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Chapter 32.1 I’m willing

The summer weather was a little hot even in the morning. As soon as the sun came out, the heat began to envelope the world. Even with the sea breeze blowing, it still didn’t bring with it a hint of coolness, even the wind was hot.

At least Lin Qin now really felt that there was no place in his body that wasn’t hot. His head had been burned into a blank slate and he could only stare blankly at Meng Chao in front of him.

There was no doubt that Lin Qin liked Meng Chao.

But even so, Lin Qin had never expected that he would be able to develop a relationship beyond friendship with him. Although he really liked Meng Chao very much, it was a kind of extravagant hope and distant luxury that was out of reach for him.

Now, however, that unreachable moment was within reach and Lin Qin was dazed, without a bit of realism, feeling as if floating in the sky, his whole person empty.

Although Meng Chao had said something similar to a confession last night, it still wasn’t clear but today, Meng Chao had put it so plainly in front of him, Lin Qin’s heart couldn’t bear so much joy and happiness for a while so his whole person looked a bit silly.

Meng Chao’s reasoning and sensibilities turned muddled now that it concerned him and thinking that Lin Qin didn’t understand what he was talking about, he said it a bit more straightforward, “Lin Qin, I like you, let’s be a couple.”

The low and deep voice mixed with a little bit of uneasiness finally Lin Qin pulled back from the illusory world. He stood there bewildered and opened his mouth but forgot how to speak.

Meng Chao’s mood immediately sank, but he put on a forced smile as he said: “… I’m too impatient, if you don’t like me, you don’t have to force yourself, I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

Where was Lin Qin willing to hurt Meng Chao? Anxious, he said quickly, “I’m willing.”

Meng Chao pretended not to have heard it, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you, say it again.”

Lin Qin didn’t know where he got the courage from. He closed his eyes and roared into Meng Chao’s ear: “I’m willing, I’m willing to practice with you how couples get along!”

Meng Chao laughed loudly. Lin Qin looked at him, where was the loneliness and sadness in Meng Chao’s eyes from just now, a bright smile was almost overflowing from his eyes.

Taking advantage after he had pretended to suffer a loss, Meng Chao took Lin Qin’s hand again, saying in a pleasant tone: “I knew Qin Qin likes me, then from now on we are a couple.”

Changing directly from Lin Qin to Qin Qin very smoothly.

Lin Qin’s face became red, joy filling his chest, he didn’t care about Meng Chao having deceived him. His ten fingers clasped with Meng Chao’s fingers was like sweet honey, the arc of laughter at the corners of his mouth unable to come down, seeming to be stuck.

“Qin Qin.”

Suddenly Meng Chao called Lin Qin very seriously. Lin Qin looked up and before he could react, Meng Chao’s excessively handsome face was suddenly magnified.

Lin Qin thought Meng Chao was about to kiss him, so he closed his eyes and endured the intense physical discomfort, waiting Meng Chao’s kiss to fall.

Until a warm touch fell on his forehead, brushing like feathers, itchy.

He opened his eyes and Meng Chao’s hand fell on his head, rubbing gently, “Let’s go back.”

“En.” Although Lin Qin didn’t understand, he nodded obediently, the question at the back of his throat unable to come out.

Meng Chao had intended to kiss Lin Qin, but just as he was about to kiss his lips, he noticed that his eyelashes were trembling and the blood on his face was quietly fading away. He realized that Lin Qin couldn’t fully accept the touch of others and restrained his desire to kiss him, so that the kiss that should have fallen on Lin Qin’s lips finally fell on his forehead.

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