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Chapter 29.1 Wrong number

There was no doubt that Lin Qin’s words showed full respect for supporting actors. Even in Lin Qin’s eyes, the so-called supporting actors and so-called protagonists were the same. They also had their own life and were worthy of being respected.

The characters in each script were flesh and blood in Lin Qin’s eyes. The difference lied only in the amount parts they had in a drama or movie.

And from Lin Qin’s words, the couple could also see his attitude. He didn’t care whether he was the protagonist or not. What he cared about was whether he could act his own role.

All of a sudden, the couple understood why he could win the Cannes Film Festival film emperor award at a young age. On the one hand he had good resources and on the other hand he had himself. He was serious, willing to work hard and had the skill to boot.

Today’s entertainment circle was fickle and fast. How many young actors will try to figure out their roles like Lin Qin and research the acting skills needed? They would just solve it with a handful of stand-ins. A TV series with dozens of episodes would be filmed in three or four months and what would be presented to the audience is shoddy garbage. However they are used to being internet stars and there are viewers paying for that junk, while yelling at the screen that this is so handsome and beautiful at the same time, but are unable to notice those who have acting skills.

So in such a drama or movie, the supporting role becomes a joke, and the audience would say rightly, I’m not watching the plot, it’s enough to watch the good-looking faces. 

But was that enough? There was no logic, no acting skills, they couldn’t even memorize the script. Could all TV dramas and movies that relied on later dubbing really be called TV dramas or movies?

Old actors like Dai Hong and Zhu Ling were unable to change the status quo, but they were also forced by human pressure to join a crew. They danced in shackles, but they also did their best to present their roles.

However, all efforts in the eyes of others, wasn’t as good as the protagonist’s handsome face.

So suddenly hearing Lin Qin’s words today, the couple seemed to have been injected with warmth. At least they saw responsibility and worth of some of the young actors from Lin Qin.

“Yes, no matter if it’s the protagonist or the supporting role, there is a wonderful life and they are worthy of being respected.” Dai Hong sighed, wanting to reach out to pat Lin Qin’s shoulder, but then thought of the fact that Lin Qin was a shy and introverted person and took his hand back, only saying, “The future belongs to you young people. I’m very glad to be able to see these in you.”

Zhu Ling nodded in agreement. “No matter how great a person is, they can’t do without the help of the people around him, everyone fighting to be the main character is too monotonous and unexciting.”

So in order to show a wonderful effect in the end, many old artists and old actors don’t care how many parts they have in a movie or drama. They were willing to be the supporting roles, even at the expense of vilifying themselves. Everything was for the service of the role.

No matter how impatient and utilitarian the outside world becomes, they have always maintained the original intentions of the filmmakers and TV dramas, to be old artists with both virtue and art, sticking to their heart, and maintaining their unaffected state in this increasingly impetuous circle.

With a sigh, Dai Hong glanced at the sky and said, “It’s too late, let’s go back and rest.”

After that, he took Zhu Ling’s hand and wobbled along the cobbled path back to the villa.

“Let’s go back too.” Meng Chao began to put away Lin Qin’s notes away and said to Lin Qin.


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