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Chapter 20.1 Climbing the wrong bed

Because of Jin Feiyun’s issue, Meng Chao was pushed to the cusp of the storm, his every move now monitored by the public.

And Meng Chao’s post at this moment would have nothing but two purposes: one, to acknowledge to his relationship with Jin Feiyun; two, to clarify the relationship with Jin Feiyun.

Meng Chao’s studio had posted a very ironic picture before and Meng Chao certainly couldn’t hit his studio’s face, so the post Meng Chao, who was at the cusp of the storm had sent, could only be a clarification.

Sure enough, someone compared the picture in Meng Chao’s post with the picture in Jin Feiyun’s scandalous news and found that the background was the same. In addition, the fact that Meng Chao was recording the reality show ‘We Are Together’ came out.

Jin Feiyun was supposed to be a guest in the recording of ‘We Are Together’, but took this opportunity to climb up the ladder using movie emperor Meng’s status as hype.

The specious public Weibo post posted by Jin Feiyun could be judged as Jin Feiyun’s hype, deliberately guiding the public’s opinion, causing them to misunderstand.

Otherwise, why not expose it earlier or later, but expose it right at this time?

Originally, the public didn’t really believe the picture sent by Jin Feiyun, and even more so now that Meng Chao had personally come out to clarify the rumors. Many people who had chosen to wait for conclusive evidence, displayed their taunting skills.

Jin Feiyun, who was already in a state of ridicule, instantly became the mockery of the entire internet.

What was more terrible was that Jin Feiyun’s brainless fan unexpectedly even left messages saying that movie emperor Meng was rubbing off on Jin Feiyun’s popularity. After all, Jin Feiyun was a small internet star who had tens of millions of fans on Weibo.

After these messages came out, they were immediately crushed by Meng Chao’s fans, trampling them vigorously on the ground.

Jin Feiyun’s team noticed that the direction of the wind wasn’t right and quickly issued an announcement to clarify the situation. However it was too late, she was already being ridiculed on the hot search.

Of course, while attacking Jin Feiyun, Meng Chao’s fans didn’t forget to pay attention to the content of Meng Chao’s post.

Meng Chao belonged to the type that rarely posted on Weibo. After all with his status, one, he didn’t need to use Weibo to promote himself and two he didn’t need to help his colleagues by promoting them. Hence the frequency of Meng Chao posting on Weibo was very little. Sometimes it was once every few months, sometimes it was only once a year.

And this month he had made two posts. For fans it was like they were celebrating New Year early as they sent congratulatory messages to one another, wishing each other a prosperous and happy New Year.

[Ha ha ha, this is really the first month of the lunar year, daddy Meng actually posted twice]

[Thank you film emperor Lin. Because of you, my Ge-ge is in business]

[Who noticed the mural on the wall in the background? Too, too warm. Daddy Meng said it’s Lin Qin who drew it, I didn’t expect that film emperor Lin also has this skill.]

[He majored in interior design and graduated from zm, an art major high class student]

The comment area was like a crooked building, one after another talking about Lin Qin, talking about how Lin Qin had participated in the filming of a movie just after graduating from university, and how this movie made him win the best newcomer award in China and about the second film directly winning him the international category A film festival’s film emperor award.

Finally, the fans came to a conclusion—

[An interior designer who can’t draw is not a good movie star.]

In this way, Lin Qin drew a large wave of fans by virtue of his artistic skills.

A few ‘cultists’ naturally appeared in the comment section, supporting their cp.

[Ah ah ah ah ah, eating sugar, eating sugar, movie emperor Meng’s boyfriend protecting power is to the max, little bird Lin Qin looks so cute]

[I’ve become a fried green vegetable, add more sugar violently!!!]

[Seeing another my boy again. Movie emperor Meng sure knows how to pamper, ah ah ah, @Lin Qin I envy you daily]

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