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Chapter 53.2

The following four groups were also snatched up for no less than ten million each, driving the atmosphere to a climax!

The eyes of the heads of the various major auction houses turned red with jealousy as they watched the scene before them. They had never seen such high prices at their auctions before!

Nor had they seen an Energy Master with such a fast extraction and refining speed, able to hold an auction every half month!

At this rate, afraid they would soon be suppressed by the Gu Conglomerate. Damn it!

This was the first time Bai Jing had seen such a scene.

People vying to bid for energy boxes, shouting out prices that were breathtaking. Those starcoins didn’t seem like money anymore, but rather like numbers.

And the total auction price of the five groups of energy fluids reached sixty million starcoins. This was simply a gold mine!

He had just started extracting energy fluids from the sunny green jadeite of the icy glass variety that weighed over a dozen kilograms, and there were about forty energy boxes left to extract.

The quality would definitely not be less than a top level grade five energy fluid!

Moreover, he still had jadeites of higher purity waiting to be extracted, such as the Imperial green glass jadeite and the colorless jadeite of the glass variety!

Bai Jing’s voice was a little excited: “Gu Yuanzhao, extracting and refining energy fluids really makes a lot of money.”

Gu Yuanzhao smiled as he looked at the teenager: “That’s right, Ah Jing is amazing.”

However, the high profit from energy fluids only applied to Bai Jing. Other Energy Masters had to consider the costs of extraction, purifying and advertising, and so didn’t have it as profitable.

The auctioneer cleared her throat: “Next is the last group of energy boxes and also the last item of today’s auction.

Although there are only two, the appraiser has certified that the purity of these energy fluids has reached an astonishing 59.65%, which is the best of the best!”

There was an uproar from the crowd. This was a level rarely achieved even by Master Energy Masters!

Not to mention such high degree of purity!

A video of one of the energy fluids was displayed on the large screen, and the liquid in the silver box looked even more crystal clear, full and pure, with a sunny green color even brighter than apple green and the quality even better than the energy fluids from just now!

[I’m really amazed this time.]

[How can there be such a beautiful energy fluid? I want to collect and store it up!]

The auctioneer continued: “The starting bid of this group of energy boxes is also three million starcoins, with each increase in bid being no less than five hundred thousand starcoins. Let the auction begin!

“Five million!”

“Six million starcoins!”


In the end, these two top level grade five energy boxes were also auctioned off at a sky-high price of ten million starcoins, equivalent to the standard of grade six energy boxes. Something that was unparalleled among the category of grade five energy fluids!

Even the top level grade five energy boxes bought by Great Master Jian Run a few months ago had only fetched a maximum of four million starcoins per box, which was completely incomparable to this time.

The auctioneer’s voice rang out with a smile: “This auction is now successfully concluded. Thank you all for coming to the Gu Conglomerate’s Auction House.

There will be more precious auction items presented next time, so please look forward to it.”

This was a courtesy remark made at the end of every auction, however unexpectedly, people in the hall asked one after another:

“When is the next auction?”

“Will there be more top level grade energy fluids?”

“It’s best to notify us in advance so I can prepare my starcoins.”

The auctioneer standing on the stage laughed somewhat awkwardly. This, she also didn’t know.

After hosting auctions for so many years, this was the first time she had encountered such enthusiastic buyers who were already looking forward to the next one just after the end.

In the end, it was the person in charge of the Auction House who explained personally to everyone that they would definitely notify everyone at least one week in advance for the next auction. Only then did they leave the venue reluctantly.

“Sigh, if I had known I would have prepared more starcoins.”

“Yes, I was so close to getting the fourth set of energy fluids.”

“Although I’m not as wealthy as those families, if there are Fortuna tricolor jadeites next time, I will definitely do everything I can to get them!”

As for the viewers in the livestream room, they all left contentedly after the auction ended.

Today they had seen the beautiful pink purple jadeite of the hibiscus variety, the rare Fortuna tricolor jadeite, and then top level grade energy fluids that were auctioned off at high prices. And coupled with the various big shots bidding and the heated scene in the hall, it had been very satisfying.

It was awesome! They would definitely come again next time!

Bai Jing calculated and found that the total price of jadeites + energy boxes he had put on consignment today reached 130 million. And even after deducting the Gu Conglomerate’s cut, there was still 90 million starcoins left.

Together with the 50 million starcoins he had left in his account, he was about to become a billionaire!

Gu Yuanzhao’s dark eyes were filled with laughter as he looked at the teenager’s happy expression.

In Proxima Star, whether it was the Gambling House, the Rough Stones Area or the Auction House, they were just the tip of the iceberg of the Gu Conglomerate’s vast territory. The Capital Star Planet and various Major Planetary mines were where the true wealth of the Gu Conglomerate lay.

Yet, Young Master Gu, who dealt with billions of transactions daily, for the first time was genuinely delighted by the capital of hundreds of millions.

His Ah Jing was really amazing!


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