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Chapter 34.1 The sun was just right

Meng Chao suddenly approached Lin Qin, “What are you thinking about?” Even in front of him, he could still be distracted.

“Nothing.” Lin Qin looked back and smiled at Meng Chao.

The next second, Meng Chao took him into his arms. Lin Qin was taken by surprise, his feet going up, accidentally hitting the picture clip, making it fall and the painting inside roll out.

“The painting has fallen.” Lin Qin stated the facts, “Let go of me, I’m going to pick it up.”

Despite Lin Qin’s pretentious calm, his red cheeks betrayed his shyness.

Meng Chao couldn’t help kissing his face. “I’ll help you pick it up.”

Lin Qin however was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, immediately refusing: “No, I’ll do it myself.”

Meng Chao joked: “Is it a shady painting that shouldn’t be seen? Why are you so nervous?”

“It’s not!” Lin Qin replied hastily, urging: “Meng Chao Ge, let me go, let me pick up the painting.”

Lin Qin didn’t want Meng Chao to pick it up, however Meng Chao wanted to. He let go of Lin Qin and moved faster than him, bending over to pick up scattered paintings. Lin Qin couldn’t beat his fastness and could only watch as Meng Chao picked up the paintings from the ground, turning them over one by one.

These sketches were Lin Qin’s recent works. Each completed painting was marked with the time of the painting at the bottom corner. The most recent one was yesterday and the earliest one was half a month ago.

The sketches weren’t landscapes, but in Lin Qin’s eyes, they were the most beautiful of landscapes. All were portrait paintings, with only one protagonist, all of which were Meng Chao.

Either sitting or standing, taking a break with his eyes closed, or quietly reading, all kinds of postures, all vividly presented on the drawing paper. Just through these sketches, one could easily see the kind of mood the painter was in when he was painting. Each stroke was full of affection, making it so that the works presented could also make people feel the emotions.

Lin Qin’s thoughts and love in the painting were revealed in front of Meng Chao because of them. Meng Chao’s eyes softened and he carefully arranged the paintings then put them back into the clip, reaching out to bring Lin Qin into his arms again.

“You like me so much? Hmm?” He gazed at Lin Qin for a moment, his dark eyes as deep as the sea, as if wanting to drown Lin Qin in it.

Lin Qin’s face flushed in the sun. Facing such a direct question from Meng Chao, he nodded and gave a soft ‘um’.

I like you so much and have been unable to extricate myself since a long time ago.

“That’s good, because I also like you too.” Meng Chao’s hand on Lin Qin’s waist couldn’t help but tighten, as if he wanted to rub Lin Qin into his arms. His chin resting on Lin Qin’s shoulder, he leaned his head down and placed a kiss on his earlobe.

The best thing in the world is that you like me and I also like you.

This afternoon, the sun was just right, the sea breeze also light.


The next morning, the villa of two people ushered in a group of guests once again.

This group of guests coming suddenly, Lin Qin and Meng Chao didn’t know about it until doorbell rang and Meng Chao went out to open the door.

The person who had come was called Chen Jing Qing, a legend in the music world, and a god-level figure who had always been very popular since his debut. He had created records one after another, and still no one had surpassed him.

He was also a creative singer who could write, compose music and could also be the director of the mv.

Meng Chao hadn’t expected that the show crew would invite Chen Jing Qing. He hurriedly invited him into the villa. Although there was very little intersection between the acting and the singing world and Meng Chao had never seen Chen Jing Qing before, in the end they were both legends in their own circles, so even though they had never seen each other before, they had heard of each other’s names.

Chen Jing Qing was humorous and had a very high EQ. He didn’t have the arrogance of someone who was a music legend as he fraternized with others, instead he looked like the little brother of a wealthy family.

So even though it was their first time meeting, he and Meng Chao weren’t too polite at all, enthusiastic with each other.

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