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Chapter 57.3

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The black rough stone, about the size of a fist, had its outer layer shaved off, revealing most of the jadeite’s facets, with only the angular parts remaining.

Bai Jing used a grinding wheel to carefully rub the rough stone, taking more than forty minutes to fully unravel it.

A thin white line of mental energy extended from his body and circled the black jadeite repeatedly. Finally, using its delicate tips, it prodded the surface of the jadeite lightly, however it hesitated to delve too deep and withdrew aggrievedly.

Following his routine, Bai Jing sealed the black jadeite into a silver box and placed it inside his spatial button.

And feeling the dissatisfaction conveyed by his mental energy, he soothed it reassuringly then started to extract energy fluids from the several kilograms heavy icy glass and glass variety sunny green jadeites.

Boxes of clear green energy fluids were drawn out, and with its master’s consent, the fine white tips of the mental energy threads dipped in and drank heartily.

And as his mental power neared depletion, Bai Jing dipped into the silver box to replenish it.

After a few cycles of this, he finally reached his limit, and also satisfied, his mental energy released a contented burp and brushed against the tips of Bai Jing’s fingers gently with its tip before retracting into his body.

Woo, master is so warmhearted.

However, it was still weak and so needed to digest these energies.

In the early hours of the morning, when Gu Yuanzhao returned, he wasn’t surprised to find the table covered with silver energy boxes.

In addition, there was also the jadeite of the glutinous variety won from this point battle, along with the top quality grade peach blossom spring jadeite of the glass variety.

Gu Yuanzhao stored the energy boxes as well as the two jadeites in his spatial button carefully.

It seems they would be able to hold the next auction soon.

There was enough time for publicity and these high quality top tier jadeites were enough to catch people’s eye.

What’s more the extraordinary top quality jadeite, the hundred year rarity, obviously couldn’t be auctioned off at the Proxima Star branch. It had to be auctioned at the main branch on Capital Star to really showcase its value.

As he was thinking this way, his light brain chimed with a video call.

And seeing the name displayed on his light brain, Gu Yuanzhao’s expression changed slightly. Quickly returning to his room, he activated the sound shielding device.


The face that appeared in the video was that of a mature and handsome man who appeared to be in his thirties. However in reality, he was over fifty.

His features resembled Gu Yuanzhao’s, only that he was more matured and bared the marks of years, exuding a kind of dignified authority.

He was Gu Jinzhou, the current head of the Gu family.

The head of the Gu family: “As the heir of the Gu family, you’ve done well.

That Stone Gambler called Bai Jing, you definitely have to make sure you draw him over well. He might be able to replace your uncle Gu Liu Bai and keep the Gu family thriving in the Stone Gambling World!”

As the head of all the main branches and side branches of the Gu family, he naturally understood everything, and with the influence of the Gu Conglomerate, it wasn’t difficult for him to find out about someone’s background.

Gu Yuanzhao frowned unconsciously. Perhaps at first, he had valued Bai Jing’s talent and luck in gambling on rough stones, but now…..

Under the pretext of Bai Jing’s success in solving the top quality grade imperial green glass jadeite and Peach Blossom jadeite, he decided to put his cards on the table: “Father, there’s something I need to emphasize again: I absolutely won’t enter into a marriage alliance with Du Jingya from the Du Group.”

“It’s not an excuse this time, because I have someone I like.”

The head of the Gu family fell silent for a moment. “Is it that Stone Gambler called Bai Jing?”

Gu Yuanzhao: “Yes.”

The face of the head of the Gu family darkened slightly. “I admit he’s very talented and good looking.”

“But, the alliance between the Du Group and the Gu Conglomerate, the Empire’s two major families, is a matter of mutual benefit, not a matter of some childish romance!”

Gu Yuanzhao didn’t back down. “I promise to find other ways to promote cooperation between the two families without resorting to a marriage alliance.”

The head of the Gu family paused before saying coldly, “Remember what you just said.” The video call ended and a hint of a smile appeared on the corners of Gu Yuanzhao’s lips. Finally, he was qualified to pursue Bai Jing openly.

He understood that his father’s quick compromise was largely because of the teenager’s exceptional talent in stone gambling. Otherwise, there might have been many obstacles.

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