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Chapter 26.2 Misunderstanding Lin Qin

Along the way Meng Chao and the couple chatted with Lin Qin listening silently. The more he listened, the more he adored Meng Chao, only feeling that Meng Chao could do anything. No matter what topic the couple brought up, Meng Chao could hold his own and could even go deeper.

In addition, Meng Chao had a degree of advancing and retreating, his attitude not humble and together with his gentleness he made one feel very relaxed and happy to chat with him.

At least the expressions on Dai Hong and Zhu Ling’s faces were very happy.

Of course, Meng Chao didn’t ignore Lin Qin as he spoke to the couple, occasionally looking at Lin Qin and smiling at him.

Because of Meng Chao’s careful movement, Lin Qin found that when he was with a stranger, he unexpectedly forgot to be nervous. All his mind was focused on him, on listening to him speak and occasionally looking at Meng Chao, feeling a sweetness in his heart. The oppression brought by strangers also disappeared with Meng Chao’s smile.

Dai Hong and Zhu Ling naturally noticed the two people’s small actions, looking at each other in surprise. Meng Chao’s movements didn’t seem as if he was acting, but rather like true feelings, so that was to say, his heart had really moved?

Despite the doubts in their hearts, the couple remained calm.

When the four returned to the villa, Dai Hong and Zhu Ling were immediately attracted by the decoration in the living room, by the warmth radiating towards them. Even though they had been married for more than 20 years, they liked the decoration of the living room at a glance, it had the taste of a home.

“Your decoration is so good!” Dai Hong sighed. “When we are leaving, I’ll ask the show crew where they invited the designer from to also design our home.”

“Yes, yes.” Zhu Ling echoed on the side, the decoration in front of them wasn’t old-fashioned and was very warm. Their son should like this style.

Their son was already in his twenties and planning to get married next year. They had already bought the wedding house but it had a bad design and the renovation hadn’t yet started. The decoration of this living room caught the attention of the couple at a glance, feeling that it would be feasible to ask the designer to help design a decoration scheme.

Meng Chao laughed when he heard this: “Where do you have to ask the show crew, the designer you are looking for is right in front of you.”

Zhu Ling and Dai Hong looked at Lin Qin, saying with surprise: “The designer couldn’t have been Lin Qin right?”

Lin Qin who was suddenly given the cue nodded and that oppressive nervousness appeared again.

Dai Hong: “That’s awesome.”

The couple complimented politely then changed the topic. The couldn’t let a film emperor design a decoration scheme for them could they? However their impression of Lin Qin changed a bit. If he could design such a warm home, then Lin Qin shouldn’t be a person who was too proud, his heart should be gentle.

Later, Zhu Ling and Dai Hong went out for a walk. Lin Qin was alone in the kitchen preparing dinner when Meng Chao came over.

“May I help you?” Meng Chao leaned over and asked with a smile.

Lin Qin shook his head, “I can do it myself.”

Meng Chao didn’t go away, watching Lin Qin being busy in an orderly manner, then suddenly said, “If you have any questions prepare them, you can ask the two seniors in the night.”

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