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Chapter 30.2 No need to clarify

A few seconds after hanging up, Chu Hong reacted, she had been led around by Lin Qin.

Chu Hong scolded with a smile: “Alright, little rabbit Lin, you’ve become more skilled, deliberately avoiding questions!” And she had really been led off track.

Saying this, Chu Hong couldn’t help laughing out loud.

——Lin Qin, cousin, congratulations on finally meeting your love.

In Meng Chao’s room, he was being bombarded with non-stop calls from his agent. Even after hanging up a few times, the agent still didn’t give up. Feeling empathetic, he answered the call.

Before he could say anything, the agent’s voice full of grief and indignation came from the other side. “My ancestor, why did you like a post on Weibo in the middle of the night?”

Meng Chao was very calm, “My hand slipped.”

Agent: “…”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while before accepting his fate.

“Now the internet has blown up, saying that you and Lin Qin have announced your relationship. I will discuss a plan overnight, and show it to you later.” The agent drank a glass of water, quenched his anger and said in a pleasant tone.

Meng Chao had absolute freedom in the studio. Everything was up to Meng Chao himself, so the team’s final plan had to be shown to and approved by Meng Chao.

Meng Chao denied the agent’s proposal. “No need to clarify, this was an exposure.”

“Huh?” The agent was confused. Didn’t Meng Chao always hate scandals and hypes with other people? Why would he let it go this time? Suddenly, the agent’s brain lit like a lamp, enlightened as he asked tentatively: “You said last time that there’s a person you liked, it’s not Lin Qin right? You haven’t really fallen in love with him right??”

The agent’s tone was full of incredulity, how long had Meng Chao and Lin Qin known each other? What the f*** was going on?

Meng Chao didn’t plan to hide it from his agent, answering truthfully, “It’s him.”

The agent only felt that his hairline was receding to his hand. If he had known that this would be the result now, he wouldn’t have agreed to Meng Chao agreeing to participate in the ‘We are together’ job. Of course, his refusal didn’t seem to be of any use, but anyway there would be that psychological comfort.

The agent had been with Meng Chao for several years and more or less understood Meng Chao a little. He knew that he was someone who meant what he said. Since he had made up his heart to fall in love with Lin Qin, he wouldn’t change anything. He could only accept this fact with a sigh.

He compromised: “Alright, this matter won’t be clarified. It should be a propaganda for the show.”

Indeed, not clarifying at this time was actually one of the solutions, this operation of the two tonight except for some cp fans who would feels they had been fed with sugar, other fans and the media would think that it was a joint decision made by Meng Chao and Lin Qin to build momentum for the program that they were still recording. It could be regarded as a wave of free publicity.

The agent comforted himself like this and hung up the phone.

Since Meng Chao’s decision couldn’t be changed, as a gold agent with full business ability, he should start paving the way for the future exposure of the relationship between Meng Chao and Lin Qin. Otherwise, he would be caught by surprise and lose his gold agent business card.

However, the first task was to first contact Lin Qin’s team to understand their views on Lin Qin’s relationship.

Therefore, the agents on both sides aspired to use Lin Qin and Meng Chao, who hadn’t yet determined their relationship, as lovers to prepare for the follow-up arrangements.

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