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Chapter 8.2

Qiao Yuan had a playful personality and had already had fun before. Seeing Tang Zhou indulging in himself, he seized the opportunity to pull him over and said excitedly, “Zhou Ge, let’s play a game of darts!”

As he spoke, he ran over and pulled Fu Shen over as well, causing Lu Ye to furrow his brows in response.

Everyone echoed, “Okay, okay, how do we play?”

“We can PK with anyone we choose and whoever loses drinks.”

“Drinking is great! If you lose, you just drink, hahaha.”

Everyone gathered around and surrounded the target, with those eager to perform directly designating one person for a match. The two would then begin to compete.

After a few rounds, they had all drunk a considerable amount of alcohol.

Lu Ye had won a few rounds and suddenly challenged Fu Shen, saying, “Fu Shen, let’s compete.”

Even the most clear-sighted person could see that this was a rhythm meant to cause trouble.

Fu Shen didn’t refuse and calmly said, “Senior first.”

Lu Ye threw a dart and hit the center of the target, then exited the field and motioned to Fu Shen with his gaze.

The match wasn’t following the formal dart rules, but rather was decided by the number of rings and was the simplest and most intuitive kind.

Fu Shen turned a dart in his hand and threw it without much effort and the dart also hit the red heart, albeit slightly off center from Lu Ye’s.

From the result, it was clear that Fu Shen was slightly inferior, but Tang Zhou could see clearly that he wasn’t taking it seriously, or perhaps didn’t want Lu Ye to lose face in this situation.

Fu Shen didn’t waste any words and immediately downed a glass of alcohol.

Lu Ye wasn’t stupid. He could obviously see that he wasn’t putting forth his best effort. Offended by this, he frowned and said in displeasure, “One more time.”

“Sure.” Fu Shen turned another dart in his hand, “I’ll go first this time.”

He threw it easily and hit the red heart cleanly, his skilled movements garnering applause from the crowd.

Qiao Yuan’s eyes were shining brightly as he said, “Fu Shen, you’re so amazing!”

Lu Ye seemed to have drunk a bottle of vinegar and perhaps because he wasn’t feeling calm inside, he performed poorly this time and didn’t land in the red heart.

Each person lost once, it was very fair.

Drinking and feeling frustrated, Lu Ye was just about to have another round with Fu Shen when he saw him looking towards Tang Zhou and saying, “Senior Tang Zhou, do you want to play as well?”

Lu Ye: “…”

Tang Zhou was a game killer, he couldn’t play at all!

He wanted to help Tang Zhou block it, but the juniors’ cheers were very high as they all wanted to see Tang Shen’s powerful and domineering side.

Tang Zhou had no choice but to stand in front of the line, but he said seriously, “I really don’t know how to play.”

A dart was passed to him and Fu Shen leaned close to his ear, speaking in a low voice that only the two of them could hear: “It’s just a game, the outcome isn’t important.”

Tang Zhou glared at him: You just want to see me make a fool of myself!

Fu Shen’s lips curled slightly upwards as he said, “Senior, please throw it first.”

Tang Zhou wasn’t the type to shrink back in the face of adversity. Even if he were to lose, he would do so honorably.

He focused intently, adopting the stance he had learned with great precision and a hint of bluster, causing the others to hold their breath in anticipation.

Everyone assumed that he was simply being modest earlier. How could the formidable Tang Shen not be skilled at throwing darts?

Then the dart flew past them with a swish and struck the wall with a dull thud. There was a moment of stunned silence from the crowd.

The crowd: “….”

Lu Ye felt a tinge of regret. He shouldn’t have provoked Fu Shen. Now, Fu Shen was clearly retaliating by challenging Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou, however seemed unfazed by this minor defeat and said calmly, “I’ve lost.”

As he spoke, he reached for his cup of alcohol, but was stopped by Fu Shen pressing down on his hand.

“I haven’t thrown yet.” Fu Shen spoke.

Tang Zhou replied, “I’ll drink my own and you throw yours.”

The young man’s gaze was straightforward, devoid of any discomfort. Fu Shen let go of his hand silently.

He truly had no idea that Tang Zhou wasn’t skilled at playing the game.

Tang Zhou frowned as he took a sip of his drink, almost choking on the strong flavor of the alcohol.

He genuinely didn’t enjoy drinking and it was one of the reasons he rarely attended such gatherings.

Lu Ye came over at the right moment and said, “Tang Zhou, why don’t you take a break on the couch? When the game is over, I’ll have someone send you home.”

He knew that Tang Zhou had a low tolerance for alcohol and was worried that he might pass out from drinking too much.

Tang Zhou obediently sat on the couch, his head feeling spinning.

The game didn’t end simply because he left and the noise of the party seemed to drill into his head like a demonic sound. He furrowed his brow in discomfort, half-closing his eyes as he glared at this bizarre and disorienting world.

As the others became more intoxicated, Lu Ye himself had quite a bit to drink, so he was unable to properly care for Tang Zhou. Qiao Yuan was even less capable.

Fu Shen gazed at Tang Zhou’s cheeks, now tinged with the flush of alcohol and bent down to call his name softly, “Tang Zhou, let’s go home.”

Tang Zhou wasn’t completely drunk so when he heard someone calling his name, he opened his eyes blearily and saw Fu Shen. He chuckled and said, “Ah, Assistant Fu.”


Fu Shen remained silent.

Tang Zhou, though still somewhat compliant, stumbled as he stood up and took a few steps before stumbling forward.

Fu Shen caught him quickly and Tang Zhou collapsed limply against him, his eyes half-closed.

The light of the setting sun dyed the corners of his eyes and his gaze was moist and lustrous, as if veiled in fog. His voice was also incredibly soft.

“I don’t want to walk, I want a hug.”

Fu Shen’s pupils quivered.

Fortunately, everyone else in the private room was passed out, otherwise if they saw Tang Shen in this state, his reputation would surely be ruined.

He was unable to reason with a drunk person and so could only reluctantly turn around, crouching down to offer his back. “Come up.”

Tang Zhou blinked a few times. It seems it was okay oh.

He suddenly leaned heavily onto Fu Shen’s back, almost causing him to fall to the ground.

As Tang Zhou wrapped his arms around Fu Shen’s neck, Fu Shen supported him with his hands and walked out of the club slowly.

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