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Chapter 30.1 No need to clarify

Lin Qin, who found that he had sent the post to the public account, was so ashamed and embarrassed and not daring to read the comments, hurriedly deleted the Weibo that had been up for a minute.

Just after deleting the lost, Chu Hong’s call came in.

Lin Qin gulped, wanting to hang up directly. However he knew that if he dared to hang up now, within half an hour, Chu Hong would personally come over to kill him herself.

He struggled for a while then accepted the call, stammering as he answered, “Hi, cou… cousin.” It could be said that there was no sense of strength at all.

Chu Hong wasn’t polite with Lin Qin, opening her mouth, “Little rabbit Lin!!! What are you posting in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?”

She had been awakened by a phone call from her assistant, informing her that Lin Chin had made a post. At that time, she had thought in a daze, sending a Weibo, with Lin Qin’s personality he wouldn’t send anything unusual. As a result, the assistant had repeatedly asked her to look at it, only for her to realize that something was wrong.

Running to Weibo to take a look, sure enough!!!

By the time she had wanted to read the comments, Lin Qin had deleted post. In just such a short time, her phone was blown up by the media, her WeChat also exploding.

Only God knows why this late at night those media reporters weren’t sleeping, staring at a celebrity’s Weibo page.

Chu Hong simply ignored them and called Lin Qin’s personal number, calling to interrogate him.

Lin Qin knew that he was in the wrong, so he explained properly: “I thought it was the private account, so…. I just sent it, who knew that I didn’t change the number.” He had been blinded by excitement so he had just posted it on Weibo directly, even forgetting to check.

“But I’ve deleted it now.” Lin Qin fought for his last chance to defend himself.

Chu Hong took a deep breath and said, “Is it of any use deleting it? Seconds before you deleted it screenshots of that post were taken, you posted it for more than a minute and they have already taken hundreds of thousands of screenshots!”

Listening to Chu Hong’s angry voice, Lin Qin didn’t have the nerve to tell Chu Hong that, in fact, movie emperor Meng had liked it, otherwise Chu Hong might probably kill him, pulling his collar as she asked him why he posted that Weibo.

Of course, at that time, Chu Hong may be worried about his condition and won’t actually come forward to pull his collar, but in the future, Chu Hong would turn on the nagging mode and look as if a mechanical spring had been installed in her mouth, talking until his ears grew cocoons.

So Lin Qin didn’t dare tell Chu Hong that Meng Chao had liked the post.

However, Chu Hong was also an open-minded person. After roaring a few times to vent out the frustration in her heart, she turned into a gossip. “I saw that your post said someone confessed to you. Let me guess, it’s movie emperor Meng right?” Although Chu Hong’s sentence was a question, she was very certain.

At the mention of Meng Chao, Lin Qin rolled around excitedly on the bed again, not answering Chu Hong’s question, making Chu Hong’s gossipy heart itch. Was she going to get an answer or not?

At the thought of someone like movie emperor Meng making a confession, Chu Hong was very curious, she couldn’t imagine how he had looked.

“Little rabbit Lin, just tell your cousin, how did he confess to you?” Chu Hong pestered Lin Qin.

Lin Qin once again noted the three words ‘little rabbit Lin’, “Cousin, when did you give me the nickname little rabbit?”

Hanging out with the stir-fried vegetables fans forum, Chu Hong who followed closely every day until she was now a pro in the details decisively hang up the phone.

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