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Chapter 23.2 Two kinds of human nature

Lin Qin watched him come down and could actually feel his mouth dry, he couldn’t help swallowing, but the moment his eyes touched Meng Chao’s, he hurriedly avoided it, his heart like a fawn in a meadow, jumping about wildly.

No matter what, Meng Chao Ge was so handsome!

As Meng Chao came downstairs, he lifted his hand naturally and rubbed the top of Lin Qin’s hair. This time it was no longer a feather like touch, but a fine feeling brought by the soft hair under a semi prolonged touch.

Lin Qin only stiffened a little, but he didn’t avoid Meng Chao’s touch, the physical resistance also faded gradually faded.

He noticed Meng Chao’s wet hair and scolded gently, “Meng Chao Ge, why did you come down without blow drying your hair?” He trotted upstairs and when he came back down again he had a hair dryer in his hand.

Meng Chao took an inch after being given a mile: “Then will you help me dry it?”

Lin Qin blushed but nodded obediently.

When Zhang Yue brought his luggage downstairs, he saw Meng Chao sitting on the sofa in the living room with Lin Qin standing on one foot, the other kneeling on the sofa, carefully blow drying Meng Chao’s hair. Although there were cameras around filming, his actor’s intuition told him that these two weren’t acting, but showing their true feelings.

It was like they were in a world of their own, no one could get into it.

He didn’t see Jin Feiyun. He also knew what had happened last night, guessing in his heart that Jin Feiyun had probably been taken away last night. He estimated that it wouldn’t be a while before Jin Feiyun would be suppressed by Meng Chao’s studio.

With Meng Chao’s extensive network, once they suppressed her, Jin Feiyun’s path would be broken in half and it would be impossible to turn the situation around. However, this was the result of Jin Feiyun’s own doing, she couldn’t blame others.

Zhang Yue sighed a little then carried his suitcase downstairs.

“Senior Meng, Senior Lin thank you for taking care of me these past two days, I have something to do so I’m leaving first.” When he arrived downstairs, Lin Qin was still helping Meng Chao blow dry his hair.

The two escorted Zhang Yue out. At the door, Zhang Yue said to Lin Qin, “I will mail your notebook directly to your studio. Thank you, it has helped me a lot.”

Lin Qin who was standing behind Meng Chao smiled when he heard this: “It’s good that it’s useful.”

After Zhang Yue thanked the two movie emperors again, he waved at them and entered the car. In this way, Meng Chao and Lin Qin sent away the first guests of their little villa.

Jin Feiyun and Zhang Yue were both young talents in the entertainment industry. One was a hype specialist and the other was studious and progressive. Two people, with two kinds of human nature.

Lin Qin sat on the sofa as he recalled what had happened in the past two days, feeling a lot of emotions in his heart.

Meng Chao sat down beside him and seeing him pondering, asked: “What are you thinking about?”

Lin Qin shook his head. “I’m just a bit confused. How can some people be so bad to such a degree?”

Meng Chao knew Lin Qin wasn’t just talking about Jin Feiyun, but also about other people. He pointed to a place where the sun was shining and asked Lin Qin: “Do you know what is over there?”

Except for the tables and chairs, there’s only sunshine, Lin Qin answered this way.

Then Lin Qin saw the shadow cast by the sun. He thought he probably knew what Meng Chao wanted to say.

Meng Chao: “You see, even in places where the sun shines, it will inevitably have some shadows, let alone the place where the sun doesn’t hit. This is the law of the world, why punish yourself with it?”

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