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Chapter 37.1

Little fatty Jin Mao and An Ge hurriedly put down the rough stone in their hands and moved to Bai Jing’s side to maintain order. The two fellows also came back panting.

It was a good thing that a two-meter-long holographic projection screen had been installed on the wall of the shop that displayed a clear image of the rough stone being unraveled, so that those who couldn’t squeeze in could also watch the unravelling through the screen.

“It’s of the luminous green variety, and it’s sunny green!”

“An absolute big rise.”

“A mid-grade jadeite solved from an offcut, unbelievable luck!”

“Looking at this piece, it must be at least seven or eight kilograms, maybe even ten kilograms–“

“The bean seeds solved in shop number three are only four or five kilograms and aren’t as good as this one in terms of both the seeds and the size.”

“It seems this shop has better luck.”

A few of these people, who had just scolded Bai Jing then left and came running back looked embarrassed, feeling that their faces were swollen when they saw the one-third of the scrap cut off and the large pine flowers spread out on it.

Ten minutes ago, they had been laughing at this little young master, who was ignorant and incompetent and who was just playing around and who also had a bad eye, but they didn’t expect that he would unravel a sunny green jadeite of the luminous green variety in the blink of an eye.

Several people looked at each other, laughed dryly for a few moments then very tacitly began to praise Bai Jing.

“Little young master’s vision is truly superb!”

“We’re ashamed of our inferiority.”

“Congratulations to little young master on his big rise!”


Many others had already started to pick rough stones from the two piles at the entrance.

They had to move fast!

When this little young master finished unraveling the big rise jadeite of the luminous green variety, they had to be the first to unravel their rough stone and make sure to rub this luck well!

Seven or eight minutes later, Bai Jing finally finished solving this sunny green jadeite of the luminous green variety piece.

It was about half the size of a football and weighed 10.5kg.

It was irregularly oval in shape, warm and moist in texture with a fine luminous luster, not many impurities, good transparency, brilliant but not intense green color, even and full in color and of the highest grade in the luminous green variety category!

“Little young master, I bid 600,000 starcoins!”

“Six hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Seven hundred thousand starcoins–“

The rough stone merchants who had arrived after hearing the news called out their bids. This jadeite of the luminous green variety was very good in terms of transparency, color and size and there were few impurities, which meant an energy master would use less mental power when extracting energy fluid from it.

In the end, this piece of jadeite weighing 10.5kg fetched a high price of 900,000 starcoins, which was undoubtedly the biggest of big rises for a piece from an offcut, nearly a hundred times more!

Not to mention that this piece of jadeite was the hitch for that 600,000 starcoins piece of rough stone which technically didn’t cost a penny, so it was a real bargain.

But what did Wang Ping care about that at this time?

With an incomparable smile on his face, he was busy weighing and settling starcoins for the people in line that had come to buy rough stones one by one.

The shop’s two guys and the Stone Solver were also very busy, and if it wasn’t for the assistance of the various handling robots and devices, one person would have been split into two.

Bai Jing moved away from his position by the stone cutting machine under the gaze of the crowd that looked at him either in envy or admiration. As soon as he got up, someone immediately rushed forward.

The others were shocked when they saw this.

Damn, this man had more than twenty pieces of rough stones in his shopping cart, how long would it take him to unravel them?

‘Damn, how shameless.’ The people in the queue behind him cursed angrily in their heads.

But even so, none of them were willing to move, preferring to wait in the queue behind him.

This, perhaps, was the ethos of the gambling world.

There were three or four pieces of rough stones left in the shopping carts of Jin Mao and An Ge respectively, which wouldn’t be unraveled for about half an hour.

As there was nothing left to pick from the rough stones in the shop, Bai Jing thought about it then prepared to go to the other shops to browse then meet up with them afterwards.

The gambling street was very big and he had picked from the same shop both times he had come, so perhaps the rough stones from the other shops were also good.

At present there was only one rough stone in Bai Jing’s spatial button, a pitifully small number.

He intended to choose a few more pieces, and it would be better if he could pick out two more pieces jadeites that were either of the glutinous or ice variety.

This way he would have all the grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6 jadeite required and his mental power would be able to go up one level at a time.

Shortly after he left, a man suddenly thought of something and his eyes snapped towards the door, “Holy shit, that little young master from just now….. he’s the one who unraveled the jadeite of the hibiscus variety from Boss Yu’s scrap last time!” “So it was him!”

“No wonder I felt he looked a bit familiar. This memory of mine, it’s only been a month or so and I don’t remember–“

People started talking and from their lips, Bai Jing became the latest legendary figure in the gambling street.

He had solved a four-million-starcoins jadeite of the hibiscus variety from a scrap, was favored by the highly respected Old Old Man Min and today had solved a whopping nine-hundred-thousand-starcoins jadeite of the luminous green variety from an offcut. What was this if not legendary!

Chang Qing, who had remained in the corner and hadn’t yet left smiled bitterly after hearing the people’s chatter, looking bewildered.

It turned out that that teenager was the object of his indignation earlier.

The ridiculous thing was that he himself had mocked him, calling him a ‘spendthrift and a fool’ in his mind before, but the result turned out to be this.

How ironic. The teenager had produced a great increase in bet jadeite of the luminous green variety from an offcut while he himself had gambled on the best performer— the white salt skin rough stone only for it to be a collapse in bet.

‘It seems Old Man Min’s vision was right.’

Chang Qing sighed softly then took back his arrogance cleanly.

The teenager had taught him the lesson that one should never assume that he could judge the inside of a rough stone, let alone judge anyone at will.

Having gone through this, he would be sure to always be on guard and maintain a humble stance in the future.

It was with such an attitude that Chang Qing received the title of ‘King of Jadeite’, a title recognized by the people on Proxima Star twenty years later, becoming a legend for generations in the gambling street.

And when he recalled the past in his old age, he still remembered the young man with the black-framed glasses and the bemused look and remained grateful.

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