down, and the two collapsed into the corner of the couch.

Their heavy breaths mingled, making it difficult to discern whose was whose, and the sounds they made were accompanied by the moistness of their lips and tongues as they dueled, sounds that would make one blush and their hearts pound.

As their lips and teeth intertwined, Bai Jing pressed down the large hand that had slipped into his waistband, and through the thin fabric, he could feel the searing heat of the man’s palm as if it were scorching him.

If they continued like this, he really wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Gu Yuanzhao held his slender fingertips in return and brought them to his lips, kissing them delicately.

He had wanted to do this back when they had been on Desolate Rock Planet, but hadn’t found the right opportunity.

A peculiar tingling sensation spread from Bai Jing’s fingertips, causing him to blush slightly as he gasped. He tried to remove his hand, but Gu Yuanzhao held it even more tightly.

Later, Gu Yuanzhao took an hour long cold shower.

Bai Jing looked at the obvious red marks on his fingertips and said in his heart, ‘serves him right’.

The top grade glass type Peach Blossom Spring Jadeite sent to the Gu Conglomerate’s auction house sold for a staggering 250 million starcoins!

This extremely rare gemstone not only had value for energy fluids being extracted from it, it was also highly sought after by aristocratic families for its collectible value.

This was similar to mecha enthusiasts who often had favored high level mechs for regular use and then also collected other mechs with favorable attributes. Something which was a hobby among the aristocratic families.

What’s more the supply of top grade jadeite like these would only decrease with time, ensuring it wouldn’t depreciate in value. Hence keeping it as a family heirloom was also an attractive prospect.

As for the grade 6 energy boxes, they were also auctioned off at astronomical prices, each fetching 7 to 8 million starcoins.

Capital Star was a gathering place for a lot of aristocratic families, because just anyone that one passed by on the streets could be worth millions or even billions.

Out of the twenty grade 6 energy boxes, fifteen were bought at high prices by the military.

Because for mech warriors, energy boxes sometimes meant life, especially in the heat of battle.

The more advanced the grade of the energy boxes were, the more stable a mech’s attributes were, something that ensured that energy shortages wouldn’t be a concern in battle, and that one could fire off twenty-four particle cannons in an intense fight.

And this kind of burst of energy could only be provided by Grade 5 or above high-quality energy boxes, with Grade 6 being the best.

Gu Yuanzhao consulted with Bai Jing about whether they could provide half of the grade 6 energy fluids that would be extracted and purified in the future to the military and then auction the other half through the Gu Conglomerate.

And that the military would buy them at a price 20% above the market rate.

Naturally, Bai Jing agreed.

During this period, he had already extracted the remaining energy fluids from the sunny green jadeite of the glass variety.

And in total, fifteen grade 6 energy boxes had been produced, all with a purity of 67.14%, reaching a high quality level among Grade 6 energy fluids!

As for the colorless jadeite of the glass variety, its purity was even higher at 69.82%, reaching the top quality level among Grade 6 energy fluids, almost crossing into Grade 7.

It had to be known, that Grade 6 top quality energy fluids was the limit for all Advanced Energy Masters.

However for Bai Jing, this seemed relatively easy.

The white threads of his mental power were fed abundantly every day, hence their length and width had increased significantly that they could now extend from his room all the way to the living room then divide into several strands to extract energy fluids from different parts of a piece of jadeite at the same time.

This undoubtedly speeded up the process of Bai Jing’s energy fluid extraction.

Just that small piece of colorless jadeite of the glass variety took only two nights for all the energy fluids to be extracted completely.

Bai Jing took out the heavy imperial green glass jadeite that weighed 3.0 kg from his spatial button and placed it on the table.

He still remembered how after extracting just a few drops of energy fluid from it two months ago, he’d had a splitting headache and had to withdraw his mental power.

Now, his mental power wasn’t what it used to be— he wondered if he could extract it without issue.

He looked at the sparkling and translucent imperial green glass jadeite on the table, took a deep breath, then let his mental power extend from within him.

Ever since his mental power level had advanced to the S Class, a part of his sense perception ability had merged completely with his mental power, and then had been drowned by his powerful mental energy.

The gleaming white tip quickly penetrated into the top grade jadeite, then started the extraction process and immediately, Bai Jing felt a powerful suction force from within it that was different from ordinary jadeites of the glass variety. Obviously, this imperial green glass jadeite was several times stronger than the others were.

The long threads of his mental power stretched out defiantly from Bai Jing’s body, almost covering the entire room as they coalesced into strands that worked together to fight the suction.

The confrontation didn’t last long.

Because with a ‘drip, drip’ sound, pure emerald green liquid dripped into a silver box slowly, and two hours later, a whole box was finally extracted.

The white threads of his mental power rubbed against Bai Jing’s fingertips happily, then several of them intertwined to make a ‘thumbs-up’ gesture, meaning that it had defeated the abominable enemy.

Bai Jing praised at the right time, “Wow, my mental power is so strong.”

Why did it feel like he was praising himself?

The gleaming white tip took the opportunity to express its hunger and, finding no objection from its master, stealthily took a few sips of the pure, glistening emerald green liquid.

So delicious!

The white threads retracted in satisfaction.

Bai Jing looked at the liquid in the box. It was clear, pure, and lushly green, like an endless burst of green infused in clear spring water, leaving one feeling clean and refreshed.

He took out the testing device that was nearby and tested it. It showed a 80.32% purity.

Grade 8 energy fluid!

This level of purity and grade had never been achieved since the creation of the Empire!

Just as Bai Jing was about to tell Gu Yuanzhao this good news, his light brain made a ‘ding’ sound.

[Gu Yuanzhao: Ah Jing, the once-in-a-decade Jadeite Summit is just two weeks away. Do you want to go with me?]

[Bai Jing: I do.]

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