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Chapter 51.1

Rough stone no. 4 was an elephant skin mountain rough stone and small in size, about the size of two fists and was grayish white in color.

And despite looking rugged on the outside, felt incredibly smooth to the touch. This kind of exterior shell was a sign of high quality, with a good chance of yielding jadeite of the ‘ice and glass’ variety.

Through the open window, the crowd saw a crystal clear, high transparency texture, as pristine and clear as glass, representing the finest quality in jadeite.

“Holy sh*t, it’s a glass variety jadeite! Glass variety!!”

“Heavens, after the Fortuna tricolor jadeite, a glass variety has appeared!!”

“The color seems a bit unclear. Stone Solver, please hurry and solve the stone——”

The crowd stared open mouthed at the screen, thinking that the Fortuna tricolor jadeite of the water variety was already rare enough, but the second jadeite turned out to be of the highest grade glass variety??

This was too insane right!

The crowd looked at the screen anxiously, while fans were filled with anticipation. Would Gu Yun create another miracle?

No, after unraveling the rare Fortuna tricolor jadeite and now the glass variety jadeite, he had already created a miracle!

The Stone Solver focused even more on the rough stone.

As the closest and most experienced Stone Solver, he had seen the color of the jadeite. If he wasn’t mistaken—

Whew, he would need to be very careful.

He set the abrasive grinding wheel to the most delicate setting, rubbing against the outline of the jadeite bit by bit, taking care not to damage the flesh of the jadeite in the slightest.

As the abrasive grinding wheel spun, the surrounding debris cleared away slowly, revealing most of the jadeite’s outline.

Then water was used to wash away the debris and particles from the cut face, causing the crowd to finally see the color of the jadeite.

“This color…..”

“It’s colorless glass variety!”

“It’s so stunning—”

They looked at the big screen in a daze, their eyes filled with awe.

The nearly transparent glass variety jadeite had no color and not a hint of a flaw in it, extremely pure and translucent.

A soft gleam emanated from inside, as if the jadeite enveloped the clearest of spring waters, undulating gently, lustrous and dripping, imparting a sense of pristine beauty.

Extreme transparency, extreme translucency, extreme purity. It was a pure beauty that words couldn’t describe.

No one could resist such a clean texture and pure color.

Most importantly, the colorless glass variety jadeite was not only extremely pure, it could also be used to make Special Grade Genetic Fluid. This was simply too valuable!

In some ways, the colorless glass variety was even more precious than sunny green jadeite of the glass variety and second only to imperial green glass jadeite and jadeite that was a solid green.

“Today’s trip was totally worth it.”

“Even though I didn’t win this round, seeing these two rare types of jadeite makes it all worthwhile!”

“From now on, wherever Gu Yun is, I’m there!”

“God Yun is the best!”

From top quality imperial green glass jadeite to the Fortuna tricolor jadeite to the colorless glass variety jadeite, each one was extremely rare.

Many people might never see these types of jadeites in their entire lives, yet here they were appearing one by one within a single month, and all because of Gu Yun!

If this wasn’t a miracle, what was?

This teenager would definitely become a Stone Gambler who would cause a sensation throughout the Empire!

And everyone present would never forget today’s scene.

“Holy fck, holy fck, am I seeing this right?

Rough Stone no. 5, rough Stone no. 5 is also showing green!!”

Just as everyone was still reeling from the shock of the colorless glass variety, someone inadvertently noticed the actions of another Stone Solver and his eyes widening, let out a sudden scream!

The others followed the sound of his voice and seeing the corresponding image on the big screen, all felt shock in their hearts:

Rough Stone no. 5! Wasn’t that another one of the rough stones Gu Yun had chosen??

Could it be, that out of those five rough stones, three jadeites would be unraveled?

This, this was too outrageous!

Two high quality jadeites had already been unraveled, so regardless of whether the last one would be a rise in bet, it was still utterly incredible!

Under the stunned gazes of the crowd, an opening the width of two fingers had already been carved in rough stone no. 5.

Because the green part was located in the lower part and the Stone Solver was rather cautious, it only appeared now.

But judging by the texture visible from the opening, it was clearly—

“It’s of the ice variety!!”

“Ah, ah, ah, I’m going crazy, three jadeites! Gu Yun has solved three rise in bet jadeites!”

“God Yun is too powerful!”

“He has broken another record again—”

Even those who had placed bets were dumbfounded. They had thought that at most there would only be two rise in bet jadeites, which was already the limit, however they didn’t expect that there would be a third one waiting for them!

Looking at the betting slips on their light brains, now equivalent to having been voided, they didn’t even care anymore.

F*ck it. To be able to witness jadeites that others might not see in their lifetime, it was worth it!

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