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Chapter 66.3

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“It’s ice variety sunny green jadeite! A great gain, a great gain——!!”

Just as they were watching Gu Yun continue to polish the rough stone intently, an excited shout came from the side.

Causing all the people around other stone-cutting machines to rush over with hoots and hollers, crowding around stone-cutting machine No. 1.

And operating stone-cutting machine No. 1, was still the level six stone gambler Qian Yan who had just unraveled today’s collapse in bet bidding king twenty minutes ago and who had taken a while before continuing to solve rough stones.

The second rough stone he had selected for the Yu family was a genuine pear skin crust rough stone that was as thin as paper, with a light green python band slanting across the middle and surrounded by pine flower patterns. The only flaw was that it had a ringworm at the bottom, a ringworm that was the size of a small palm.

However according to his judgment, this flaw wasn’t deep and so was unlikely to affect the flesh of the jadeite.

After he shone a strong light on it, he could see the emerald color seeping through, covering most of the rough stone, showing that it would perform well.

The base price of this rough stone was 3 million, and the head of the Yu family had won it at the auction with 12 million starcoins. He was very confident in this rough stone.

And now this rough stone had already been half unraveled, revealing its translucent texture that was akin to ice, its rich, pleasing, vivid and full emerald green hue shining from within, showing that it was ice variety sunny green jadeite.

And judging by the half-football-sized portion that had been unraveled, it was definitely a great gain!

Ice variety texture was a grade higher than water variety, and sunny green was two tones higher than grassy green jadeite, something which caused many of the people around Bai Jing to rush over to Qian Yan.

And the two of them were just a few steps apart, a location that was perfectly convenient for the onlookers. 

On Starnet.

[Stop looking at Gu Yun, hurry and go and look at Qian Yan’s booth, there’s ice variety sunny green jadeite!]

[Wait for me, I’m also going.]

[What’s wrong with the organizers? Give others more screen time!]

[That’s right, ice variety is better than water variety, right?]

Looking at the crowd gathering around him, Qian Yan’s heart was finally relieved.

If everyone rushed to Gu Yun’s side, where would his dignity as a level six stone gambler be?

He knew that Gu Yun who was on the side had unraveled grassy green jadeite of the water variety and also acknowledged that his eyesight was indeed not bad.

However the ice variety sunny green jadeite he had unraveled was in no way inferior!

The frustration of having solved a collapse in bet bidding king disappeared completely as Qian Yan used the abrasive grinding wheel in his hand to continue to rub the rough stone.

And since the crust of the rough stone was thin and mostly unraveled, he quickly removed the entire jadeite from within the pear skin crust rough stone.

The piece of ice variety sunny green jadeite had an irregular cubic shape, was about fifteen centimeters per side, very transparent, was uniform in color and weighed 13.5 kilograms.

Now, some of the rough stone dealers who had gathered around Bai Jing as he unraveled the rough stone couldn’t stay still and dashed to the side of stone-cutting machine number 1, squeezing and pushing through the crowd desperately.

“I bid 16 million starcoins!”

“18 million starcoins!”

“19 million starcoins!”

In the end, the rough stone was sold for 22 million starcoins, netting a profit of 10 million starcoins!

And for such a piece of rough stone, being able to bring in such high profit, was already very good!

The head of the Yu family also revealed a smile, as the outcome of the collapse in bet bidding king had initially made him doubt whether the Yu family should venture into the jadeite business.

However now, after experiencing the allure of gambling on rough stones and the attention and traffic that a great gain brought, he was firmly resolved to carve out a share in the rough stone industry.

The crowd around Bai Jing dwindled by more than half, however this didn’t have any impact on him. He just wanted to finish unraveling the jadeite as quickly as possible.

And currently, nearly half of the rough stone had been rubbed, and as the abrasive grinding wheel spun again, the onlookers were amazed to see the color of the jadeite change. It was no longer the pale grassy green but now showed a light shade of purple.

“Heavens, violet, it’s violet!”

“It’s not grassy green jadeite of the water variety, but colored spring jadeite of the water variety!!”

“This just increased the jadeite’s value.”

Violet was an extremely rare and precious color among jadeites, even more so than red or yellow.

And any jadeite that had a hint of purple in it would see its value more than double!

In colored spring, spring meant ‘violet’, and color meant ‘green’.

And this particular piece of jadeite had both violet and green, with an abundant and superior water seed quality. It was a rare dual-color colored spring jadeite!!

[Dual-color colored spring jadeite! Bowing down to God Yun.]

[Who else can unravel such a rare colored spring of the water variety from a 900,000 starcoins rough stone!!]

[Who can compete with God Yun!]

[It’s still the organizers who have eyes. Our God Yun deserves all those shots.]

Each and every one of Gu Yun’s fans were proud and elated as they refuted without being polite.

Hmph, level six stone gambler with the collapse in bet bidding king, you can go f*ck yourself!

You dare to compete with our God Yun for camera, let sister, I, slap your face swollen——!!

“Violet, colored spring?!”

“Quick let me see it!”

“Don’t push, d*mn it, I haven’t seen it yet—”

A large crowd quickly gathered around, making the area near Bai Jing impenetrable, and if it wasn’t for the presence of Young Master Gu, afraid the scene would have descended into chaos.

Five minutes later, this rare colored spring of the water variety was finally birthed in Bai Jing’s hands.

In its translucent and glistening water-variety texture, the grassy green jadeite occupied the lower left half, resembling a clear green spring that lightened as it got towards the center, and then finally transitioned into a noble and elegant violet!

And like a beautifully veiled maiden, this subtle aura of mystique and beauty was enough to drive people wild with admiration—

In this piece of jadeite, the violet hue wasn’t like the enchanting and seductive peach blossom spring jadeite that was interspersed with red. Instead, it was a pure light violet, delicate yet lustrous, which paired exceptionally well with the not-so-rich grassy green jadeite, enhancing each other to perfection.

It was a top grade colored spring of the water variety that weighed 10.8 kilograms!

“God Yun, I bid 10 million!”

“God Yun, look at me, 11 million!”

“12 million starcoins!!”

Before Bai Jing could even speak, the surrounding rough stone dealers began bidding anxiously.

Gu Yuanzhao signaled for Bai Jing to make his own decision, and after thinking about it for a bit, the teenager decided to auction it.

With his current ability, extracting energy fluid from jadeite of the glass variety was more profitable; water variety wasn’t his focus at the moment.

So in the end, the piece of colored spring jadeite of the water variety was auctioned for a high price of 13 million. Who would have thought that this would be unraveled from a rough stone that cost 900,000 starcoins!!

And this, was just the beginning.

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