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Chapter 27.1 How to get along

“I can?” Lin Qin looked up in surprise, forgetting that he was pouring oil into the frying pan. The action was so large that the water droplets on his hand went into the frying pan.

The frying pan suddenly exploded with oil. Lin Qin moved away quickly, but the oil still splashed on his hands.

“Be careful!” Meng Chao was startled, then he went around the table in a few steps, hurriedly turning off the fire, grasping Lin Qin’s hand and bringing it to the sink beside him. At the same time he blamed himself in his heart. He shouldn’t have spoken to Lin Qin while he was cooking.

The faucet was opened and the water flowed down, rushing down on the back of Lin Qin’s hand.

Lin Qin just wanted to tell Meng Chao that it was nothing, that he was alright, but when he looked up he saw Meng Chao’s serious face, his lips pursed, eyes full of worry. The words in Lin Qin’s mouth stuck in his throat and he didn’t even notice that he didn’t have that physical resistance he had to the touch of others. His whole heart was full of Meng Chao, feeling extremely happy.

From the camera’s position, it looked like Lin Qin was half-carried in Meng Chao’s arms, their posture intimate.

And of course, this image was also captured by the camera, making it become a common scene for fans to edit in future cp videos in the future.

After a minute or two, the sound of the water stopped and there was a red mark on the back of Lin Qin’s hand. It was faint, but it was extremely clear on that incomparably fair skin. Meng Chao’s fingers didn’t resist scraping gently from the top to the bottom of it. In his heart he knew it was small wound, but he still felt heartache.

“It should be alright.” Meng Chao put Lin Qin’s hand down a bit reluctantly, “I’ll go to the living room to see if there’s any scalding cream.”

He turned around but the corner of his shirt was pulled by Lin Qin, “Meng Chao Ge, it’s okay.” Lin Qin smiled slightly, his face a little red. He felt that the place the hot oil had splashed wasn’t hot, but rather the place touched by Meng Chao’s hand just now was hotter, hot in his heart.

“It’s really okay?” Meng Chao was still uneasy.

Lin Qin nodded. “It’s okay.” His skin was just a lot more sensitive so it looked red, but it didn’t really hurt or anything. Although he felt that Meng Chao was making a fuss out of a small problem, Lin Qin was very happy, his whole person feeling sweet, just as if he had eaten honey.

Seeing that Meng Chao wasn’t assured, Lin Qin quickly changed the subject, “Meng Chao Ge, you just said that I can ask the two seniors some questions at night, is it true?” He looked up at Meng Chao, his eyes flashing.

Like a rabbit staring at a carrot, Meng Chao thought to himself, feeling he was extremely cute.

“Um.” Meng Chao nodded, unable to help rubbing Lin Qin’s head. He really wanted to squeeze him into his arms and rub him. Meng Chao quickly stopped his mind that was running like a wild and unfettered mustang, coughed and said, “I’ve already spoken with two seniors, they will answer your questions.”

Lin Qin knew that he had this opportunity all thanks to Meng Chao. At this moment he smiled at him sweetly, “Thank you Meng Chao Ge.”

This smile, directly sweetened Meng Chao’s heart as it entered, and he couldn’t help laughing.

In order to thank Dai Hong and Zhu Ling in advance for their teaching in the evening, Lin Qin specially prepared a sumptuous dinner. When Dai Hong and Zhu Ling came back from their walk around the neighborhood and saw the table of dishes they were very surprised, feeling that it looked very colourful, fragrant and appetizing. At once they thought Meng Chao had ordered takeout.

When they heard from Meng Chao that Lin Qin had prepared all this, the couple were even more surprised, completely not able to link Lin Qin in a kitchen at all.

The couple glanced at Lin Qin who was standing silent on the side of Meng Chao and saw the handsome young man standing quietly with his hands gripping the edges of his pants. Although he looked calm, his uncomfortableness didn’t escape the eyes of two old actors.

He really was shy, not how they had thought that he was proud because he felt he was superior to them because of his many achievements.

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