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Chapter 35.1

Bai Jing’s imperial green glass jadeite fetched 50 million starcoins, which, together with the hibiscus yellow sunny green jadeite, left him with 40 million starcoins after paying off all the money he owed Gu Yuanzhao.

Bai Jing looked at the string of zeros on his account, his teal eyes overflowing with a smile. He finally owed no one a favor.

As a result of the rare jadeite he had unraveled, he was tracked as soon as he left the Gambling House, although he had been careful enough to stay hidden.

This was obviously not the first time the men who were tracking him had done this; in fact, they were so well trained that they drove the hover car at such a tricky angle that they wouldn’t have been detected if Bai Jing hadn’t possessed an extremely keen sense perception ability.

When Bai Jing sensed this, he immediately increased the speed of his hover car and the streamlined body of the hover car shot up into the sky like a white light, only to do a 360-degree gravity-defying flip as it rose into mid-air, losing the pursuers with great speed and skill.

This was, of course, also thanks to Minister Liang’s timely interception.

After learning of Master Bai’s identity, he was given a new mission by Young Master Gu– to protect Bai Jing from whoever would try to approach.

As a result, Minister Liang’s work was much busier than it had been two months earlier.

In contrast however, his annual salary had also doubled, so he was happy with it.

After returning home, Bai Jing cancelled his betting war registration, intending to suspend it for a fortnight until the storm had passed before resuming.

He spent the next two days extracting grade 3 energy fluid from several smaller pieces of jadeite of the luminous green variety and fine bean species jadeite that he had recently attained from a collapse in bet.

This time, Bai Jing deliberately left some of the impurities intact, so that the purity wouldn’t reach the very highest level, but would remain at a medium to high quality so that it wouldn’t attract too much attention.

He had made an agreement with the Star Ocean Auction House that he would provide 40-50 grade 3 energy boxes or 10 level 4 energy boxes every month, which was the normal level of mental power for an advanced energy master.

The people in charge, Huang Jiu and Lu Meng were very grateful and even said ‘Thank you Master Bai for your hard work’.

Master Bai had actually given up on the production of advanced energy boxes to focus on working with their shop, which was something they couldn’t repay.

However, apart from gratitude, they were more excited and thrilled.

With a steady source of high quality energy fluid every month, their shop’s ranking was sure to rise again!

After one month, Star Ocean Auction House’s energy boxes had completely made a name for itself.

Instead of choosing the top 3 online Auction Houses, people waited in their shop early for the daily bids!

And within a minute of the master’s energy fluid hitting the shelves, there would be bound to be offers with several people competing for the energy boxes, with the numbers on the price quoting machine skyrocketing; almost every time it sold for 1.5 – 2 times the reference price, and nothing could compete with it!

The explosion of the energy fluids attracted a lot of traffic and had led to the sale of other items in the shop, making Star Ocean Auction House’s turnover rise.

And in just one month, it had surpassed Carter Auction House for third place in total revenue!

Not only that, with the increase in fame, the quality of lots received by Lu Meng for consignment had improved, with the number of defective lots reduced from half to 40%, and now to less than 20%.

This had gradually formed a virtuous circle and Lu Meng’s job had become much easier.

And now having gained a certain level of fame, many advertisers had began to place advertisements on the big screens in the shop.

There were even a few famous mech builders who came to the shop to negotiate with the owner, Huang Jiu, to sell their low-grade mechs on consignment at Star Ocean Auction House.

And if they could really reach an agreement, then Star Ocean Auction House would go even further!

And all this was because of Master Bai. Without him, Star Ocean Auction House wouldn’t have been possible today!

Now, Star Ocean Auction House had waived all of Bai Jing’s consignment fees in addition to giving him all other benefits.

The trust of the Master was more important than these benefits, and they hoped to maintain a long term relationship with him.

Bai Jing hadn’t given it much thought and had never thought about changing partners.

It only took him two days to make these energy boxes and if his mental power wasn’t enough during the process, he could revive it immediately by absorbing a box of grade 3 energy fluid, which didn’t take too much time.

And as he absorbed more and more energy, Bai Jing noticed that his mental power kept getting stronger and stronger. Previously, he could only extract up to five level 3 energy fluids at a time, but now he could extract ten at once without the slightest bit of fatigue.

After dividing the fifty energy boxes into groups of five and scheduling them to be sent every three days, Bai Jing looked over at the superb imperial green glass jadeite placed on the table.

The day after the betting war ended, Gu Yuanzhao came and returned the jadeite to him.

Bai Jing: ?

Seeing the teenager’s puzzled look, Gu Yuanzhao had laughed lightly: “Remember our previous agreement, Mysterious Energy Master? This piece of jadeite is the raw material I’m providing and will be placed in your possession first.”

Done saying this, he added: “This extremely fine jadeite requires a huge amount of mental power, so be careful when extracting it. Absolutely never force yourself.”

Bai Jing was a little hesitant: “But I have never extracted advanced energy fluid before, so there is a good chance that I will fail.

Such an expensive jadeite, how about…… you find another energy master?”

A piece of jadeite that cost 50 million starcoins. Even the slightest mistake in the operation process could cause a loss resulting in the millions, what’s more he currently didn’t have the ability to extract and purify energy fluid at that level.

Gu Yuanzhao’s tone was very soft and reassuring: “It’s okay, mistakes are normal. There is no energy master who doesn’t make mistakes.

Ah Jing, don’t be in a hurry, I can wait.”

Meeting Gu Yuanzhao’s trusting gaze, Bai Jing nodded, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Then, Gu Yuanzhao proceeded to stay, giving the reason that it was too late and unsafe to travel late at night.

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