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Chapter 9.2

Bai Jing was just a novice who didn’t know anything about jadeite. They didn’t know what kind of luck he had in opening a superb jadeite. It really made one enviable.

“Forget it, there’s nothing more to see.”

Most of the crowd dispersed at once, but instead of leaving, there was a long queue of people waiting for the rough stone to be solved.

When Master Wang saw that there was still a piece of rough stone in Bai Jing’s cart, he asked warmly, “Are you going to continue?”

Bai Jing shook his head gently, “I’m a bit hungry now, so I’ll go and have a meal first, and then come back to you later.”

The last piece also contained jadeite, so he planned to wait until the crowd had dispersed completely before coming back to solve it.

“Then Master please solve mine first.” As soon as Bai Jing finished speaking, one of the men behind him immediately stepped forward, his tone a little eager.

He was still waiting to try his luck by loafing off of the luck of the previous win with the glass variety, in case this teenager gambled and lost once more.

Bai Jing used his light brain to transfer a thousand starcoins to Master Wang, as it was a custom in the gambling world to give the Master Stone Solver a big red packet for any big rise.

Seeing the 12.6 million starcoins balance in his account, Bai Jing’s beautiful eyes curled slightly.

He planned to buy a bigger house to store a room full of food, and it would be nice if he could buy a mech with the remaining starcoins.

Thinking of the ten-metre tall mechs he had seen online, a fire lit in Bai Jing’s heart.

Although his genetic level was only D and he couldn’t pilot a mech for the time being, it didn’t stop him from wanting one of his own, which was every man’s dream!

Going to the rest area, he sat on a bench in the corner to drink some nutrient solution. After finishing two doses of nutrient solution, the empty feeling in his stomach finally disappeared.

But as he rested for a moment and prepared to get up, he suddenly felt a strong wave of vertigo and his upright body fell back onto the bench instantly.

It took about ten minutes for the uncomfortable dizziness to subside, and Bai Jing’s entire back was wet with cold sweat as he half leaned back in the chair with his eyes closed to adjust his rapid breathing.

This feeling was even stronger than the last time his ability had reached their limit, but he hadn’t used his senses more than ten times today, and his body was much better than when he had first arrived, so this shouldn’t be happening.

After his body had recovered a little, Bai Jing got up with an imposing expression, intending to go back as soon as he had solved the last piece of material.

The crowd in front of Room 15 had dispersed, leaving only a dozen people watching the rough stones being solved.

Master Wang moved quickly, solving almost all the pieces from the previous queue, with only two last pieces remaining.

When he saw Bai Jing, he greeted him eagerly, “Just a moment, I will be done soon.”

After waiting for about twenty minutes, Master Wang set the cut stones aside amidst a chorus of laments and picked up the last piece of rough stone handed out by Bai Jing.

This piece was close to the size of a football, round and weighed ten kilograms, with a yellow sandy crust, covered with dots of pine, and was one of the slightly better performers among the offcuts.

After observing the direction of the pine flowers, Master Wang cut a finger’s thickness along the crust and, with a single cut, it turned out to be green.

He drizzled some water on the surface, revealing a somewhat rough cut with a distinct graininess, which on closer inspection looked like grains of green beans arranged in it.

“It’s a bean seed!”

“It came out green in one cut, that’s good.”

“If this green goes further inside, the jadeite won’t be small.”

“Little brother, how about selling this rough stone to me for 30,000 starcoins? If the green doesn’t go inside, you’ll lose out.”

“I’ll give you 40,000 starcoins, sell it to me!”

Seeing the opportunity, a few middlemen who bought rough stones regularly made bids.

However Bai Jing didn’t agree. He had used his senses to detect this piece and apart from the slightly thicker skin, it was basically full of jadeite, hence it was definitely worth more than 40,000 starcoins.

Master Wang continued to deconstruct the stone, using his cutter to cut away the surrounding waste and soon came up with a prismatic bean-green jadeite, roughly estimated at six or seven kilograms.

Jadeites of the bean variety were the lower to middle grade types of jadeite and was very common, hence the jargon ‘it is easier to get nine beans out of ten rough stones ‘, which showed its widespread nature.

But this jadeite, with its uniformly bright color and large size, eventually sold for 180,000 starcoins.

Congratulations were offered to Bai Jing, who was extremely lucky to find such a jadeite after his second loss. He was truly enviable.

Bai Jing exited the rough stones section, and the hover car arrived soon after, so he followed the crowd through the doors.

The weightlessness of the high-speed ride sent a wave of dizziness through him and his body, which had previously eased up a little, became weaker again, turning him limp and feeble.

His fingers gripped the armrest so tightly that his fingers turned white, and the muscles in his arms tensed to the maximum as he desperately tried to maintain a normal sitting position, fearing that if he let go, he would fall back into the seat.

In his half-asleep, half-awake state, his keen senses made him aware of a crisis.

Someone was touching his light brain!

Bai Jing’s eyes became as sharp as knives in an instant, and the inertia brought on by the end of the world caused him to flip agilely off the armrest and kick the tall man who had come up to him.

The man was knocked over by the sudden kick and his body slid all the way to the next carriage before it stopped.

When the next stop arrived, the man struggled to his feet, spat out a mouthful of blood and flew off the car, covering his abdomen.

Covered in cold sweat, Bai Jing struggled to maintain his balance as he regained his seat.

Taking off his glasses, his ruthless eyes were like knives as his gaze swept coldly over the surrounding area. Those who were caught by those eyes trembled involuntarily and immediately collected themselves: ‘This man from the slums was very ruthless in a fight, it was better not to mess with him yet.’

These men had had their eyes on Bai Jing from the moment he had unraveled the glass jadeite, but not daring to strike directly in the Gu Group’s No.5 Rough Stones area, they had followed him all the way to this place.

And having noticed the teenager’s weakness, they had thought of taking advantage of the opportunity to make a move, but were so intimidated by his ruthlessness that they didn’t dare act rashly for the mean time.

The speed of the hover car was fast, because in the blink of an eye, they reached the spot where Bai Jing would get off. Looking at each other, they followed him out the door.

If it were usual, Bai Jing would have kicked these weak chickens to the ground, but he was now so weak in all his limbs that he could only brace himself to move forward.

He deliberately chose to get off the hover car at the stop nearest to the Gu Group’s Gambling House and gritted his teeth as he walked briskly. It was the Gu Group’s property and in the whole of the Empire, no one dared to mess around on their turf.

It was only then that the people following him realized what he was thinking. They looked at each other in a panic, but it was too late.

So they could only watch as Bai Jing entered the Gu Group’s Gambling House and spit in discontent, giving up their actions.

The lobby of the gambling house was still crowded, so Bai Jing leaned his entire back against the smooth wall of the entrance, his arms hanging limply at his side as he continued to adjust his breathing.

‘Knock, knock, knock–‘ His heart pounded in an extremely fast tempo, completely out of its usual pace as his temples throbbed and vibrated with pain.

The cacophony of sounds seemed to be coming from another world, everything before him becoming a blur, and he would have collapsed, unconscious on the floor if not for the extreme strength of will he had honed in the last days to support him.

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