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Chapter 47.2

Bai Jing took a deep breath: “It’s okay.”

There was only a dull pain and a tingling sensation and as it wasn’t too uncomfortable, he recovered quickly.

Yao Tian: “En, this attack method is a simple slashing attack, called a ‘horizontal slash’. The damage it causes is quite ordinary.

My ‘Double General’ is a level five mecha, but with the protective shield, the damage to a level three mecha is still not severe enough to cause critical injuries, let alone life-threatening ones. It won’t force the opponent out of the game.”

“Next, I will use a different attack posture.”

As he said this, the black mecha retreated to a distance of 500 meters, accelerated all of a sudden and then with a push from both legs, leaped high into the air!

A massive shadow appeared above Bai Jing’s field of vision, like a towering mountain pressing down on him from above. The black long sword, held high, shimmered with a cold light, seemingly embodying the momentum of a thunderbolt and the speed of its downward slash!

Bai Jing stood still, watching as the mecha’s figure grew larger/ gradually enlarged and the cold blade suddenly fell.


Unable to withstand the force of the blade, the protective shield on his left shoulder shattered instantly. The blade, undiminished in power, had cut deep into the left shoulder of his mecha!

A sharp, bone deep pain struck Bai Jing’s left shoulder, cold sweat covering his forehead immediately as his face lost all color, turning a frightening shade of white.

The light blue mecha’s shoulder was dented deeply, a five meter long crack having almost severed its left arm. Even if it didn’t break off, the arm was no longer usable.

Of course, this was just a simulation, hence both the mecha and the pilot would soon be back to normal.

After experiencing the pain, Bai Jing straightened up slowly in his seat, pressing his left shoulder as he panted heavily.

Even now, it seemed as if the sharp, stabbing pain was still lingering in his arm.

This was his first time getting hurt— he hadn’t expected the sensation to be so realistic.

In that moment, he had genuinely believed that his arm had been severed and an intense fear had taken root in his heart.

But it was all fake.

He pursed his lips, dissatisfied with his momentary lapse.

Perhaps it was because there weren’t many potential dangers in the interstellar world, and that he didn’t have to struggle for survival every day that his keenness and reaction time had worsened significantly compared to before.

If it had been in the past, even if his entire arm were chopped off, he would have gritted his teeth and fought to the death, seeking the slightest chance of survival to continue living on.

As long as he could survive.

Yao Tian’s anxious voice came through the earpiece: “Alpha, Alpha, are you alright?”

Bai Jing snapped back to reality: “Coach, I’m fine.”

Yao Tian let out a sigh of relief: “It’s good that you’re fine.

You have to remember, this is just a sensory simulation created by the sensory equipment; it’s not real, so you’re still unharmed.”

Bai Jing: “I know.”

Yao Tian: “That’s good.”

His tone became more serious: “You must have felt the difference between the two types of attacks just now clearly.

Both are attacks, but one is a horizontal slash while the other is a leap into the air, utilizing the force of gravity acceleration, slashing downward from above.

The power and effect of the two are diametrically opposed. This is what I meant by leveraging strength.”

Bai Jing: “Thank you, Coach. I understand now.”

Yao Tian: “Apart from leveraging strength, there’s another technique: that is, within a very short period, striking the same spot of the enemy with your weapon repeatedly to stack the damage.

Let’s try that again.”

Participating in mecha battles required learning to feel pain and learning to endure it.

A qualified mecha fighter, when injured, had to quickly respond based on the angle, strength and location of the ‘wound’ to immediately block their opponent’s next attack and to even determine their opponent’s position to counterattack.

Otherwise, only defeat awaited them.

Based on the settings in the training room, the light blue mecha returned to its original state quickly, the protective shield on its shoulders, as well as the deep marks on the mecha’s outer shell restored to their initial condition.

Controlling the mecha, Bai Jing stood still in place as the black mecha charged rapidly towards him.

Its blade, accompanied by gusts of wind, landed fiercely on his left shoulder, shattering the protective shield and bringing about a strong dull pain. Clenching his teeth, Bai Jing felt the intensity of the strength carefully.

Then, another slash suddenly arrived, the sharp blade landing on the same spot, causing the protective shield to shatter completely, the shoulder of the mecha now having a deep indentation in it.

As a sharp pain struck, cold sweat covered Bai Jing’s forehead. However despite the situation, he tried desperately to calm down in order to think about how to make a counterattack in such a scenario.

The third strike landed on top of the previous two wounds, Yao Tian slashing violently with all his strength. With a loud ‘clang’ sound, the light blue mecha’s arm was severed completely!

It seemed as if the scapula had been shattered in entirety, while the synchronized sensation made Bai Jing believe that his arm had also been cut off, the pain almost enough to make him faint.

This is fake, this is fake, this is fake!

Bai Jing kept repeating in his heart, striving to stay conscious. Finally, he managed to withstand the soul-shattering pain.

It had to be said that his ability to adapt was astonishingly strong.

This time was much better than the last, because once the pain subsided, he recovered quickly.

He was completely unaffected.

Yao Tian called out a few times anxiously, and it was only when he received a quick response that he was finally relieved.

Alpha was really a natural mecha warrior, not only because of his learning abilities and talent but also because of his strong inner self!

As he had mentioned earlier, psychologically speaking, when one was injured repeatedly in the same spot, not only did the pain intensify, it could also instill fear in the opponent and even create a ‘mental shadow’.

If it had been a trainee from previous years, they would have made subtle movements even if they didn’t have the time to dodge his second slash.

For instance, a slight trembling of the shoulder or a retraction of the arm, which were involuntary reflexes caused by deep seated fear.

This was a normal mentality, but if one couldn’t overcome it, they would never advance to become a true master.

But Alpha was different.

He didn’t back down at all!

The light blue mecha stood firm like a well trained soldier, showing no fear or hesitation, waiting resolutely for the pain to strike.

This was the mental quality that an exceptional mecha warrior should possess!

What’s more the teenager’s ability to endure pain was astonishingly strong!

The moment the pain subsided, he immediately regained his focus, completely unaffected by the realistic sensations.

He was like a precisely functioning, absolutely calm machine, isolating himself from his desires.

How terrifying!

With enough hands on experience, Alpha could definitely become an expert above Level 5!

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