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Chapter 47.1 Skilled

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Online, because of Zhou Lin Lin’s livestream incident, things took quite a few twists, and it turned out to be quite an event.

Meanwhile, the villa in the mountains however was like a peaceful haven, with people gathering together for a barbecue, having a great time.

The guests who had come this time were all youngsters, making the atmosphere in the villa suddenly become much more youthful and lively, with all of them hanging out together, laughing and playing some seemingly childish games.

It was like friends who had come together who didn’t know much about the world, innocent and carefree.

Anyway, Lin Qin and Meng Chao both felt like they were a few years younger and that they managed to fit in with these youngsters, even though one was twenty-five and the other was just twenty-eight, right at their prime.

When the youngsters got tired from playing, they all gathered together to chat about this and that.

They spoke about why they had gotten involved in the entertainment circle, why they had continued to stay in it, and the difficulties they faced when portraying certain roles. Some even spoke about being criticized all over the internet or being mocked by everyone online.

They had all experienced ups and downs, having learned various things even at their young age. However when they spoke about these things, these four youngsters who had just finished their college entrance exams all had smiles on their faces.

All of them appreciating how these situations had helped them grow up.

They all had a strong love for the industry and even though they didn’t know how they’d develop in the future, for now, in this moment, they were all brimming with passion for it.

This was their starting point.

So their wish was to keep maintaining these initial aspirations.

The youngsters were full of energy; Lin Qin and Meng Chao accompanied them until one or two in the morning before returning to sleep.

After going back to his room, Lin Qin couldn’t fall asleep as something was on his mind, causing him to toss and turn.

Tonight’s conversation with the guests haf left a deep impression on him. Among them, Jiang He had taken the path of an action actor. He was sent to learn martial arts at a Shaolin Temple when he was three and only came out when he was ten, after which he acted in a series of action movies, playing child roles.

In the earlier years when action movies were popular, actors like Jiang He, who came from a Shaolin Temple were highly sought after. However in the current industry, special effects and stunt doubles had become prevalent, and coupled with the shrinking market for action movies, the need for traditionally-trained action actors had decreased.

Hence hiring an action actor who lacked good looks but could do action wasn’t as valuable as having an actor with a naturally built-in fan base because of their looks.

In such a market scenario, Jiang He found it increasingly difficult to get roles and at the longest, there was even a period of over a year without him acting.

But according to him, he loved this profession and enjoyed the feeling of being in front of the camera, so at the age of fifteen, he decisively returned to school to start from scratch. He hoped to get admitted to a film academy in the future, receive professional education, broaden his acting horizons, and no longer just pigeonhole himself as an action actor.

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