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Chapter 44.1 Four child stars

The sunlight fell through the cracks of the bamboo forest, throwing a mottled light on the ground full of dead leaves. The wind blew in through the mountains, the bamboo leaves issuing a light rustling sound, consequently making all the heat disappear, his whole person quieting down from the inside out.

Meng Chao lead the way, taking Lin Qin to the villa deep in the bamboo forest.

Lin Qin followed curiously, moving all the way forward, before the mysterious veil on the Chinese-style villa was finally removed, appearing in front of him.

“Wow.” He couldn’t help exclaiming. The villa looked particularly like a hideout for the world’s elite. It was built on the mountain stream. The stream under the villa gurgled, the sunlight hitting a part of it, the sparkling water shimmering, half of it hidden in the shadow, with a few small fishes swimming inside to escape the summer heat.

There was a waterwheel on the bank of the stream which was turning at the moment, bringing up the water in the stream.

He couldn’t help walking over, touching the bamboo pipes that were used to drain the water into the villa’s yard. As he reached out to pick it up, the cool touch refreshed his heart.

Even though it was summer, the spring water was still cold.

He turned his head to looked at Meng Chao who was walking towards him: “It’s so cool, can I drink this water?”

Meng Chao nodded, “You can drink it.”

Before the town had access to tap water, they drunk mountain spring water, and even now that tap water was available, the town’s residents still took water from the mountain occasionally.

Lin Qin lowered his head, scooped a handful and took a few sips, only to feel that his whole person was refreshed from head to toe. The spring water was sweet and cold, much more comfortable than the mineral water that had been taken out of the fridge.

He washed his face with the spring water, the clean water washing away the heat from his journey.

Seeing Lin Qin so fascinated by the spring water, Meng Chao had the impulse to bath with the spring water, he pulled him hurriedly, leading him away into the villa.

The villa was made from heat-insulating materials and because of the forest behind it, there was cool air coming in, not the cool air from air conditioning but a natural refreshing air.

In the villa, the long hallway was made of wooden promenades, sliding doors made of wood, decoratively carved pattern doors and windows, antique everywhere. Although this villa was Meng Ke’s property which he used to pose as an art lover, it had to be said that it stayed true to its elegance and poise.

Lin Qin loved it. When he had studied design, his favourite was the ancient style. He had dreamed that his future house would be quaint, but he hadn’t expected to realise his dream here.

Meng Chao felt Lin Qin’s love for the villa from his shiny eyes, feeling that the venue he had chosen for the recording of ‘We are together’ was the right choice.

Lin Qin’s big eyes shone brightly, just like a little rabbit who had seen carrots, very cute. Not caring about the cameras around, he took Lin Qin’s hand and pulled him into his arms.

“Do you like it?” Meng Chao asked knowingly.

Lin Qin nodded heavily, “I like it!” Then remembering what the auntie had told him, he asked: “I heard this is your house?”

Meng Chao was quite extravagant as he said boldly and generously, “if you like it, I’ll give it to you.”

Lin Qin said happily, “Okay, I accept it.”

Lin Qin didn’t take it seriously, regarding it as a joke between him and Meng Chao as he laughed, but when the villa’s real estate certificate with his name on it was placed in front of him, he realized that Meng Chao really wasn’t joking, but that he had been serious.

These are all words to be said for later.

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