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Chapter 54.1

Editor: Jodi

When Meng Chao saw Lin Qin making a mischievous face with his teeth bared, his heart immediately softened.

This was the first time he was seeing this childlike side of Lin Qin, a bit naughty yet incredibly cute. So cute that he couldn’t help but want to hold him close and give him a good squeeze.

The cute Lin Qin wasn’t aware of Meng Chao’s thoughts. He turned to look at Meng Chao, feeling a bit anxious. “Am I being impolite?”

Meng Chao couldn’t resist his desires any longer and reaching out, he pulled Lin Qin into his arms, ruffling his hair as he said with a smile, “Not at all. I like you like this.”

Only then did Lin Qin breathe a sigh of relief and snuggle up to Meng Chao, smiling.

Chu Hong who was standing outside the frame saw everything. She even captured the moment when Lin Qin had made that mischievous expression on his face and sent it separately to Lin Qin’s parents.

This was the Lin Qin they knew from the past– lively, cheerful and mischievous, and who would play pranks on others when they bullied him.

However since high school, this Lin Qin gradually disappeared because of school violence, his parent’s neglect, and the blame and accusations of his teachers, withdrawing from the world and closing himself off.

But now, this Lin Qin was back.

Chu Hong cried unconsciously, tears slipping from the corners of her eyes. Holding her phone against her chest, she whispered, “Lin Qin, welcome back.”

Even though your steps back into this world are slow, you have to believe that we’ve been waiting for your return all along.

The video sent by Chu Hong was quickly seen by Lin Qin’s parents.

At that moment, Lin Qin’s father was in a very important meeting at his company. However because Chu Hong was taking care of Lin Qin, he always checked her messages immediately.

When he tapped open the video, what he saw was Lin Qin making that mischievous face, a faint smile in his eyes, looking naughty.

Lin Qin’s father couldn’t tear his gaze away from the screen of the phone and was unable to focus on what his subordinates were saying as he played the short ten-second video repeatedly. In the end, he buried his head in his hands, letting out a low sob.

His subordinates looked at each other, bewildered by their usually stern boss’s sudden tears.

His secretary moved forward cautiously to ask, “Boss, you…..”

Only then did Lin Qin’s father realize that he had lost his composure. He wiped his face, waved his hand to conclude the meeting, and dismissed everyone.

Then he sent a message to Chu Hong, “When will Lin Qin’s recording be finished?”

Chu Hong quickly replied, “It will be finished tomorrow.”

“Send me the location.” Lin Qin’s father added.

After a while, Chu Hong sent the location along with a cautious inquiry, “Uncle, are you planning to…”

“Yes, I plan to pick him up and bring him home.” Lin Qin’s father replied.

Chu Hong wasn’t surprised when she saw this message.

However the next second, another message appeared on her phone, this time from Lin Qin’s mother.

“Send Xiao Qin’s schedule and location to me. I want to pick Xiao Qin up and bring him home.”

Chu Hong couldn’t help but feel her scalp tighten. Thinking about her aunt and uncle who would start arguing as soon as they met after their divorce, the sense of warmth she had just felt disappeared without a trace.

What the h*ll was this!

Hopefully they would reconcile temporarily for Lin Qin’s sake.

They really made people’s head ache!

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