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Chapter 6.1

After Qiao An and the others had left, the hall that had been silent seemed to have exploded, with everyone talking frantically.

“Young Master Gu. Is that the Young Master Gu I’ve heard of? He’s actually here in Proxima Star.”

“My god, is it the Young Master Gu with a genetic rank of 3S level, who became an Imperial Major General at the age of twenty-four?”

“Of course. Otherwise who else would be worthy of the title Young Master Gu?”

“Young Master Gu, as the eldest son of the number one plutocratic family is simply too perfect. I really don’t know who is worthy of–“

“Young men and women all over the empire want to marry Young Master Gu, but he is straightforward without any fake side to him.”

“Isn’t the Gu family going to join the Du family in marriage?

The Du family’s second daughter, Du Jingya has outstanding talent. She’s just turned 20 but is already a level 5 gambling master. This is unparalleled in the entire empire.”

“That’s right.” Another man said on a whisper, “but Young Master Gu didn’t agree to that. He even promised his family that he would find someone he likes and who is worthy of him to marry.”

“Hiss, this can’t be right. Apart from a talented Stone Gambler like Miss Du, who else could be worthy of Young Master Gu?”

“Isn’t that so-“

With his keen senses, Bai Jing heard the exchange of the people next to him, but his focus was on the genetic rank.

This Young Master Gu’s genetic rank was 3S. He pulled his own attribute panel up. The genetic rank on it was only D.

Genetic rank referred to a person’s potential– the higher the rank, the stronger the potential.

For example: for position of the currently highly regarded Imperial Sergeants, one’s genetic rank had to either be B or above to be hired; and a person with a genetic rank of A, would be able to pilot an advanced mech.

And the reason why it was difficult for people from the slums to find a way out, was because their genetic ranks were very low. In an era where technology was so advanced, there was simply no use for them, hence they could only rely on Imperial relief.

”Young Master Gu – Gu Yuanzhao.” Bai Jing searched for it with his light brain then memorized the name silently.

Strength was everything in the end times and everyone longed to be strong. Bai Jing was no exception, hoping to fight this 3S strong man called ‘Gu Yuanzhao’ one day.

“This is the place.” Outside the door, a woman in a long treasure blue dress was the first to shout.

“Young Master Gu, ahhhh, I’m your fan.”

“I love you Young Master Gu-“

“Young Master Gu-“

Bai Jing had been about to leave, only to see thousands of young men and women pouring into the gambling house through the entrance of the hall frantically. With the huge crowd of heads, it was impossible to see the boundaries of the place. And this was caused precisely by the fans who had rushed over after getting the information that Gu Yuanzhao was here.

In a rare moment of stunned surprise, Bai Jing looked at them. He had never seen such a horrible scene before.

The young men and women dressed in all sorts of fancy clothes swarmed up, each with a morbid excitement on their faces, shouting Young Master Gu’s name hoarsely as if they were crazy and desperately pushing each other, causing their hair to be scattered and in disarray. Some even had their clothes torn.

Compared to such a huge crowd, the fans of the two Stone Gamblers just now was nothing.

The Gu Group’s uniformed staff were all tall and cold-faced, wearing all kinds of advanced equipments around their waists.

They were well trained and as they gathered around, without showing any mercy, chased the rabid fans out of the gambling house in a matter of minutes then activated the isolation device.

The hall soon returned to normal, and the gambling battle continued.

Bai Jing left the gambling house hurriedly and twenty minutes later turned onto an isolated side street.

There was this new long term room he had rented, for three thousand starcoins a month, which was much cheaper than the room where he would have to pay daily.

But just as he was halfway down the road, Bai Jing suddenly paused, the sense of crisis he had cultivated for a long time in the previous world making him roll quickly to the left, only to hear two ‘bang bang’ sounds. Two bullet holes with white smoke were left where he had just been.

The surveillance devices on both sides of the road had been destroyed and the sound shields were also in operation, so no one was passing by on this isolated path.

Jiao Gui had large bruises on his face which made him look very wretched. He yelled with a fierce expression at the two tall men in black next to him, “It’s this fcking cnt, kill him for me-“

It was this slum bastard that had cost him everything.

The Gu Group had issued a ban online- no more business support would be provided in the future. His business, as well as his life was over.

Jiao Gui’s eyes were cracking as he gritted his teeth.

He couldn’t do anything about the Gu Group, but with this little bastard, he would definitely skin him himself and then stb him a few thousand times to relieve his hatred.

Bai Jing dodged the men in black’s light bullets, his body so fast that only an afterimage remained. He took out his energy gun from the back of his waist and dodged the bullets sideways while aiming at a man in black, then he pulled the trigger.

There was a muffled sound, the bullet hitting one of the men in black’s eyebrow, then a ‘bang’ which resulted in an explosion of a bloody rain, blood and flesh everywhere.

The man in black who lost his head fell heavily to the ground, blood gushing from his neck in a fountain like spray. When the other man in black felt the splattered flesh on his face he froze, but before he could recover from the shock, he was shot in the head.

And after doing all this, there wasn’t even a drop of blood on Bai Jing’s body, the look on his face extremely indifferent.

As the bodies of the two men in black fell in front of Jiao Gui, the gushing blood converged into a bloody stream, flowed to Jiao Gui’s feet and stained his leather shoes red.

Jiao Gui had still been thinking about how to torture this kid, but in a flash the killers he had hired were dead, with not even a whole body left.

Impossible! Impossible! He stared at the corpses on the ground with wide eyes, trembling all over. Taking two steps back, he tried to escape: “Help-“


With the sound of a low gunshot, Jiao Gui’s fat body fell straight to the ground. He never imagined, even until his last breath, that he would die at the hands of a slim slum kid.

Bai Jing’s beautiful eyes looked around vigilantly. The road here was remote and the surveillance device had been destroyed, so no one would probably find out. Since Jiao Gui had picked this place to strike, this must have been what they were going for.

Putting on the medical gloves he usually used to isolate the zombies, he moved quickly to remove the light brain from Jiao Gui’s wrist, picked up one of the men in black’s gun and smashed it to pieces.

Then destroying the other two’s light brains, he used the gun to make up a precise shot in each of the holes in the necks of the three men, covered up the wounds caused by the energy gun, then put the gun back into the hands of the man in black.

After doing this, avoiding the blood on the ground, Bai Jing left the scene immediately.

He didn’t know if he could be discovered with the interstellar’s high-tech means, but since someone wanted him dead, he wouldn’t let that person off, because at the end of the day, it was just about staying alive.

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  1. he’s so ruthless…it’s hot i love it. but all jokes aside i love that the mc really acts like he’s been living in the apocalypse for some time; cautious, vicious and smart as hell.

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