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Chapter 41.2 Campus violence

Meng Chao was in the dining room downstairs and sitting opposite him was Lin Qin’s agent and cousin, Chu Hong.

“Movie emperor Meng, what can I do for you?” Chu Hong was a little surprised, she hadn’t expected that Meng Chao would look for her.

Meng Chao opened his mouth: “I want to know what happened to Qin Qin. Why is he suffering from social phobia?”

She took a sip of her coffee, pondered over it for a long time, then said: “I don’t know exactly what happened, I just know that it happened in his High School. It seems that it was campus violence.”

“Campus violence?” Meng Chao raised a brow, unable to imagine that with Lin Qin’s character, his classmates would use violence against him.

“Yes.” Chu Hong couldn’t help but become angry, just don’t know who it was targeted at, “my aunt and my uncle at that time had divorced not long ago, and my aunt left home downheartedly, completely not wanting him. And at that time my uncle’s career was in the rising period, and busy everyday, he had no time to concern himself with Lin Qin. When it was discovered that Lin Qin was sick, it was already too late, he had closed himself up, not daring to contact the outside world. When I came back to the country and saw him, I couldn’t believe that this was him, the Lin Qin I remembered was optimistic, cheerful and carefree. But now…”

Chu Hong couldn’t continue, a healthy person, because of his parents divorce, because of campus violence where he had called in vain for help, had closed his heart, not daring to contact the outside world.

At that time when she had returned to the country, she had very patiently and persistently stayed around him for half a year before Lin Qin had become a little desensitized, accepting her.

As for what Lin Qin had suffered in high school, except for him, others didn’t know the details at all, they only knew that he had been bullied for two years before he had encountered that campus violence.

Chu Hong said again: “Movie emperor Meng, this is the only thing I know.” At this point, she paused for a moment and then her tone became much more solemn. “Over the years, you are the first person Lin Qin wanted to come into contact with, and because of you, he overcame a lot. To be able to see you even closer, he resolutely entered the entertainment industry, tore open the wound and contacted the world. So…”

She smiled somewhat embarrassedly, “It’s not that I want to blackmail you emotionally, but standing from and on Lin Qin’s side, I hope you can be good to him, and that you can put him at the tip of your heart.”

Because you are the light of Lin Qin’s life, the god who released him from the darkness.

“I will.” Meng Chao said, “He deserves all the best in the world.”

Meng Chao’s hidden eyes under the sunglasses were firm and gentle, but also unswervingly powerful.

Feeling this, Chu Hong was really happy for Lin Qin, she said to Meng Chao sincerely: “Thank you.”

Thank you for liking Lin Qin, so that he can feel the beauty and preciousness of the world again.

Chu Hong inexplicably believed that with Meng Chao here, Lin Qin would be better, that everything would be better.

Just then, Meng Chao’s cell phone rang. Chu Hong saw his expression instantly softened, and when he accepted the call, his low voice was naturally indulgent.

Not long after he ended the call, he said slightly apologetic, “Lin Qin is awake, I’m leaving first.”

Chu Hong smiled politely, “Movie emperor Meng, please.”

Meng Chao got up and left, eager to see Lin Qin.

It wasn’t until he left that Chu Hong drank all the coffee, only feeling extremely relaxed and delighted.

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