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Chapter 92 The New Book Publication

Editor: Jodi

After the Spring Festival, the brief holiday ended, then people returned to their jobs to start the new year.

On the very first day back at work, ‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’ was published officially.

And Zhang Yue, was the first celebrity to post about it online. He wrote:

Zhang Yue V: Many of you might think this is a love story between Senior Lin and Senior Meng, but it’s not. It’s actually a highly professional book. It consists of biographies of two characters portrayed by Senior Lin and annotations by Senior Meng. It discusses many acting techniques that are extremely useful for new actors, and also profoundly beneficial for experienced actors.

I had the privilege of reading Senior Lin’s biography on the protagonist of ‘Double Passion,’ and I was astounded. Senior Lin’s achievements stem from his deep understanding and passion for acting. Through this book, we can see all the effort Senior Lin pours into his characters, as it provides a fuller understanding of the ‘Double Passion’ protagonist.

I admire Senior Lin a lot. He possesses not only exceptional talent but also extraordinary dedication, and it’s these qualities that have led to his remarkable success in the entertainment industry.

Senior Meng’s annotations are incisive, offering immense help to those confused about acting techniques.

Naturally, his experience needs no further mention from me. His willingness to share this knowledge is something we should all seize and learn from.

If you’re in the same industry, you should read this book, because it will benefit your profession greatly. If you’re from another field, you can also read this book, because it will inspire you with its focus on dedication and hard work.”

Following Zhang Yue’s post, the directors of ‘Dark War’ and ‘Double Passion’ also shared and recommended the book, with the two of them saying that it was well worth the read— It wasn’t an advertisement, but a sincere suggestion.

However although the two directors insisted that it wasn’t a promotional stunt for Lin Qin and Meng Chao, many were still skeptical, not easily swayed by celebrity endorsements to make a purchase.

However the fans were different, because the moment the books hit the shelves, they rushed to the nearest bookstore to get their hands on a copy.

And because of Zhang Yue’s firsthand account, fans knew that the book wasn’t about the love story between Lin Qin and Movie Emperor Meng, however as supporters of their idols, they didn’t care whether it was a romantic story or not. This was something their idols had written word for word, and at roughly 60 yuan for the two volumes, even students felt it was worth supporting even if they had to tighten their belts.

Then after reading the book, their impressions of it changed completely, because it was just as Zhang Yue had mentioned, as although they weren’t in the acting profession, they could still see the dedication Lin Qin and Movie Emperor Meng had towards their careers through the book.

What’s more Lin Qin’s character biography was so well written that it could be read as fan fiction of Double Passion for those not in the acting profession. It was logical, in line with the movie’s plot and had thrilling twists and turns that it stood out as an exemplary work of fan fiction.

So spending a little over 60 yuan for two novels was totally worth it.

Outsiders could enjoy it as a novel while gleaning insights into life attitudes, whereas for insiders, it represented much more than just simple stories, because just as Zhang Yue had said, peers could learn a lot from the books.

Initially, insiders purchased the book just to support Lin Qin and Movie Emperor Meng.

However it was only after they actually read it that they understood why Zhang Yue had held it in such high regard.

Hence more public figures started promoting the book on Weibo, with many writing reviews over a thousand words long after reading through the series multiple times and gaining insights.

More and more outsiders, encouraged by Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s fans, began buying the set, getting hooked on the rollercoaster plot.

Even those clueless about acting found themselves grasping some techniques.

Praise for the book on Weibo increased, causing its ratings on a review site to soar above nine points, and two weeks after publication, it topped the bestseller lists on major online platforms, breaking previous sales records.

However despite these achievements, Lin Qin and Meng Chao still didn’t update their Weibo, the two seemingly having disappeared from the public’s view since that live broadcast. What’s more their studios didn’t have explanations for this, causing fans to only be able to clamor under their pages, hoping for an update to quench their longing.

Then rumors started circulating, with some saying that they had gotten married and were on a honeymoon.

Some saying that they had taken on new roles and were filming in secret.

And some saying that they had broken up because of pressure from their families as they didn’t approve.

There were all kinds of rumours, however Lin Qin and Movie Emperor Meng didn’t come out to explain, as they were living in their own two-person world, basking in their happiness.

However some people just couldn’t stand to see others happy.

Because suddenly, a barrage of distressing pictures of Lin Qin appeared online. They weren’t of an explicit nature, however they showed moments of bullying that caused one’s heart to ache.

The faces in the pictures were young, not yet mature, and from the pixels, it could be seen that it wasn’t from that long ago.

Hence many people associated it with the time when Lin Qin had experienced campus violence, as it was very likely that these pictures had been taken by someone when Lin Qin was being bullied.

In the beginning, when Lin Qin’s classmates revealed that he had been subjected to campus violence, many had been skeptical, thinking it was just Lin Qin’s publicity stunt.

However now that these pictures had been laid bare in front of them, they really believed that Lin Qin, who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, had really had a very dark period.

At that time when it had been exposed, just the words alone had been enough for people to feel the cruelty as well as feel distressed, however now that the pictures had been released, they exposed the brutality he had faced.

No one knew who had put these set of pictures online and what exactly their purpose of doing so was, and although the pictures were blocked an hour after they were released, the hot search of Lin Qin being bullied still stayed at the top, with a bright ‘explosive’ after it, and it even sparked a discussion.

Some people thought it was Lin Qin doing another wave of publicity to garner sympathy.

While others thought it was a frame-up by some people with bad intentions.

The next day, Lin Qin, who hadn’t updated his Weibo in months, finally addressed the situation.

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